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I'm a 22 year old gal and I'm falling for a man 50

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I'm a 22 year old gal and I'm falling for a man 50 year old man at work. We're both in relationships and I've been fighting this "crush" for a year now, but it's only been getting worse. Should I find a new job? Should I just take a chance and tell him how I feel? How do I get over this? I feel like we have a lot of chemistry, but if we were meant to be time would have made that so... I just feel pathetic.
The time you hit your 30s this guy will probably be dead. Just ignore it op. Don't be unfaithful to your partner. You must have daddy issues, go consult someone about them. A change of jobs would benefit. Cut all contact.
I'd say pursue it.
Age gap relationships sometimes are the most fulfilling.
Do not listen to this person.

The age gap is way too big in this case.
Read some books OP. Some historical fiction books.

By 13 you should have been married. By 17 you should have had at least 3 children, or 3 miscarriages. By 22 you would have been considered old. Your husband would have been much older. This was the case for over 200.000 years of homo sapiens sapiens. millions of years as apes.

Think about that. It's society telling you you're too young for him. History tells you you're exactly right, except maybe you're too old.

Think of it from that perspective. If you weren't supposed to feel it biology wouldn't have made you feel it.
if you are both in relationships, this was doomed from the start
I'm going to ignore the low hanging fruit that is the 3 decade long age gap (which is absurd). The fact that you two adults, both of which are in relationships, have socialised in a way that you feel "there's chemistry". First of all dump your boyfriend because that is on par with cheating on him if your thinking this way. Secondly, what do you think will happen if you start a relationship with this man? Be paranoid every time he's with another woman or at work because he obviously socialises inappropriately with other women while in a relationship? Wake up to yourself, life isn't a movie.
Just fuck him, majority of guys cheat on their wives with a younger women at least.

Just don't expect anything other than being his young fuck toy.
>We're both in relationships
>Should I just take a chance and tell him how I feel?

Do you have no respect for your partner? You didn't regard his feelings at all in your post.

And do you have no respect for this man and his relationship?

It's not all about you.
>encouraging cheating
Kill yourself
It's only cheating if you feel guilty.
The age gap is not the issue. You've offered no indication that he is at all interested in you, and so the most probable outcome if you declare yourself is that he will be forced to find a gentle way of turning you down, which will embarrass him, embarrass you, and make working with him difficult for both of you.

Keep your sweet little fantasy to yourself until it fades away on its own..
>How do I get over this?
By meeting other people. You can't forget about previous people without meeting new people. I recommend meeting guys around the same age as you, with the same level of life experience, with around the same material wealth and with equivalent social security.
If this thread was a 22 year old guy interested in a 50 year old woman you all faggots would say shit like

>hell yeah man milfs are the best
>yeah they can teach you so much
>just tell her you want her to teach you everything she knows
>yeah bro just have fun
>ey man if this is how you feel just go for it you're both adults

But because it's the woman who is younger suddenly it's the worst thing ever. Fuck you people.

Go for it OP, have some fucking fun. No regrets.
If both of them were single and just having a bit of fun sure. That is not the case, they are both in relationships and she's infatuated with an older male, go be buttmad elsewhere.

She's 22, the guy she with now she won't be with in 10 years time. (Considering she already wants to cheat on him).
Don't expect this older man to leave his wife for you op, but he will take you to some second rate hotels and restaurants.
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>I'm a 22 year old gal and I'm falling for a man 50 year old man at work

I'm sure he could spot your daddy issues from a mile away.

>Should I find a new job?

And fall for another old guy at your next one? Sure.

>How do I get over this?

Therapy. Lots and lots of therapy.

>I feel like we have a lot of chemistry

Like that's a legitimate reason to go through with this? Lets just put it like this; lets say everything works out perfectly.

You fall in love, somehow you both get out of your relationships and somehow things work out. You realize that you're going to spend the better part of your late twenties and early thirties taking care of him right?

When you're 35 he'll be almost 70. You'll be spending the middle periods of your life not traveling or running around with kids or being active with your husband you'll be changing colostomy bags and rubbing icy hot on his old saggy ass cheeks.

The age gap, theoretically isn't an issue, but practically it is. If you don't have a problem pushing your boyfriend around in a wheelchair, go for it. I'm sure once he leaves his partner for you theres NO way he'd leave you for anyone else.

You're naiive, but thats what 22 year old girls are good for, just make sure you don't make some mistake thats going to fuck up the rest of your life.

Its not because she is way young, it's because she has a boyfriend, retarded cunt, go back to tumblr and stop shitposting.
What's the matter friend? Are you jealous older guys are outplaying younger guys and getting that fine, fiiiiiiine young pusseh? Or is it that no old guy is giving you any interest? Get fucked, son.
It's obvious the boyfriend isn't offering her what should be. Or what, is every boyfriend an angel and the perfect match on /adv/??
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>Are you jealous older guys are outplaying younger guys and getting that fine, fiiiiiiine young pusseh
Nailed it, that's totally what I'm worried about. Being outplayed by older guys. mfw
Then why maintain a relationship with them? That is the worse cop out you hear from people engage in that type of behaviour. Convenient it isn't their own fault, always someone else's. Your partner not giving you what you need? Grow a pair and find someone who does.
You sound like every douche bag side-dude on Cheaters ever. Cheaters don' cheat because their partners suck. Cheaters cheat because their total assholes or they're too cowardly to end their relationships.
That's what OP is doing, finding someone else and you all are telling her she's wrong for it.
And you sound like every spoiled brat unwilling to empathize with their partner ever.

>It could not have possible been my fault, look at all the things I did for the good of this relationship

Yes, there is a chance it was your fault and the things you did were still fucking selfish. Eat shit, sometimes your partner sucks dick and you cheat.
Step one is getting out of the relationship you aren't happy with then. This isn't fucking rocket surgery anon. Then you find someone else. If you lack the ability to be an adult, can't attempt basic communication with your partner and repair the relationship than git outtt.
>Two people put their genitals together
>This is possibly the third person's fault
Please kill yourself.
If there is a problem in your relationship you address it or you end it. You don't fuck someone else.
>WAH my relationship is shitty
>I should get a pass for making it worse.
I really wish you'd just swallow some glass. Grow up and learn to talk to people or handle your shit.
Lol, OP here. I just masturbated and feel better. It's no biggie. Just haven't seen my boyfriend in a week and I'm at work constantly. Nothing has happened, and nothing will. Guess I just wanted to post my feelings somewhere to get them out.

Having a crush on a person is no big deal you guys, I'm just lonely and horny. But I'm not going to do anything. Don't worry moralfags. If we were both single though, I'd think about it. That's the only place I really let these fantasies play in my head. If I was single and so was he, that's it.
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