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weighty issues

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I need some advice guys. I'm female, 5'2 and weigh 145 pounds. I know that isn't thin, but I also know it's not unhealthy. I got invited to my cousin's wedding recently, and my mother got even more snippy about my weight. She literally won't stop saying if you just lose weight you would look so nice, you're too fat, you arms look horrible, your thighs look so fat etc etc.

It wasn't so bad before but now that I'm going to this wedding she's almost batshit. Today I got on the exercise bicycle for about half an hour but got really fatigued since I hadn't eaten anything the whole day and it was already noon. She screamed at me and said I was being lazy and that I should get back on the cycle and when I refused, told me not to talk to her.

I'm pretty sure she's fucking insane and I'm not even that fat but all these constant criticisms are really getting to me. I want to try to lose weight but her talk isn't motivational at all its just depressing. How do I get her to understand where I'm coming from? I want to lose weight but should that really be all she cares about?
Quick google says the ideal weight for a 5'2 female is anywhere from 108 to 132 lbs depending on your body frame.

So at worst you're a little over 10lbs over weight.

Tell your mother to shut her mouth and mind her own business. Don't let anyone control you, and trust me, control you is what she's trying to do. If she actually cared about your weight and wanted to see you improve yourself a bit she wouldn't put you down all the time and scream at you.

Don't take that shit. Stand up for yourself.
Nah she's fucking insane. While that's kind of chubby considering your height, it's also completely unwarranted to 1. comment on your daughter's weight at all unless they are at serious risk of death because of it 2. get so upset about someone else's body. Like really? I feel like she's projecting. How much does she weigh OP? Maybe she's getting angry at you in order to ignore her own weight problems.

I don't really have any advice other than to stand your ground and let her know how ridiculous she's being. It's your body, you have the right to be whatever weight you want and to exercise as much or as little as you please. It's not her place to decide AT ALL.
Thank you. Honestly makes me feel a lot better. I think the worst part this week was when I came home with full marks for my performance appraisal on my internship programme and she ignored that to say that if I was going for this wedding I better go on a diet.

Sigh. I would cancel my rsvp at this point but the plane ticket is booked.
Don't starve it can make you gain weight(not fucking around it really does). But I recommend you weightlift it can make your look more defind and curvy
You need to lose weight Ms. Piggy
Screw ur mom. As long as you're healthy, or are trying to get to a safe point, you're fine. Go at your own pace. Your mom is crazy and unsupportive. Just keep exercising and don't give up.
Let's see a shot of your body. Some people carry weight well.
She's shorter and weighs a bit more than I do. But she used to be really slim when she was my age and barely ate anything according to my grandma. Really all she ever talks about is working hard and looking good. And since I don't have issues with school and work, she focuses solely on my weight issues. I dunno I'm just kind of tired of it.
Lmao I know man, I be tryin
Let's see a pic, sounds like you're basically a circle
I don't really like to put up pictures of myself. But my legs are pretty alright. Most of my weight is concentrated around my waist. I know I'm fat, my issue is just that I feel like I'm being pushed down and it's demotivating rather than pushing me to lose weight. I have had self esteem issues for most of my life because of this. I don't like going out because of how I look or going shopping. My whole life revolved around keeping as far out of sight as possible which was awful for me. It was only recently I started to wear more flattering clothes and learning to work around my weight and start to actually like myself.
Heres the real shit. I struggled with this this as a skinny guy. (I know your prob like wtf??) But I grew up extra skinny. And everyone including my family made funny of me and shit. Long story short I joined the Infantry in the Marine Corps, got them to shut up real quick. (thatsNot why i joined) But my point is they didnt get to me in ways that would effect my life. Sure it sucks, so I stopped being with them. Are you fat? No. are you over weight? Yes. And losing weight is all about working for it. Being tired isnt an excuse, dont consider your workout started Untill your tired. Then youll lose weight..

"I dont start counting my crunches until they hurt"

But you should NOT EVER let someone treat you like that (Well your Mother for that matter).
Shes trying to connect to you via the way she was probably raised. Is it wrong, yes. Basically you have two options. Either deal with it and stay with her, or move out and no longer deal with it. You can talk to her and tell her how you feel but I doubt thatll do much.

TLDR - Everyone hates the situation they are in
But everyone is to 'tired' to change it.

I almost guarentee youll come up with some excuse on why you cant leave and you have to stay home. Fact is there is NO excuse.
Thanks dude. I probably did need to hear this. I genuinely put in effort. I used to be about 20 pounds heavier and it was a lot worse then, but it was pretty worth it since I'm a lot happier now. I like putting in the effort. But I also struggle when my mom gets like this. I'm moving out in about a year once my diploma ends and I'm off to a different continent altogether and I won't be back. It's just a matter of time. But for once I'd just like my mother to address me as a person not as a piece of meat that has to be kept at a top cut or whatever I dunno
>I dislike my weight
Change your diet. Change your workout schedule. "But anon I workout everyday" Workout until you want to cry. Then go another 10 minutes.

>I dislike living at home
Work. Get money. Move out. If you are a lazy FUCK and scared of working 12hour days, then move to a transition home, or bounce between hostiles. "But anon my min wage isnt enough for me to live" Yes it is. I do it with less. And again. Dont be scared to work 2-3 Jobs, 12 hour days.

Dont feel like you have to CUT her out completely. Trust me I spent 4years away and I miss even my familys faults. But I wont let myself live with them. Yaknow? So try living away for a bit. But remember they are family. And this might help them SEE what they are doing wrong. It worked in my situation.
Look I know your trying. And youve lost 20 pounds which is great. And I feel like a cock saying this. But your not trying hard enough. You have to desire success in a way that others dont. You have to wake up every morning and want this. And I gotta be honest. Your mother might not change. And if you plan on moving out next year. Like I said talking to her isnt going to help. I mean it might but I doubt it. If you cant motivate yourself then youll fail. Always. Turn that hate for how you get treated into power. Wake up 3 hours earlier than your mother, dont worry about making noise. Go for a run. Then once you wanna stop. Run for another 15 minutes. If the sun is up your wrong. Then do it again at night. Even if you cant run. Walk. And then Jog. You seriously should want to crawl by the end of your workouts.
Thanks anon. I'm gonna keep all this in mind. Moving out thing in my country is a no go, generally no one is treated as a major until you're 21 so I wouldn't even be able to get my own place really. But I do have long term plans and academically don't do so badly so ill be fine in that respect.

And you're right. It's tough talk but I'm glad you were honest with me. Thanks man. I hope you have a great life. I guess I have been a bit of a faggot lmao but really thanks dude
You seem like a good women. Seeking self improvement is good. Ima go now. But before you leave remember what I said earlier. This isnt me being a dick. Just me proving a point that I hope motivates you.

>I bet youll come up with some excuse with why you cant leave

And you did.
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