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>Senior year of High school >1.1 GPA >Not stupid >Almost

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>Senior year of High school
>1.1 GPA
>Not stupid
>Almost certainty going to kill myself
Wut do?
Join the military and at least help kill some genuine assholes in the process.
Jesus christ OP. All you can do is military I think. Might have to make a career out of it, even after service it's gonna be hard as fuck, who are we kidding, near impossible to get in a uni with those grades.
Drop out and get your g.e.d. it's equivalent to a high school diploma.
If you're not dumb it's really easy.
Tbh high-school is a complete waste of time unless you're getting scholarships
yea just get ur ged. if u want to go to university, you can always transfer in from a community college. admission rates are much higher when transferring
Go to a community college, do well there, transfer to a university.

If you live in the US you literally have thousands of licenses you can apply for without having any education higher than GED or high school diploma.

Just because you're a loser now doesn't mean you have to be one forever.
Yeah, what everyone else has said is right just graduate, if you can, if not get your GED, go to CC and transfer/get a job after that.
It is virtually impossible to have such a low GPA if you show up and hand in SOMETHING at assignments. Just by hanging around you'll pick up enough to pass tests.

So you must have been not going to class and not doing any assignments at all.

So start going to class and handing in assignments. You can still salvage something a little less embarrassing.
Ged time.

Drop out and get a GED. You are wasting your time if you have a 1.1 GPA. Employers are not legally allowed to discriminate between a diploma and a GED. I have my GED and I have never been asked to provide proof, or to specify if I have a diploma or a GED. I have an older brother who never got his GED and he just lies about having it and it has never been a problem in the 25+ years he's been lying about it. I don't recommend that because the GED is so easy.

Go to community college and put effort into it. Keep your GPA above 3.0, which is insanely easy as long as you actually do all the work, turn it in on time, and show up to the exams. If you go to CC, nothing you did in HS matters anymore.

I dropped out of HS and went to CC and it is the best thing I ever did. I took time off in between HS and CC (not because I wanted to, but because I had to support myself and I went to CC as soon as I was stable and could afford it), and it was great for me. If I would have gone to a university from HS I would have a useless film degree and be a total loser. I ditched that idea and changed to biology and I love it and it is definitely more useful than a film degree.

If I could do anything differently, I would have talked to my school's financial aid years early. I could have gone sooner, because I didn't realize all the financial aid options available. For my first 2 years I got my tuition comped AND they gave me 5k a semester to do whatever I wanted with.
>>1.1 GPA
>>Not stupid
Then why is your GPA so low? You may be academically brilliant, but SOMETHING you're doing clearly isn't very smart.

You are not, however, fucked. Here is what you need to do.

First, seek professional help. Maybe you need a tutor, or maybe you need a therapist -I don't know- but something is wrong, and you need to get on a path to fixing it or at least coping.
2) Make sure your teachers know you're seeking professional help. If that information gets onto a reconmendation letter, it will go a long way toward countering the affect of your GPA.
3) Apply to six schools. Two of these should be "reach schools" -the schools you dream about- and I don't care how unrealistic your prospects seem. Top-tier schools have their own agendas as to the kind of student body they want, and enough money to throw at people to make that happen. Your situation is not a predictor: the things you think will keep you out may actually be exactly what they're looking for, for their own unfathomable reasons. You cannot know. So apply.

Two of these schools are "safety schools"; places you can be almost sure of getting into. If a place has guaranteed admission that you qualify for, put it here. You can transfer credits later. The other two schools are places you would like to go, but are less certain of than the safety schools.

The military IS also an option, but think carefully before accepting. Basic training has a strong reputation for un-fucking people, but deployment stands a not-inconsiderable risk of fucking you up even worse than before. And this doesn't even consider any moral/ethical concerns you might have, or the risk of getting screwed over by the military on your contract terms.
Invest in going to community college. Work hard there and get a 4.0 gpa. Transfer after two years to a really good university.

Thats it.


I did this too. Had a similarly shitty GPA as OP, never took the SAT. Went to community college, got good grades, transferred to university, and they never even asked for my high school transcripts, SAT scores, or anything like that.
>have bad grades in highschool
>better kill myself

Hahaha never change, /adv/. Your life is so far from over it's honestly really fucking funny.
>hurr I'd rather face the eternal abyss of nonexistence than pick up the pieces of my life and rebuild into a better happier future

K, I guess you didn't need this thread then except to get attention for how miserable you are. You're just a walking cliché
You know a lot of people still pass and get at least 5 GPA out of 10 by just studying a week before exams or days. Either you're delusional about your academic ability or just really not interested in the course. Look for other options.
OP showed up but did nothing. If he had just guessed on everything he would have made a higher GPA. 1.1 = zeros everywhere.
But yes, get good grades in community college and transfer to a good uni. The road doesnt end here anon.
I wonder what his major was.

>thinks he's not dumb.

You'd have to purposely try to get that low. There were times I didn't try at all, and I still managed a 2.5 at the very least, and I'm pretty fucking retarded.
I could see somebody with genuine emotional problems scoring that low. I had depression for a couple years in high school and it manifested as serious insecurity and anger issues; I was perfectly capable of doing most of the assignments and even helped teach one class, but half the time I'd just refuse to turn in the assignments, or was too anxious.

None of that's an excuse, of course, lots of people are depressed and still manage not to turn into underachieving brats, but after being forced to talk to a counselor I turned things around and succeeded academically. Jabs at OP's intelligence aren't really helpful and aren't necessarily true.

As mentioned, the GED -> community college -> university route is his best option, though I second the advice to seek professional help -- I don't know what it is, but something's up with him.
GPA is pointless unless you want scholarships. Like others have said, go to the nearest CC and start knocking out classes.
community college, trade school, workforce, or the military. make a choice faggot and stop being such a whiney little shit
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