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Wtf do I do about having a cunt mom. Like I'm talking literal

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Wtf do I do about having a cunt mom. Like I'm talking literal evil. She comes downstairs and she's just sitting there looking like a miserable cunt. I said can I have your keys go to the store its only a quarter mile away. And she just snaps and yells no you can't. She starts yelling. I said why just because your a miserable cunt and she said just walk your fat ass down and keeps yelling.

The other day my friend was here and she says I need my fucking card I said ok. She runs out to me and my friend and starts screaming and shit and I said ok I'll go find it and she just follows me around the house screaming the whole time while my friend sits there on his phone trying to leave.

I have childhood trauma and I think I have PTsd and she brings up being molested just to watch me snap. All she does is try to make me as miserable as her and she just screams at me like fucjinb mad. The only way I can talk to her is if I scream over her screaming.

I'm trapped out in the boonies with this bitch what do I do? She just sits in her room drinking all day and she only stops to come scream at me. I'm scared I'm going to get drunk and just black out and punch the shit out of her.
Get a job faggot. Spend all day in town looking for work. Do something with yourself you fat fuck. Leave home.
sounds like you treat her like shit too

you asked for her keys, meaning she trusts you with probably the 2nd most expensive thing she owns.

She asked for her card back, meaning she trusts you to not lose/spend every single penny she has

I'm guessing its just you and her from your post, and it seems like you offer absolutely no support to her, you have friends, does she?

all of this probably stems from the fact she feels alone, and the only person who should be on her side takes her for granted

I guarantee, if you speak to her, or make a concious effort to treat her better that she will treat you better.

shes the only mum you'll ever have, time to grow up and be a man
Trust me this thread doesn't make her sound as bad as she is she just walks up to me being a cunt every single one of my friends just says dude ho the fuck can she be that bad
She's alone because she's a fucking cunt
slip paracetamol in her drinks

jk if you're young enough you can go to social services for advice or to fostered
you sound like a disrespecting faggot if you call your mother a miserable cunt and bitch about when she gets mad
Get your own car, your own money, debit card, and place to live. Problem solved. She's probably fed up with supporting you and without more info no one can know why your relationship sucks...for both of you. Though you shouldn't speak the way you to do her or about her. You can't let another persons,poor actions make you act like an ass either. Be the bigger person & take control in your life on every way that you can for your age, whatever that is.
Not sure why everyone is hating on the OP. His mom sounds like an abusive alcoholic.
Pour out the alcohol and watch her squirm or be constantly out of the house.
Not young SENPAI but I think about homeless shelters a lot

I was in jail and actually liked it because those monsters weren't there
the saddest thing here in my opinion is that once you get out of that situation, you are going to look back on it and think it was funny and seek out another relationship like that because you have exercised that part of you so much.

yea... stay out of the country. i'll say it again... stay out of the country. ready? third time. stay out of the country.

get a job in the city and live in the hood with us. we are chill as hell. no misery at all.

and don't marry someone like your mother.
Shell just lock the doors she doesn't care if its freezing and I have no clothes or my wallets inside
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Your mom is suffering from "Menopause"
It's a difficult time for women. It comes with mood swings and severe depression and shit.
You know, your mom sounds like a woman I can fall in love with. She needs some attention. Be or atleast try to be nice to her. Give her compliments. Say that she looks nice today. Offer to watch tv together and show her that you are on the same side. Be patient. Make dinner for your mom. Or order food and eat together. Tell her how your day whent and stuff. Just hang in there and give your mom love and respect.
Would you hook me up with het? It will be good for you, me and her. I would love to make her feel like a woman again.
I can't leave the country but would I be able to afford NYC or LA or something if I live in the ghetto?
Lol you would take one look at how crazy she is and run

I can't compliment her because if I say wow you look pretty today shell just roll her eyes and he like yeah fuck you I cantneven make eye contact with her I haven't made eye contact with her in at least a decade I don't talk to her about !y problems I just avoid them hoping I can eventually leave without ever hasvimg to see them again

Were too poor to avoid food too. And this Thanksgiving I went to a heroin den because its the only place I could be without ruining a happy family's dinner
Grab what you can, and run. It doesn't matter with what, or to where. Are your legs functional? Then you can walk. Do you weigh more than 130 pounds? Then you can destroy any door she cares to close, or any window.

If for some reason that won't work, like there's a minefield around your house, and/or she has many allies in the police and local government, there is still always a way, but it must be your last resort.

Even your bare hands car provide lethal force if you're strong enough to break down a door.
What do you mean run like won't I just freeze and die and waste resources? 7 hrs from a major city of course
You sound like a sniveling little bitch.

Maybe do something for yourself once in a while and she won't have to support your lazy ass.
No, really you can and you have to be there for your mom.
I know it sucks, but she needs you. Eventhough she may never admit it. It sounds like she is lonly. You really have to put in some effort homie. Just make eye contact and start with small talk. Or invite her / call her to watch tv together. Don't be hostile or have a negative attitude towards her. She is suffering I think. I think she is depressed. Try to cheer her up. Clean the house do the dishes and stuff.

Don't worry about me I would love to meet your mom. I would put 100% effort to make her smile and feel good about her self.

You should do that to. Is there anything that you can think of that would make her happy?
>and don't say no.
Just put in effort and try your best. She is worth it.
One more thing, I don't think it would be a good thing for you to leave the house in such condition that your mom is in.
You should solve your diffrances with her and work it out together. Don't run. You will regret it the rest of your life and it will haunt you once she's gone. Trust me I know.

Just be there for her ok.
Fuck off virgin I'll show you sniveling little bitch
No she's been a cunt like this ever since I was young I just wanna throw the cunt in the ground and be done with it don't have children if you're just going to beat them and insult them I've been praying she dies ever since I was 8
Man, you should not do that. It's not good. The hatred runs deep I hear. I am no expert all I can say is that she has feelings to. Her life probly whent a diffrent direction than she wished for herself. I really hope you can work it out together. At least gove it a try. Christmass is coming up and shit. Could you like buy her something small? Could you please do one thing to cheer her up in the up coming month? Please. I wish I could be that guy to do that.

If you only knew...to pick up the pieces and to heal a broken woman, you'll get the best person in the world for in return.
She is broken and you can and need to fix her. Just be patient with her. Please.
I agree, fuck that bitch
>driving a quarter mile

Fat fuck detected

Kill yourself
Well yeah I wouldn't mind it but it was dark and 30 degrees out

You don't get it. I've literally walked in in her rigging the oven to blow up the house multiple times. She's a literal demonic cunt
man i have similiar shit maybe not as bad as yours but very fucking similiar she never talked to me nor did she hug or anything all i remember is yelling cursing and swearing for every god damn thing i do, i went to psychologist 3 years ago and i am still going, it is very fucking hard but i think that things at least for me will improve, this is just my story not an advice how you should deal with your shit but i hope you can get something out of it, gl
I think I'm in love.
I don't know what else I can say to you.
Just hang in there. I'm sure that things would have been much worse if you where not around. Please don't forget that she got feelings to, ok.
I hope you to will work it out. I'm off for today.
Take care of yourself and your mom.
>had a wayyyyy shitter mom than this
>didn't act like a little bitch on 4chan about it
>got a job and saved money
>moved out

fuck off, you can change this if you want to
Not OP, but fuck off with your self-righteous bullshit.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 2

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