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>tfw spent another weekend indoors what can i guy with no

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>tfw spent another weekend indoors
what can i guy with no friends actually do to spend his time in a non-boring, "adventurous" way?

i have no hobbies or anything. all i've done this weekend is taken some online course related to programming. watched a movie, some tv, played some games and browsed the web

how do i "go on adventures". and do interesting things?
seems like everyone of my coworkers has plans and they all involve a friend.
>going to a bar/club/restaurant
>going to a party (e.g. friend's wedding, or a goodbye party for a friend who's going overseas)
>going to concerts with a friend

i'm honestly thinking of watching the CFL game today (i'm canadian, today is the final game of the year) just so I can have something normal to say about my weekend

the only reasonably adventurous solitary activity i can think of is hiking
Hot fit are you? If you are reasonably fit, you can start some "cool" sports that are not meme yet. Parkour is a good idea and it will not only make you fitter, it will make you seem interesting in the lonely wolf type of way. You are lonely by choice sort of thing, you feel me?

He does some cool shit on his own.

Or start a sport like the other dude said
i am not good at any sports (poor hand eye coordination and afraid of getting hurt). i do lift, but i also have poor cardio

thanks for the idea. actually, i do boulder (rock climbing) sometimes at an indoor gym. but i've made no friends, and so all i can do is climb indoors. will never be able to climb outdoors
to be honest the life of an absolute average 20-something lonely guy is hard. You're not gonna find any friends just by doing some sport, but it will increase the chances you'll seem less like an antisocial creep, thus increasing the chances to form relations with different people.

For us lonely guys, the only option is really to seem like you're lonely by choice and not because of circumstances. For that, you must seem like a cool person. Kinda like the hot single guy, he's single by choice obviously because a hot guy can have a girlfriend any time, right? Same thing, a cool guy can have as many friends as he wants so if he's lonely it must be by choice.
If you have a bit of money, I suggest motorcycles. Get into it, but one, make it your hobby. All motorcycle guys are cool and it gives you the best excuses to be lonely. You can also play the cheese card by saying that your bike is your one and only lover.

Yeah you are just retarded.
OP you need to make some friends, just get involved with random groups, board games, actitivites. Even if you don't think you'll like the activity just try it. You can always lie "oh I just moved into town". "I just finished my degree and now have more time".

"if you are close to your co workers you could always say "Gee that sounds often when do you go?" just casually bring it up. I had a co worker introduce me to rock climbing.
>OP you need to make some friends, just get involved with random groups, board games, actitivites.
are you stupid? This is the worst advice I've seen today

>Hey, I'm lonely. How do I make friends?
>Just make some friends
is literally how you sound. People don't wnna be friends with awkward dudes that are out of place everywhere they go. OP needs a solid hobby to get invested in, not some retarded meme advice like "just join a group bro"
Get into fitness and working out. Watch youtube guys like Christian Guzman, Chris jones, bradly Martin, rich piana, Steve cook, the online coach (just to name a few) honestly first month you will not want to go to the gym or eat properly, but after the first month or two and seeing how good you look you'll be hooked on the life style, it will give you something to do everyday and you'll make new friends at the gym and really dig into the grind. That's what happened to me and I love it and if you start and keep with it so will you. And if not that I love paintballing (not physically demanding) on weekends, retro game hunting (go to thrift stores and flea markets on weekends), hope you find something man good luck

How is it so?

I moved to a new province by myself. I knew absolutely no one here. What did I do? I got involved with every little activity I could get my hands on. I went from knowing absolutely no one to having a solid group in just under two months.

You can't expect to meet people if sit here and go "my life sucks".

Once I move back I'll do the exact same thing again.

OP realized he has a problem. I don't disagree that he needs to find a hobby. But you telling him to "just find a hobby" is just as stupid as saying "join random groups finding friends by doing random activities." If he knew what he wanted to do he wouldn't be here asking what to do.

That is why he simply needs to look around, and jump on what he can. Don't have anything to do volunteer, take a day trip. There are literally countless places that you can find people to mingle with. Go in with the attitude of "having fun" and then it will line up.

OP, I'm basically in your exact same situation. All the friends I made at college moved away and I've basically got no friends anymore. I really don't know what to do myself... it seems like everyone already has their social circles and does stuff with them.
There's people who go mountain running at night, alone obviously. Most travel things are good alone.

I don't think this has anything to do with friends, it's just a question of thinking of ideas.

But how do you deal with people already having their social circles set up?

