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How can I stop liking someone that I can't be in a relationship

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How can I stop liking someone that I can't be in a relationship with so much?

I'm at the point of listening to sad love songs and crying myself to sleep of too much love pain
The only way to get over someone is finding someone else...

waiting doesn't cut it since you'll be thinking of the same person
I can't love anybody else. I'm set on this person and ill never find anybody else. I already made up my mind. I wont marry anyone. I'll live alone with my family and have loads of pets and get fat. Like I don't even care about nobody else
Top kek. Dramatic teenagers, man. Nut up cupcake, life isn't going to be good to you if you act so pathetically over some other human.
Focus on yourself and what you need as an individual.
Going from one person to another is a slippery slope of codependence.
Love is abundant. You can be in love with someone you hate. Happens all the time.
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I know how you feel. Just silently feeling lonely until I hopefully find another love interest I have a chance with.
"It's a bitch, ain't it babe?"

The other guy up there said not to wait because it will only make me think more about the guy. But I honestly can't do nothing else but wait till this feeling is gone. Untill then should we just be miserable? It's sad.
>>16515466 its not that dramatic. It's just more dramatic put on words. But it is my first love. I don't imagine it is easy to forget someone that played such an important role in me life.
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OP, is this you?
All we can do is accept it's not gonna happen. And wait miserably until it goes away.
Kill the person you can't love
not true bro

Keep tripping and be cool and girls will like you

no lie it worked for me
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It's not girls I'm looking for.
well guys liked me too

A-Alphonse senpai..
>>16515524 yes that was me. OP
>>16515478 but all I can do is sob and listen to songs like this while I cry myself to sleep. Why am I so weak?

>>16515587 I also feel drunk daily. Why?

Thank you
Alphonse is a cute boy poster that likes men

You should talk to him
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Never seen him. I'll keep an eye out.
It's similar to a soar inside of your mouth.
You enjoy tonguing it because it's a sweet pain.

It won't heal until you decide to leave it alone, but you obviously enjoy it for some reason.
One day you will be very old and you will miss this pain and feeling this way because you know it will be closer to the end than the beginning. Enjoy this while it lasts anon.
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You called? I just got done shitposting on /o/.
How do you feel about southern men?
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I have done my good deed for the day
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I don't discrimate. As long as you are relatively masculine and have a personality that amuses me.
Pegasus isn't coming back fyi
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Why? Is he kill? Was he banned? Answer me!


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A little bird told me he's going to be posting anonymously now if at all
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His shitposting may be gone but it will never be forgotten. Probably...........
This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPu5n_zP9CU
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Not quite
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I can't wait to see what's in store for this board.
I worked at this job over the summer and fell hard for a girl, but was too pussy to ever try and go for it since she was a) really hot and b) technically my superior. Now its been four months since I quit and I can't forget about her. Haven't met any other women either, since I'm a fag from r9k. Life hurts.
Why can't you be with her?

He's bipolar, an atheist and his sister says he can get violent and my family disapproves of him being 15 years older than me.
Embrace the pain. Make good music. Become superstar, then she'll love you.
Music to obsess by:

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Thread images: 14

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