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I get sad a lot because I'm lonely, and I feel lots of other

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I get sad a lot because I'm lonely, and I feel lots of other things from other things too.

There is nobody in my life that I can use as an emotional release for any of my feelings. I get shut out of every persons life who I try to become closer with, and I am continuing to try to make close friends.

All I want from this thread are effective methods at releasing my emotions.

I've cried for multiple days in a row, I create visual art to express myself, I sing along to songs that I can relate to, I write in a diary, I fap when I feel like it would help, and I am learning how to play an instrument to play music.

Please tell me some things that have helped release your emotions /adv/

Workout. It's a meme for a reason.

Stop crying like a bitch, you aren't 12 and you are forming a habit.
Study cultural economics. The cultural aspect has made it so that for me I could release my emotions by doing art related things. It's a great route, you should give it a try.
No, medicine and business stuff is better. Helping people is a great passion of mine.
Don't worry OP, I know how you feel. As a man I don't feel like I have a way to talk about how I actually feel and why. It's fucked up.
That's because it's taught in our culture. Men are supposed to be emotionless zombies at all times. Women are taught to let their emotions flow at the drop of a hat. It's fucked up, I'm telling ya.
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I went to the gym every day for an hour from Monday to Thursday this week. I will do it again on Monday to Friday next week.

Thanks buddy, I'll take a look at cultural economics.

I work as an independent software engineer and lots of peoples dreams involve making a business around software nowadays. I feel like at my work I am helping peoples dreams come true since I work at small companies most of the time and deal with projects on my own. I have naturally learned about business through that.

Medicine on the other hand seems like it would be nice. I always wanted to be a certified first aid person. Can't remember the name of the program but I will look in to it.

Good old Hollywood action movies. That won't change any time soon, so all we can do is cope.
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OP is this all of your art? because it's fucking mind-blowing.
No it's not. It is the quality that I am determined to reach one day though.
If you are creative or willing to learn, art is a good way to express yourself. instruments, drawing, writing, painting, poetry.
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I am doing a lot of that already, and I enjoy it. I am trying to get more involved with it. I was dabbling in poetry a while ago. I will consider it again.
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If there's any release that doesn't require much thinking and is more just a release, that would be something I could use right now.
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Op whos the artist, give me the salsa.

Also one way I release pent up stress is by violence. In a healthy eay of course....I think. Games like Asuras wrath and god of war help. I also watch light hearted series like one punch man. Nothing helps more to release stress than watching a guy steam roll everything in his path.
And exercise of course, but Im doing that because I want to be stronger physically and mentally. Personally I dont go to a gym. I feel they dont have the right atmosphere for working in becoming a better person. I do all of it in a quite place on my own. Ive met some people that feel the same way apparently that I see around where I go.
Unfortionately I don't know the artist. It may not even be the same artist that did all of these. I'm pretty sure a lot of them are actually digital.

Yeah I play video games too, mostly competitively with my brother who I have played with all my life. We usually destroy everybody else, but that doesn't really release anything for me. Ambitions and competitive activities almost always end in my favour, and anything that gives self-satisfaction in general just doesn't do anything for me. On top of that I'm a hobbyist game developer so it's just another thing for me to analyse.

I go to the gym to let off steam and to exercise my upper body. Previously I was heavily involved in soccer so my lower body is pretty good.
You just have to find that one thing you can be passionate about that motivates you to work at it. And if you feel lonely then its good to look for someone to be in a romantic relationship with you can share your life with.

None of this is easy man, but the way I see it is that we humans have too short a life span and are too inconsequential in this vast universe to let anything bring us down. Or at least bring me down. Think about it and try to put it in perspective, the sun will destroy Earth in a few billion years. Dont let this get you even more depressed, use it to undestand how small our own present problems truly are, use it to let you move forward with a smile on your face knowing your own situation is what you make of it and not the other way around.
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>And if you feel lonely then its good to look for someone to be in a romantic relationship with you can share your life with.
I am looking but things are not looking so well in that department. I don't even have friends, so it may be a while until I am adequate. Regardless, I am still trying, because I agree that it would benefit me greatly.

I have been acting more consequentially/taking more risks lately, because I agree with and understand that. Yeah it's not easy, but I have always been on the butt end of social conundrums. Whenever people have shrugged off my issues (ie. youre in college, youll make friends dont worry) I have always gotten the butt end of the situation. I'm worried that this will never change, and I'll just worried I'll always be alone. Yes it's a common concern, but I always get the butt end so I think it's very possible. There is literally nobody in my life.

These are the kinds of issues I need to release my emotions from. While I try and act like people normally do when they have friends to not scare them off, I go crazy. There's nothing I can do but wait for time to pass to not come off clingy so I need some incredible variation of releases.
did you paint the pictures you've been posting op?
No, I didn't. If you find the artist please let me know. I am trying to study these pieces in my spare time and I'm determined to reach the same level of quality.
That's a tough one for me, I don't need much social interaction to function. I can spend weeks on my own and feel just fine. I do know people that need to be around others, but they always manage to do so. And I'm not really good at making friends since I can rarely hold enough interest in someone to make me want to invest time on them. If theres one thing that helps me scratch that itch for human contact its mmos. Quick and easy to find a group of people and start interacting with them. Maybe even make actual close friends.
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I used to be able to do the same. I played MMOs all the time, and lots of them. I still casually play Maplestory but I can't get too in to any MMOs anymore even if I try. Great suggestion though.
Kill yourself m8. No way out of where you're going
I'm sure there's a way out but I'm not confident that I'll be able to utilize the opportunities that I get in order to get out.
Make some internet friends and confide in some if you can raise the relationship of mutual trust to that level. Theres something about the internet that allows people to tell others about their problems freely.
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I had a friend over the internet that I knew for 8 years. Recently I flew down to the USA for an interview and met her, and since then she has been avoiding my chats. I guess I could look for a new online friend but I guess I'm still a little upset about that. I feel like doing this might make me desire physical companionship more, but I will certainly think about it.
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you dont need people to release emotions - thats what art is for

