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My ex girlfriend just texted me, /adv/.
We dated in high school for a little over a year. We were each other's first. Then, because I was such a jerk to her, she began looking at other guys, and eventually left me.
She cheated on her first boyfriend with me. That part was kinda weird for me, because now I know she is willing to cheat.
After that, however, she cut all contact. She blocked my phone number, and avoided. I talked to her a few times before graduation, but we didn't talk about much. She was the graduating class after mine, so after I started college that summer, I never talked to her again.
Now it's been over 2 years since she broke up with me., and she sent me a text message last night. It reads as follows:
>Hi. This is Anonette. I was just reaching out to you to see how you were doing. Haven't talked to you in a long time, hope you are doing okay.

I haven't responded.

What should I do?

pic vaguely related.
You can reply or you can ignore it.

Each decision carries with it, intentions. In its simplest form, a good or bad intention.

The question is what intentions you intend to give her, and what intentions she intends to give you.

Choose your destiny

I don't know what I intend.
It feels like my girlfriend dropped off the edge of the Earth 2 years ago, and this strange girl with her name is texting me with her name.

Should I ignore her, because she ignored me to show her I'm not having any of this, or should I just be nice to her to show her that I've moved on like an adult, and am fine.

I'm split. But I should make up my mind soon.
If she IS trying to rekindle something, telling her you're doing great and loving life will be the hardest pill for her to swallow. If I were you. I'd say:

>Hey, what's up? I'm doing great. Just hanging out with my girl, watching the game.

Doesn't matter if it's a lie. If she continues to push conversation, don't reply immediately. You're busy, you have priorities that aren't her. Respond to each message with a few days inbetween. You and your girl are your focus, you know? Shit, she doesn't know the truth, whatever it may be. All that matters is she knows she doesn't mean shit to you. You don't feel good or bad toward her, you feel nothing. Which is how it should be.

She'll get sick of your lack of interest in her shenanigans/game, and will drop off the earth again. continue life as you have been this whole time.

This leads to a philosophical question:

Is lying ever going to help me in the long run?
I can see through your bullshit easy. The question now has nothing to do with should you or should you not respond.

This has devolved into should you or should you not try to impress her in the shortest time possible.

Just ignore it
Yes. In a lot of cases it gets you to many good, profitable places. The most successful people in the world got to where they are on a mountain of well crafted lies.

This case is entirely inconsequential, and you will neither gain nor lose anything by lying to her. You will continue your life doing as you have been. She doesn't mean shit and you shouldn't give a shit if it's "ethical" to tell her you have a girlfriend.

Fuck dude, you SHOULD. What have you been up to for 2 years? At least be tapping some fuck buddies or something. You're focusing on your past when you should be focusing on your future. fuck this chick, dude. She doesn't matter.
Well, what do you want OP?

Impress her? I don't even really know her anymore.

I just don't want to reply to her, and give her closure that I'm doing fine, and she doesn't have to worry about her impact on my life anymore.
My biggest regret in the relationship was not cutting contact with her when she suggested breaking up, and making her realize I'm not playing a goddamn game with her. This might be my second chance to do something like that.

On the other hand, why should I hold a grudge? I could be polite to her, tell her how I'm doing, listen to how she'd doing, and we both might end on a good note.


I have't had sex in two years. There was a long period where I would drink everyday, just to build up the courage to go to class. Then there was a period where I would get high everyday. After that, there was a period where I would smoke half a pack a day. I've failed most of my classes since I started college, and I've had to change my major.
I have frequent anxiety/panic attacks and social anxiety. I've also gone through a period where I have lied about having a girlfriend to the point where everyone ACTUALLY believed me somehow. It took months and planning to craft that lie, and it didn't get people to respect me, and it backfired. That is a reason I don't want to lie.

So no, life has gone to shit since she left me, but I don't plan to let her know that.
In reality, I used to be a strait A student in high school, and I attribute that to having a sweet girlfriend.

I want my high school girlfriend back, but more than that I don't want things to get any worse with the strange girl who texted me.
You're making it a lot harder than it has to be. Just ignore it.

If anything it will give you some practice on ignoring bitches

Wow dude. You have based all of your life's failures and successes on ONE WOMAN. That's absolutely, irrefutably insane. Stop for a fucking second and realize how stupid and pathetic that is. You don't need her, you don't need a new girlfriend, you need help. Professional help. Lucky for you, colleges provide free counseling. You need to talk to a professional about how your life is going so poorly. Because you have a laundry list of issues 4chan can't even begin to pick apart. But no woman on earth is going to fix them. Not one from the past, and definitely not a new one anytime soon.

Christ, man. This is sad. Go get help. You desperately need it.
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