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Overcoming addiction

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Has anybody of you every sucessfully overcome an addiction of any kind? What was the thing that madenyou pull trough?
There is a controversial thesis going around now that addiction is not as biologically grounded as we once thought, but is largely behavioural.

I'd recommend adjusting not only your intake of a particular substance, or whatever thing it may; but also your environment and social circles.

I do not know from first-hand experience though. Godspeed.
I know someone who used to be an alcoholic. He stayed drunk for years nonstop but he said when he started vomiting blood, he realized he needed to get his shit together and quit. From the way he tells it, he kinda just quit cold turkey and sheer willpower helped him quit. He says if you can make it past the withdrawals its easy from then on. But the withdrawals almost killed him.
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What're you addicted to?

I was an IV meth/heroin addict for about 5 years. It's not hard to drop, it's hard to stay away from ime.

I've been sober about 3-4ish months, unless you count drinking once every two weeks not being sober.

To initially get sober, I first got through withdrawals, and then I started reading SMART recovery literature. It's a program based on CBT, REBT, and other shit lol. No cult-like spiritual voodoo-ism, just self-empowering tools to help you get sober and stay sober.

The problem is using drugs becomes like an instinct, you don't even think about it, you just do it, like eating or sleeping. This is usually the argument for "it's a disease, not a choice", but I don't buy that. You can choose not to eat if you're hungry. It'll suck, but you can do it. You have a choice, just like doing dope.
ex alcoholic here. I would never ever wish anyone to experience the hell I had to. Solved the problem with some really intensive and fucked up therapy, abstinence symptoms are brutal, now i'm even scared to see a glass of wine.
if you have nothing that will make you want to quit, then you'll probably decide that you'd rather continue using.
say opiates, the worst part is getting through the first 2 weeks.... it's pure hell for those, and even lasts a month or so till it even goes down if you've been taking doses for a year or two every day. it's easiest to not quit at that 2 week point because at that point you'd say it's too shit and unbearable from the withdrawals.. then after quitting you might think that even then you'd rather deal with negatives of addiction then the postives of no addiction..
i was forced to quit because if i had any in my system i'd be stuffed, but even then, once you quit you realise that it's not as bad as you would've thought...
but a lot of people would end up using again, so there's further lifestyle changes etc. like i said in first sentence pretty much..
i don't know about those programs/going to a rehab centre... they seem like a waste of money. and some just try turn you into a religious nut. even then you're going to be placed with a group of people who are similar and will just enable that problem easier.
the easiest way would be to cut ties and just bear through it... then think about the first sentence. a lot of people using opiates might because of pain, so even without them life would still be unbearable. but using them they've abused the amount and it's made it worse
Booze and stimulants, most of the time together.

I guess the turning point was when my mom died from complications from alcoholism. I'll have a beer from time to time but I don't even have any booze in the house anymore. And I've been clean off drugs for 2 years.

I agree with some of the other posters -- "disease" theory is fucking bullshit and more detrimental than good. You just have to have the motivation to stay away and every time I picture chugging some booze, I picture my mom in that convalescent home, weighing only 90 pounds and she herself knowing that she's dying.

Hits me hard enough every time to keep me away from old habits.
I was a functional opiate addict, pill-popper, for almost a decade. I managed my dosing, only bought up to mid-level strength, and took tolerance breaks. I sold on the side, it completely financed my use.

As is usually the case, all my connects went dry, as happens now and then; this is when the psychological addiction set in. I had to procure stronger pills, as they were all that was available. I was unable to manage at these strengths, for a variety of reasons, and finally took the step of insufflating.

These ran dry, and I finally began to feel opiate withdrawal; I wouldn't wish such an experience on anyone, coincidentally. My connects only had heroin, ECP, and I managed a couple days before trading what was left of my soul.

From my switch to stronger pills on, I had a lot of personal problems, depression, etc... and it finally culminated in the dissolution of the only woman I have ever loved leaving me.

I hit bottom. That was what enabled me to enter rehab, and try to pick up the pieces, and I have been clean since March.
The easiest way for me to quit my addiction was to change who I was hanging out with. If your friends aren't doing it, you're less inclined to as well. Also, if you get away from the source by moving to a new place. If you don't have a contact for your addition, you're less inclined
*dissolution of our engagement, and
for you guys that got clean, do you drink or use any drugs recreationally?
Has anyone broken addictions through DMT ?
i still drink sometimes
I constantly bite my nails. Help me. My fingers look like jagged, cut tree stumps sticking out of the ground.
Stop biting dingus
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