My biggest challenge has been always ending up an outsider. Sure they might talk to me sometimes, but I can never get into the circle.
>you're lonely by choice and not because of circumstances
this is how i try to make it seem. i've been alone for a long time. i don't tell people i'm lonely because of circumstances. i avoid the subject and tell people i relax during the weekends

motorcycles seem dangerous to me, they do seem very cool though. maybe i'll get into it in the spring

i have been looking at meetup.com. but there are only a few that interest me, and i'm afraid of trying them out and not making any friends when people find out i'm awkward/boring/shy

i do lift, but i have a home gym. can you go paintballing by yourself? seems like a team thing

>Don't have anything to do volunteer, take a day trip. There are literally countless places that you can find people to mingle with.
can you give examples of places to take day trips and where i can find people to mingle with easily?
You can go to bars and concerts by yourself. They're social places and you can socialize there with total strangers and not be 'weird'

I went to a concert for my birthday on wed by myself and I had the most fun I've had in a long time there.

not OP, but I have a therapist who keeps recommending I go to bars... but I never do, its just too intimidating. There's also nowhere to park. It really frustrates her and she doesn't know what to do with me haha
i know what you mean. i have a coworker who even says she has had the same group of friends since highschool
some people do make friends, like i have a few coworkers that are relatively close friends with each other. but this hasn't happened for me

there are no mountains in my area.. not too many trails nearby either
i've only traveled alone once, and i liked it. but i was alone. didn't meet any locals or other tourists to hang out with.
my main issue with bars is that i don't really know how to socialize with strangers. people who go to bars are in groups too usually and it seems hard to enter other people's conversations or to start interesting conversations with strangers
>i have a coworker who even says she has had the same group of friends since highschool
I have the same group of friends since elementary school and never really bothered to make new friends again. We are all in our early 20s and my longest time friennd I've known for 18 years. We're all bros, know eachother's parents, and shit.
I dread the day I must make new friends because of moving away in a new city / country / whatever.

same problem here
Smoke some weed.
Ya man
Oh true! And if you have a local feild just look up their times and drop in on the weekend for recreational play. At my feild in Hamilton we have 20-40 guys most days, you split up in teams and have fun, it's a good way to meet people to cause there can be a lot of commication involved, and everyone welcomes new comers to the sport. If you do go I recommend watching some videos on it so u know what you're getting into, TechPB on YouTube is a good source. Cheers!

Coworkers just don't work from my experience. Where I am everyone is married with kids.

I'm thinking about doing the bar thing since I live in a city but... I don't know. It really seems intimidating since I never see people go to bars alone, just with groups of friends. And those groups are going there to have a good time amongst themselves, not to entertain strangers or make new friends.

So I really don't know what the hell to do. Meetup.com has been a bust for me too since the meetings have basically become cliques too.
there are two indoor paintball locations in my city

i'm a little hesitant going by myself tbqh.. most people go with a group. but maybe it's something i will try.

>It really seems intimidating since I never see people go to bars alone, just with groups of friends. And those groups are going there to have a good time amongst themselves, not to entertain strangers or make new friends.
yeah, this is what it seems like too
OP I am in the same boat. I'm 22 and after graduating from college a few months ago my schedule has been nothing but work and home.

On the weekends I just usually stay at home and watch anime/play vidya.
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dream car.jpg
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OP, you could get into cars. Buy a cheap, manual (stick shift master race), sports car and drive it around to your leasure.
A quote to ponder on

'Most people are other people. Their thoughts are some else's opinions. Their lives a mimicry. Their passions a quotation'
thanks for the idea
i think it would be cool to learn stick. but i never understood why people like it. automatic transmission and computers inside cars should be better than a person at deciding when to change gears

driving leisurely doesn't seem too interesting when i think about speed limits and traffic

i think that getting a gf would help, as then i'd have someone to do things with
if a coworker asks me what i did in the weekend, i could say i did X activity with my gf

but it's hard to get a gf, as i'm shy/awkward/boring

i was just reading (literally 10 minutes ago) the wikipedia pages about existentialism and authenticity.

i'm not really into philosophy, but i think i understand what you mean
I never had a GF either anon. I don't think I'm ugly but I just haven't really liked anyone I knew from school.

What bugs me is that most of my friends have girlfriends

Well, the reason why people like manuals is the same reason why people like walking and watching movies in the theater. Sure, it's less efficient than their better alternatives, but who cares? For me, driving manual means that I'm in charge of whenever or not the car is reaching peak performance. It's not really about having the best specs or anything, it's about YOU making the car be at it's best. It's hard to explain, really. Also, while traffic sucks (Which is why a lot of people drive the shit out their cars in the middle of the night, where no one is around.), the same cannot be said for speed limits. Personally, if nobody's around, who gives a shit?


It's a rally montage video, and quite a good one at that. If this doesn't get your heart fluttering, I don't know what will.
thanks, i think learning manual transmission is something i'd like to do at some time

whether it's to buy a sportscar or even to travel in europe as i've read they use manual there, or learning to drive a motorcycle.. but i don't know if i will ever do it

>if nobody's around, who gives a shit?
the cops, wouldn't want to pay for a ticket or increased insurance rates
Yea but when you stop smoking weed you'll just realize you were just friends with them because the only thing you had in common was weed

OP, you dont need people to go on adventures. Adventures always make you meet new people.

