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/adv/, what do I do about threadworms/pinworms? I somehow ended

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/adv/, what do I do about threadworms/pinworms?

I somehow ended up with them 2 weeks ago and I've taken the medication, eaten a teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning, applied coconut oil to my anus at night (different jars, mind you), eaten 2 cloves of garlic each morning and added 2 servings of blackberries to my daily diet and yet they're still there, sort of visible around my asshole.

I'm about to take the second dose of worming meds, but these things are persistent and I'm slightly embarrassed about it to see my GP.
See a doctor asap.

Embarrassment will kill you faster than worms
Dude just see the doctor. You could have gotten prescription meds and been done with it by now. I had them once as a kid and the medication took care of them easily.

This is the doctor you're talking about. A medical proffessional, on the front lines of medical necessities. If you think ringworms are embarrassing, you're heavily mistaken. It's a natural phenomenon, and they won't even bat an eye at it, just get your details and help you get well again as soon as you can.

And if you ask them to grade it, I doubt you'd reach a 5/10, on the weirdness scale, even lower on the funny scale.

tl;dr: Nothing to be embarrased about, they see worse/stranger things. Get checked.
You can dip your ass in a lake and catch some fish.
Get to the doc, OP. Parasite ain't to be trifled with, gotta take care of them asap with medecine, Doc won't give a fuck. Beside, it probably something you caught in the wild or something, did you do camping recently/during summer ( it can takes weeks/months for the worm larvea to reach adult size within a host aka you in the current situation)?


You have no idea which species it is anyway, so better not take any chance. It could be anything from simple intestine worms as much as it could be some primary organ(liver, heart, brain, etc.) parasite that only goes to the intestine during the last/reproduction stage of their life, which could imply that the situation is worse than which it appear at the moment, so don't take any chance.

Hey, at least it ain't scabies! Holy fuck it was one truly horrible experience, never wish it on y'all.
I didn't go camping, though reasons I can think of are.
It's spring and the constant weather changes weaken my immune system. I always get cold sores during autumn/spring months.
I got quite sick after eating KFC a bit over 2 weeks ago (like, full fledged diahrea running to the toilet 9 times a day and some vomiting on top of that), so I image their food safety wasn't exactly followed.
Dad's dogs had puppies recently, so I was helping him handle them and sell them.

Dogs worms cannot be transmitted to humans, so it isn't that. It could be from the KFC, from what I can tell from your story. Look like some dirty fuck working there have the worms(like you atm) but didn't bother to wash his fucking hands before working on the food/giving it to you, sorry man. But then that mean its probably just some small time worms, just go see the pharma or doc and ask for Anthelmintics medecine, sound less embarassing than medecine for worm parasite or whatnot. A doc might be better tho since he will be able to tell which species it is from looking at your symptom and give you the medicine that is most adapted to your current parasite, but don't worry, I don't think there will be any ass fingering or whatnot, just questions and maybe some checkup on the muscles for any irregular masses.
I heard pumpkin seeds and black walnut are pretty good for worms, too. You might want to try a medicine called Pripsen, too. This paralyses the worms so you can just excrete them out meaning they don't release their eggs upon death.

Make sure you wash all your bedding, teddy bears, nightclothes, etc. as well. Also, I read online that putting oil, etc. on your asshole is bad news. It does stop the worms coming out at night to lay eggs, but APPARENTLY this just means they lay their eggs further up your intestinal tract, which is bad news - however, this was on a forum by some dude, so don't believe this 100%.

I went through a worms scare recently, but I'm not sure I have them. I had a long white string thing in one of my poops and something that looked like a cotton ball, but this could have been candida or something. These weren't moving. I haven't experienced any itching at night, nor have I see any more "worm" type things in my poop. Anyone have any idea what that could have been?

At the moment, I'm eating pumpkin seeds, black walnut and following the course of treatment and it seems to be working for me OP, but I dunno if I even have them, so take my advice with a pinch of salt.
the worms stay with you because you keep ingesting the eggs again.
literally, if you stop getting your own shit in your mouth they will eventually die off. Don't scratch your hole, eggs hitch a ride under your nail. wash your hands a lot.
man if i were you i would go vegetarian for a while and start taking laxatives. like, sennusides, dosusate sodium and milk of magnesia every day in tangent with the anti parasitic meds.

i'd also exercise as much as possible and drink gatorade mixed with lemon juice to flush everything out of your system.
if you spend enough time around people that do heroin/speedballs, or indians/mexicans it can fuck up your digestive tract. i know because i work in construction.

not sure what those big corns and white fluff on the shit are. i thought it was worms too, but went to the doc and never heard back. you should go see the doc too though... i thought that i was having trouble digesting fat, and that's what all that gray hair was. never figured it out though...

try taking your shit early in the morning, like first thing. laxatives, nicorette gum, coffee, black and mild cigars... all these things help.
I'll try.
Definitely still eat meat and carbs, but all of my carbs are from wholemeal breads and brown rice.
Eating much more fruit and veg since recently though.
Also the mebendazole is giving me awful
diahrrea, is that normal?
All my poops have been normal since, man. All I know is I ate a bunch of soft mints that day and then there was stringy stuff in my poop. I am a late afternoon shitter, but maybe i'll try to poop earlier in the day if this happens again. thx for the advice.
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