i realise how utterly pretentious and faggot-like that sounds, but its true. get creative and express your loneliness through writing,music,art, whatever, who cares. beats sitting round doing fuck all
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Hey man I'm all for pretentious and faggot-like sounding things. I'm currently on a wait list for an art class I want to take. Hopefully that will help me out if I get in. Painting is a lot about technique and I've learned a lot of theory on my own, but without technique I can't really do anything confidently without wasting a ton of canvases and paint. Also I'm waiting until Christmas to buy an electric drumset for myself.

I guess at this point I'm looking for low effort things to do in the mean time. I might dabble in poetry for the time being.

But as far as people and emotional release, I suppose you're right. It's quite challenging without people though, it's like a full time job just trying to stay stable.
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Poetry is helping quite a bit actually. Too bad it's so hard to learn techniques for specific types.

I feel like I'm wasting my time but I can't be too picky can I?
Ivan Aivazovsky,
“The Ninth Wave”

Ivan Aivazovsky
"Translucent Waves"

Joseph Mallord William Turner
"Fishermen at Sea"

Andreas Achenbach
"Sunset after a Storm on the Coast of Sicily"

Frederic Edwin Church
"Aurora Borealis"

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Unfortunately no source on the artist

"The Ferocious Tides Of Fate"

This is a metal band's album cover art, not an artist.

Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl
"Souls on the Banks of the Acheron"

Fan Ming
A concept piece

Image from Akira

Jacek Yerka

Sorry but this is all I have to offer to you. No advice, I'm sorry. Hope you figure it out soon
Anon I'm not sure if I can help, because I'm in the same situation as you. I could tell you about all my bad experiences because of it but I won't. I'm sure you've had plenty of your own.

Probably the only comfort I can bring is to say that there's more people like this out there. I had a good friend who's been almost like a bro and we share feels without giving a fuck sometimes. We've both been through so much crap it doesn't matter

I play guitar sometimes to make it go away or to get lost in something else. Keep drawing and make something good out of it.

And stay strong. There's no way out.
Oh and I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it yet but

write it

You want to express it? Writing is often time the most direct way of doing it. In a notepad that you store, you delete, whatever, it doesn't matter. Once it's on some kind of medium, it's out of your head, at least for a while

If you really don't give a fuck, just write them on /adv/ even. This board usually sucks in terms of actually constructive advice, but it will give you some kind of feeling that it was read by some random person somewhere.

So yea

Just write it down a few times, see how it feels.
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Yay, thank you for sharing with me.

I used to have someone like that but they got better. They don't care to talk to me anymore.

I will keep stimulating my creativity to get my mind off things. It gets harder and harder to get lost in things I find, I've been doing getting lost in things all my life. I feel like the only reason I'm noticing my feelings now is because it has less of an effect on me than it used to. At one point I used to go months at a time without opening my mouth to talk and I felt better than I do now.

>And stay strong. There's no way out.
It blows my mind how the majority of people on Earth, the people who live regular social lives, are likely aware of people that suffer from issues like this from interacting with them and don't bother doing anything to help them. In fact they actively do the opposite. We're actively being shut out every day of our lives by a plethora of different people.

Also thanks for your comment.

I actually have been writing in a journal once or twice a month roughly since January. I was more active earlier in the year, but I still write. It does help a little bit for sure.

Once, even though I wasn't suicidal I was just really sad, I decided to write a suicide note. That helped me a lot more than a journal I found. Aside from that I go to the get it off your chest threads every once and a while.
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>Women are taught to let their emotions flow at the drop of a hat.
unless they want to be taken seriously in any male-dominated field, then they have to be emotionless zombies too. not even joking. been there, done that, wore the steel toed boots.
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In any relationship even outside of work I feel like I have to be an emotionless zombie as a man. In non-work related social situations when you're expected to stay strong and be supportive to someone all the time, almost all interactions end with you get treated like a doormat. If you're not feeling stable enough to support someone when they need it they will go to someone else and get closer with them from then on.
holy cow, I know this feel all too well, OP.

I'm literally surrounded by friends, but none of them ever want to really get down on an emotional level, nor do any of them initiate any kind of conversation with me unless it's something they want/need.

Currently in college and working part time, I always have my high school friends to fall back on, but it seems like everyone I try to get closer to is too preoccupied with something/someone else.
I've got to say I'm jealous that you're surrounded by friends. It's the worst that they only use us as doormats though. I've got fallbacks from high school too but I never really liked any of my friends from high school, and they live an island away from me.
Get. Fucking. Angry.
Grab some ice, throw it against the wall. Go somewhere and punch a punching bag.

You need to get in tune with all your emotion, not just the sad side. You are depriving an essential part of you.

Be angry mate.
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This is a great suggestion. I live in a basement suite so I can't get too loud here but I'll think of some things I can do to be angry.

Sometimes I yell as loud as I can when I'm alone on the road in my car. Punching a pillow doesn't really work for me I found.
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