I have travelled to Peru, Mexico City, Switzerland, Nicaragua, Cost Rica, France, Spain, Portugal totally alone. Made many connections and freinds along the way. I go mountain biking to remote trails alone alone all the time.

You dont need people anon. You just need energy.

You can also join the military. That will garuntee to shake things up a bit
the paintball advice is legit
after the game everyone is excited and want to share emotion and start talking to everyone
you can try every activity that forces interaction with other ppl - martial arts, sky diving etc
and ppl usually talk to new guys, give tips etc
and dont fret over poor reflexes etc
your brain will learn by repetition, its biology
not as fast as a 12 yo, but so what
i am almost 30 and i started wakeboarding 3 years ago and mma this year and i am surrounded by 20yo who are better than me at this and it doesnt matter for as long as we have fun
>get sleeping bag
>some food
>pallet of water
>pick a direction
>start driving
>take only back roads
>stop in a small town and look around
>keep driving
>at night pull over and go to sleep
>in the morning take a different route home

I found a really neat abandoned building this way, covered in occult symbols and a warning to avoid the lizards
Actually anon, you're retarded.
Sick burn, anon; you really got him with that one.
AF here. It really won't. Depending on your career field your gonna be sitting around most days.

Do get invited out places though. Never spend a holiday alone.
i traveled alone once. i didn't make any connections or friends
I think I will try paintballing, thanks
>martial arts, sky diving
don't want to get hurt doing a martial art

skydiving looks expensive. getting a license costs thousands of dollars. just doing a tandem jump with an instructor even costs like $400 for something that will last a few minutes
bump for more ideas

>tfw coworkers always ask
>how was your weekend
>what are your plans for the weekend
>how was your evening?
>what are your plans for tonight

my answer is always the same. either i'm relaxing/chilling at home
sometimes i say i went to the gym or rock climbing, but that's it.
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plz respond

today my coworker asked what i was going to do tonight.
i said i was going to relax and asked what they were doing. they were going to get dinner with friends... which is not too exciting. but it's better than what i do

i'm sure my coworkers all realize i'm friendless when they never hear me talking about friends or doing anything other than 'relaxing' and staying in
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I spend most my weekends at home, only going out for food, shopping, or the library. You'd be amazed how much cool stuff is at the library. They've got DVD's, CD's, tons of books (obviously), magazines, audio books, etc. They also usually advertise local events, but it will be family friendly stuff. I have no friends here. Hiking is fun though, or just going out to the park to walk around. Nature photography is a hobby of mine, so it forces me to go outside.

If coworkers ask I usually say 'just cleaning and relaxing at home'. If I do go hiking or something I'll say that. Most coworkers have families (wives/husbands, kids, etc.) so they do family things or chores.
thanks. but i think i can find most things in the library by browsing the web

i work with a lot of people my age though (22-30 and not married), so they always seem to have something going on.
in the summer, most of them went to a friends wedding or bachelor party. or they traveled.

now that it's winter, they discuss their plans for the holidays. they discuss gifts.
i haven't bought a single person a gift my entire life. my family does not exchange gifts with each other. and i have no friends to exchange gifts with.

who is this?
Get a dog.

Go play catch in the park with said dog.


never had a dog before. afraid of how much work it will be. or if it shits everywhere or sheds it's fur everywhere.

but i have always wanted a dog
depends on the race, some take a lot of work, some can keep themselves just fine. just make sure to feed it a few times a day, give it water and have a place where it can do its things. if you love the dog, it won't feel like a burden.
In general though, I'd say a dog is a fair amount of work. Clipping its claws, making sure it's up to date on all its shots, daily walks, and an appropriate amount of mental stimulation (depending on the breed.) I love dogs more than anything, but it breaks my heart whenever I see somebody adopt one without the resources and time to take care of it properly.
Just get a hobby dude. Find some "life of the mind" type thing you can get addicted to. Tbh the experiences you can have irl are great but sorta limited - one hike is mostly the same as the next, most conversations are enjoyable but kinda boring, etc. But you are capable of limitless creativity (or at least the enjoyment of the creativity of others) if you just work at it a little.

Does anyone know?

I had no idea dogs had races now.
Bro you just need a mentor, someone who can help you along the way and give you advice in real time. Where are you, Canada?
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i'm also worried a bit about the cost. purebred puppies seem expensive
i don't even know where to buy dogs from. it even costs money to adopt pets

i think it would be nice to create something,, but i don't think i will be able to make something good.. like be able to write a successful novel

i'm near Toronto. but how do i find a mentor?
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