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Why do people encourage guys to ask girls out and pretend that

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Why do people encourage guys to ask girls out and pretend that there are no social repercussions from being rejected? I'm worried about these and I don't even have friends or any social media!

Explain, or give examples of what happens if you get rejected.
lift bro

thanks for reminding me I need to lift

That's just the way things are.

It's a rigged game - if you don't like it, then don't play. Simple.

And honestly, not asking a girl out is alot easier and alot less risk than asking one out. Plus, porns is everywhere now and your hand knows what you like more than she ever will.

As for companionship? Most women hate men now anyway, at best you'd be lead on, emotionally blackmailed and given ultimatums, at worst it's a non-stop tirade about how "all men are evil rapists who just want one thing and how they never stop manslpaining".

Seriously, truth time OP; Why do you even give a shit, not like being with a woman is gonna make you happy anyway?
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Yes goy, be afraid of women. Define yourself entirely by them, then retreat instead of facing possible temporary pain. Don't be masculine, be a scared coward. Women are evil anyway and jacking off to HIGH DEFINITION BROADBAND SPEED INSTANT INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY is totally natural and good for you! Think about your prostate health goy!

Anyway, have you considered perhaps dating men goy? All the love without the hassle of those awful scary girls! Homosexuality is totally natural!
Top kek. This though.

Ever hear the ol' beta bux thing?

There's more money in men wanting women than there is in them not wanting women.
If I were a shillin' jew, I'd be telling him to go for it, buy her drinks and take her to an expensive restaurant.

And trust me, if men did anything for me, I'd be all on that shit. But they don't.
They need to make pills that can make men gay.
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Yes goy! Fear the woman! She will take all your money!

Reproduction is antiquated, love doesn't exist! Aren't you concerned about your career, your money and your freedom goy?!?

Just give up women goy, white babies are racist anyway!
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People don't talk about it but learning to be rejected is hugely important and incredibly common for guys. People act as if you should just naturally get over it but learning to get rejected is hard. The only way to deal with getting rejected a lot is to get rejected a lot, which naturally, hurts.

Since rejection hurts and can make you feel embarrassed and ashamed, you have to learn to just find it amusing.

Best way to get to the point where hitting on girls doesn't upset you is like this;

1. Go up to random girls and do your best to offend or disgust them. Say something horrible you KNOW will get them to reject you, and then laugh about it as you walk away.

Something like. "I want to lick your asshole." "Is your Dad hot? I want to fuck another man." Anything to make them horrified. You're WANTING rejection. This way you can get used to the lowest level - Being rejected when you expect it.

If the girl thinks what you've said is hilarious, and then tries to talk to you, result. Either way, win win.

2. Go up to random girls and ask them a question. "What's the time?" "Isn't the weather nice?" "Excuse me do you know where a good pub near here is?"

Here you're aiming for casual conversation. So again, if you're rejected its not a big deal, because the stakes aren't high, you're just trying to prove you're another normal, pleasant human being. If they reject you, just smirk and accept that they're the one being the ass not you.

Again, here, it's no big deal. You're just asking short questions so if something else comes from it, that's cool. Win win.

3. Go up to random girls and attempt to start a conversation.

Here you're not aiming to just create small talk for the sake of it, you're aiming to converse, learn something, teach them something, have a laugh.

If they reject you, ah what the hell, they're just being rude, maybe they're busy, maybe they aren't in the mood. Not your problem. You were just bored and wanted someone to talk to.

See with Step 3, the aim is just to get comfortable talking to girls casually. I mean you're used to them rejecting you over stupid shit, so here you're just starting conversation with no real objective other than talking to them.

The stakes are high but you're still not trying to fuck them. You're not trying to get a number. You're just wanting to chat. So again, if they reject you. Meh, who gives a fuck. You laugh and move on.

4. Go up to a random girl and try to get their number, or give them yours.

If you've skipped every other step this part seems terrifying. Oh shit but how do I do that you ask? Well at this point you shouldn't be worried about rejection, because you're used to girls telling you to get lost over minor things. Now you start up conversation and aim to find out if they are worth your time.

Yes. Worth YOUR time. Girls aren't the most important thing in the world, so if they are worth your time find a way to end the conversation and say "Was cool meeting you, we should: [Go to this club sometime] - [Watch a movie at mine later] - [Go enjoy a mutually interesting hobby together], you should give me a text. Want my number?

If they say no. Laugh, say oh well. Move on. Try again. Sure this all takes a lot of time, and you need to talk to about 10-20 girls at each step but you're training for your whole life.

Fucking get on it.
The 'consequences' for being rejected are only as great as the amount of fucks you seem to give. If it obviously bothers you, people are going to pick up on that and maybe tease you or look at you like a loser (and if you let a rejection ruin you, you probably are one). If you just brush it off and end things amicably with the girl, other people won't even notice.
>Why do people encourage guys to ask girls out and pretend that there are no social repercussions from being rejected?
Because there don't need to be any. You only have to remember two things:

1) It is not the end of the universe.
2) When (and if) she says no, go away.

...and that's it. This is the sum total of how to avoid social repercussions for getting rejected. It really is this simple.
This is about making the male population into some passive cunts that don't reproduce so they can replace you with niggers due to populational aging
OP here. I lift weights a lot. I also don't have an inferiority complex blabla. But I think that girls probably have a superiority complex because they have all seen their ten trillion tinder / dating site matches. Note that I don't think I'm inferior. I think that they think I'm inferior.
>I think that they think I'm inferior.
If you didn't think you were inferior, you wouldn't care. Nor would you assume the only reason they'd reject you is that they have a conflated sense of self-worth stemming from dating site matches.

The only way to win is to give no fucks. It's a numbers game, most women you ask will be seeing somebody already. You just have to keep trying or you'll be KV forever.

do you think women never get rejected?
rejection happens to everyone. You buck up and deal with it and move on instead of taking it as some great personal loss every time. You win some and lose some, that's just the way life is. If you want to lay down and die every time you lose then you aren't meant to be successful anyways.
Because the importance of social repurcussions are only what you make them.
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