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No idea what to do

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In order to make this concise I'll greentext the background information:

>Get job
>Qt3.14 works there
>Always makes excuses to work with me
>Obsessively touching me
>Very flirty, but in an innocent way
>Come to find out that she has a boyfriend, as well as a son
>Just write off previous flirting as her just being friendly ,as she's very friendly to everyone and I have a history of misreading signals
>Qt3.14 finds a new job, puts in 2 week notice
>Days start to go by
>She becomes really flirty again and kind of sad and distant at the same time
>Ask her whats wrong and she's said she's sad she won't be able to work with me anymore
>Asks me for my phone number so we can text eachother when she leaves
>Text her that night
>Goes on and on, she's asking what I think of her and what not
>Tonight I leave work and she's in the parking lot
>She gives what is at first another one of her "I'm going to miss working with you" speeches
>Says she has feelings for me
>Have no idea what to say
>Am a kissless virgin, no previous relationship experience and live in my parents basement still
>She keeps going on about how she's sad she's in a relationship, feels bad to her current fiance for having feelings with me
>Literally have no idea what to say or do
>Hug her and tell her I'll text her later

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Now I'm sitting here getting ready to text her, making sure to be very careful with what I say.

It's not that I don't like her. I definitely like her, find her attractive and dig all her vibes, but at the same time I don't want her to break it off with her fiance to date me, some clueless guy who has literally no idea what he's doing.

Everything in my gut tells me that I shouldn't pursue her and friendzone her, but at the same time I like her.

I don't know what to do, pls advise
Personally, I swore to myself I would never be a homewrecker again.

I've done it to someone before and I've had it happen to me. You feel great when you get the woman but the feeling of utter shit once it happens to you is not something I would wish to anyone else.
Yes, that's my angle on this. I don't want to break up whatever she has going with her current fiance because she wants to date me.

She says they've been going through a rough patch. I guess I've been the only one to listen to her and talk to her throughout all this so she developed some feelings towards me, but I'm totally not qualified for it.

I don't really want her to have been in a relationship and then break off one (Grass is greener on the other side). What if she feels the same way later on with someone else?

Like you said, homewrecking is bad and either end.
Yeah, you aren't going to break them up, but you could hit it. As a virgin, you really should.

If she doesn't cheat with you, it will be with someone else.
Listening is an important function. You can continue to do it.

Just know your boundaries and don't yield on them. If anything it will exercise your strength of resolve and your own personal morals.

Remember all this thought could be for naught if you're just extrapolating the intensity of her infatuation, anyways.
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So I sent a few texts to her basically saying what I already said before about how I did like her but because she had a fiancee I didn't press the issue but made it clear that I wasn't giving her any sort of ultimatum to break up with her fiance.

Also told her that I basically didn't think I was qualified (live at home, no past relationships, young).

She text back asking to speak in person soon and went on to say she felt an immediate connection to me the moment she saw me.

wat do?
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Tell her you'll be there if she still feels the same way about you WHEN and ONLY WHEN she breaks up with him.
(I'll listen to your problems and help you out but I'm not sleeping with you)

Rephrase as you see fit
But I don't want to set that ultimatum up for her right now because she's an emotional wreck right now. I don't want her to do something brash like break up with her fiancee because I pressured her into it or something
she just wants to have sex with you, obviously. she has no plans to leave her fiance. if you go forward, you could have sex like once... then maybe again in like, another 6 months out of the blue... you prolly won't hear much from her in between...

ask her if she has any STDs and lick her pussy. see if she has enuf T to jizz boy cum. if she is that hot after you i bet she smells just like a 15 year old boy.
99% sure she is trying to convince a beta into killing her husband in exchange for poon

Attempt to hit it regardless
if she kills her husband... do My. just get a crush on a camgirl.
That's silly. Her relationship with him is doomed regardless of what you do.
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