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Bettering Yourself Thread

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Here are some resolutions I am making to come back to next semester ready to get a girlfriend. I'd love feedback and more info. Thanks!

>Only drink water or hot green tea
>buy/wear more fashionable clothing
>Only fap to solo jav
>Meet three new platonic girl friends
>run 3 miles on weekdays and 2 on the days I work
>Save money
>Read more

I really need help with dietary stuff. I read the /fit/ guide but if I remember thats mostly bulking up, any help there?
>stop looking at lolis
sketchy pic, OP...
I dont really look at loli but I have decided to hide all my hardcopy anime, LN, manga, ect. I cant stop yet. Hopefully when I get a girlfriend I wont need it.
>to come back to next semester ready to get a girlfriend

Why better yourself to end up worse than you were before anon? Please trust me this is a good idea, but the gf will make you more worse off and miserable after 2-3 years I promise.
But I'm really lonely anon. I feel like at this point I'd rather be miserable.
Well, I wish the best for you but I hope you learn after your first relationship that they are all the same garbage. The loneliness you feel after you realize that is the worse.

I mean I have a gf now and a child and I was just thinking about how I got myself stuck. I'm literally at her whim it feels like and I'm so unhappy that I wish I could cry but I just can't.

I love my son so much but I caught myself thinking one night "I wish he wasn't born"

That made me feel even worse in the end.

I've been in a few relationships, I've dated different women from different backgrounds, I've worked on myself but it always ends up the same.
It starts of with you giving 50/50 in the relationship (or more so what I usually see is the guy giving 60 and the girl giving 40) and the scales slowly tip without you realizing it.

Right now I feel it's something like 80/20 for me.

This is my fault for not listening to older friends who said the same thing (mostly) that I say to you now.

It's always that way. Learn to be happy alone or with friends. A vagina doesn't add much to that happiness to be honest. Your guy friends can't cheer you up when down?

I mean listen to you you are changing the very core of who you are for pussy that's more than likely going to leave you.

You will be a very different and empty feeling person after it's said and done. I've done it.
shit. That's something I'll have to think about.

My guy friends are all right. Ever since I got to college though, they aren't here and I have just been extremely lonely. I don't know, I might just have an idealized idea of what having a girlfriend is like.

I just want to be close to someone.
Make friends, join clubs! There are many options! Specially in college. I've noticed though the fewer friends you have generally the better the quality. It's not always true, but you do get more in depth with who those people may be as people if it's a few with him.

Are there any clubs you may be interested in?

Be wary of anime clubs btw. Don't just avoid them but be very watchful of people there if you are into that sort of thing. I was in a Japanese "media" club or whatever during college and while I met some pretty cool people to play card games and stuff with there were many dramatic types who tore the old group of people going apart.

Just don't get involved if you see it, I guess it could happen at any club on campus.
I was scarred of the first club fair but was planning on going to the second. I checked out the anime club on facebook and I am not joining it. My weeb side is pretty in check and unnoticeable. I was hoping to join an eastern literature or movie club if there is one around.

I thought that maybe joining a club would help, but I even then I suck in groups. Hence wanting to me more people in the OP.
Here's an idea. Take everything you read on 4chan with a grain of salt.

Relationships are, unsurprisingly, much like people, there's great ones and shitty ones in almost equal numbers. I've had both -- I've ever had one turn into the other and back again. It is very true that, if you're unhappy, getting a girlfriend won't magically make you happy; maybe it will for a time, and then you'll realize you have just as many problems as before, they're just different ones.

Still, that dude's post is one of the single most jaded I've ever read on here, which is saying something. That's a very skewed perspective on reality from someone who's let a couple bad experiences fuck them up. Despite their potential to go wrong most people do still consider relationships worthwhile to pursue and they're not wrong to do so.
communicate with her about it, not us
be close to yourself.

all that matters, ultimately, is the relationship you have with yourself. so treat yourself well (i.e. be healthy) and exercise lots. exercising will develop a can-do attitude and hell, you'll look a lot better. dont do any of this hoping for pussy. do it to become a better you.

>Thats something I'll have to think about.

I wasn't planning on becoming a hermit, I am just going to keep all of that in the back of my mind now.
I really, really wouldn't.

Somebody who refers to relationships as "all the same garbage", wishes his son had never been born, and reduces women (more than once!) to "pussy" and "vagina", because, you know, there's no kind or funny or smart women worth pursuing for their companionship as well, that just isn't somebody whose advice you should be listening to.

His problems are his own. And his problems are not typical.

Its fucking stupid to only take advice from one side. You sound like the other extreme. Put them together and I should have my answer.

I don't believe that all women are only their lady parts but I also don't deny that lust is a factor in what I am doing.
No, no, not really, dude. It's not an "extreme" to say that some relationships are great, some relationships are shitty, and some will vacillate between the two but can be swung more towards the good side with some patience and effort. I've had bad experiences and had my periods of "god damn, but women fucking suck." I think I quite clearly said that you shouldn't expect getting a girlfriend to solve your problems or make you a happier person in the long run.

You don't have to take my advice, either. Honestly I'm not even offering much in the way of advice, beyond interjecting a little perspective into this thread and telling you, "don't take advice from exceptionally bitter misogynists." That's not a bunch of bullshit you need rattling around in your head while you're trying to improve your life, or ever, really.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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