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What are some quick, easy things a guy can do to instantly be

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What are some quick, easy things a guy can do to instantly be more attractive?

Women have all this sort of little shit they can mess around with, hair and makeup and clothes and all that. All a woman has to do to be hot is to dress like Adele and not be fat.

What can a guy do?

(given that he is a normal weight, in-shape ugly fuck)
Washed, properly groomed hair. Well managed facial hair or no facial hair. Good clothing choices. Body language is also huge. If you stand around like a scared deer in the headlights, you'll out people off without either party realizing why. Back straight, eyes forward, shoulders high. Don't hunch, have eyes downcast and shoulders droopy.
>Women have all this sort of little shit they can mess around with, hair and makeup and clothes.
last I checked men have hair and clothes.
What kind of clothing choices are good? I work in a place where my clothes are at risk of getting painted, stained, ripped, torn or lit on fire on a semi-regular basis, so investing into expensive shit would not be a good idea.

I do shower regularly, though, keep my clothes clean and the 4-5 moustache hairs I can muster clipped short, and I don't slouch. I'm short, I can't afford to.
I don't live in one of those countries where a man can dye his hair firetruck red and not become the victim of a hate crime.
Have a decent looking work clothes and then nice clothes that you can wear when you're not at work.

I don't know exactly what styles suit you, but make sure they fit well (usually they should be a bit tighter than looser). I am not a fashion expert but this advice is easy to give. Personally I don't put much effort in and wear gray/black/dark skinny jeans and various plain t-shirts colors, but I am young and in a relationship so I can pretty much do whatever.
I think women (and men) do other stuff with their hair to look attractive than dye it firetruck red.
People keep using that word. I hav literally no idea what to make of it.

I wear hoodies, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. They're all broken and most are too big but I can't convince myself to get new ones since they'll just get broken and stretch out too, and I look like shit regardless.
>I wear the worst clothes available to me.
>I enjoy crying about how women have it easy because they can just buy better clothes.
the fuck is wrong with you?
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>is mad about not having options to alter appearance
>is perfectly aware of the range of options to alter appearance
>just an ugly fuck with no self-esteem
idk I just had this epiphany that the whole thought was useless in the first place.

An ugly fuck in decent clothes is still an ugly fuck.
Okay, then you might as well cover yourself in shit and babble in pig latin. That won't make you any less attractive since you're "still an ugly fuck" right?
>An ugly fuck in decent clothes is still an ugly fuck.
and yet he looks way better. it's weird.

And even if clothes made me look good enough to have someone take them off they'd still realise I'm ugly and leave.
You don't really understand attraction because of how low your self-esteem is. I promise you that good-looking men have problems with relationships too. Maybe they're fucking autistic and can't talk to a woman to save their life. What successful men (different from good-looking men) do is be their best self. What I mean is, do your best to be attractive in all dimensions: your ability to make a person laugh, your kindness, telling interesting stories, dressing well, ...

Yes you were dealt a bad card, but did that stop your ugly great-great-great-grandpa from finding a girl he loved? No. He was attractive in other ways.
Be funny, kind and considerate, and just a great guy to be around in general
My ugly isn't a genetic thing, it was a birth flaw caused by shit my mom did while pregnant.

How do you build self-esteem when you have literally nothing to work with?
How the fuck do I get the opportunity to do that in the first place?

I stopped getting messages on grindr when I put a picture of myself there.

I'm literally too ugly for dick pics.
Do de same shit women do.
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>be me
>be gay sad and lonely
>get a gay hookup app
>put my age and height in
>5 different messages of "ey bb u wan sum fuk" in 45 minutes
>this continues
>I put my picture into my profile

>sudden dead silence

Hair, make-up, clothes, posture, smiling.


Mingling is a game. Having the confidence needed make yourself interesting and brush past mistakes you make during any sort of encounter is 80% of the effort. The rest is not being a fat and lazy piece of shit.
What do you do for a living and where do you live?
What kind of hair would you recommend for an ugly guy? Or clothes, for that matter?

I don't think I'll be able to pull off makeup. Th question is "who cares", it's "will the guys who care put me into a hospital".

Where do you get confidence when you ugly?
About to graduate this useless literature program I ended up on since I couldn't get into anything useful and might as well graduate. Gonna study to be a machinist or something next, get a real job.
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At least you're not eggman OP.
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I thought you wanted advice, I was wrong, you want people to say women have it way easier and there is no point for you to make an effort because you already lost. gg you lazy fuck
Women don't have it easier, they just have more shit to distract themselves with. An ugly bitch realises she's fucking ugly she can dye her hair or do her nails or some shit and not feel ugly for like 5 minutes.
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Who said anything about women having it easier? Kek

>fem detected
i'm a guy and I feel more atractive when I get new clothes,use conditioner or trim my beard, obviously women take it to a different level but men can be vain too

Maybe what is really hindering you, is your 'know-it-all-can't-be-wrong' attitude.

Stop playing the blame game, understand that you are your own master and can chose your way out of this situation. You have no idea how it feels for anyone else and that is, anyway, besides the point. Start to think about feeling better about yourself, rather than endless repetition of the same idea. You have exhausted this idea, no doubt that is why you are so frustrated, it is time to move to the next level.
Every time I consider buying an item of clothing from a real store instead of flea markets/goodwill/second hand places, I just feel guilty for wasting money. It feels senseless trying to get a marginally nicer thing for 30 euros when you can get the same damn thing for 3 euros second hand.
What do you want me to do, then?
Op did
no one is saying you should buy expensive stuff, but there's cheap stuff that looks good on you and cheap stuff that doesnt, i'm not very wealthy so I get pants for around 20 euro each but actually spend my time trying them on to see what they look like and get the ones that look good
cont. the only thing I actually spend a little more are jackets and shoes as they tend to be worn more often and I prefer to have them last me longer
My process at buying clothes is
1. Is this marginally, vaguely anywhere near what I was looking for?
2. Does it fit in any reasonable way?
3. Buy it.

There's only one flea market within reasonable walking distance from where I live right now, and the options are limited since I'm pretty small. I often end up buying kids' clothes if they look OK enough.
What about paint and clothes burning and shit? Also just be a welder fuck machining if your already getting burnt and shit. And that doesn't answer where you live
Do cocaine. Buy cocaine from people and sell it to others. Give cocaine to hot chicks for free.
I literally did not understand a single word of what you said, but I live in a relatively small town only kept alive by the aforementioned school.

I live in a 7000 person town with nothing and nobody in it. This isn't L.A.
This, but forget about keeping the work clothes decent if you get dirty at work. Worn/ripped/stained shirt and pants with dirty worn boots does the job. When they get too destroyed you toss them.

Goodwill works OK for decent looking street clothes and is excellent for work clothes. I got 8 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and a pair of shorts for $30. Size medium t-shirts without XYZ event/brand plastered on them were hard to find.
Okay, so thought process so far:

1. Why are there no ways to fuck with my appearance?

2. Apparently there are ways to fuck with my appearance that I had disregarded.

3. There is no point to fuck with my appearance as I am ugly regardless and my work makes it impossible to maintain neat clothes.

4. I could own nicer clothes to wear to places that aren't work.

5. I don't fucking GO to places that aren't work.

Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 6

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