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feel like a class dumbass, friend is racist, and girl thinks

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Almost half of my class thinks I'm an idiot , weird, or literally retarded.

I keep fucking up in classes and people will always notice me doing something stupid. Some of the things we do in class either confuse me or I didn't listen clearly. Even if I do ask questions, some of my peers would not tell me or fuck with me. Asking my professors, they'll get pissed off and question whether I was paying attention in class. I just ask questions to make sure I won't fuck up. I hate fucking up and people keep looking at me like I'm a dumbass.

There's this one guy does help me, but he treats me like a child. It feels dehumanizing, but I don't do anything about it. My friend does the same thing to me. He even admitted it. My friend is kinda a douche too. He right-winged, short-tempered, and he's a bigot. He says racist things about others and says racist things about others me behind my back. (Im black, he white)

There's also this one girl I think is hot af, but she thinks Im a creep. She didn't say that, but she knows I check her out. There are times when it's not my fault per se. She'll be next to a friend or the clock or something and she's be there. Either I check her out or I'm scared her reaction. Even when I first met her, I was talking like a spaz. I just feel really anxious around girls I like/think they're attractive.

I don't know how much Im gonna deal with all this. Especially with other people, I want to change the situations, but I don't know what or how to do it.

Please help me /adv/
How much of your school do you have left, I mean it seems like youll just have to bear it til you reach the end and you can get a fresh start at a workplace or a postgrad and try a bit harder to associate yourself with nicer people and force yourself to pay attention, if the teacher posts the material onlne then you should look it up
He was cool before. He just keeps showing his true colors month by month. Before I just think he just says stupid things, but he's legit about what he says. He denies it sometimes, but I can tell it's bullshit. He one of the few friends I have in college too. I don't wanna have less
Im almost finishing me 1st semester of a 2 year program. I'm just looking for any job to get by and pay for school. Most of my classes are practical so it's more hands on and interaction
So, what do you gain by "being friends" with him? is he witty? does he understand your problems? does he buy you lunch, if this friend of yours is so bad you shouldnt feel bad about not interacting with him, dont talk to him and if he asks why you gnoring him just say you know what hes saying and if he denies theres othing you can do, if hes gonna lie to your face like thaat hes not worth the BS he puts you through
I don't wanna just ignore him out of nowhere. I want to give my opinion out but I'm scared of his reaction. I'd feel like I would ruin the "friendship" and I hate being around people I have a visable problem with. I don't wanna cause any trouble with anyone
Ok, try pssive agression, when he makes a coment that you dont like or behaves in a bad way, just show some sign , like a sigh or silence, he should get the message that you dont like it without being confronational
Get the fuck off 4chan your kind are not welcome here.
I do show some kind of sign. Even yesterday, he was talking shit about Filipinos saying they pussies . Then I told him that's not really accurate since there's tough ghettos there. Then he called his class partner an "Asian fuck" . I looked at him puzzled and I was mad in the inside. But I didn't say anything cause a big fuss. At the same time, I wish I did.
Why? I'm an autist spaz and I'm afraid to talk to girls. I belong here!
you could always confront him without being aggressive and creating a problem.
either make it sound like a joke, like saying "haha, those asians sure are an inferior race, right?"
or simply say something like "i get it, man, i'm not 5 years old"
if he doesn't get the irony or gets aggressive about a simple complaint, try finding better friends

also, tell your teachers that you have some difficulties with learning x subject. this doesn't make you worse than anyone, and should make them feel bad about getting pissed. also, it's your classmates' problem if they belittle you for having difficulties, and makes them all dumbasses

about the girl, do you have any solid evidence she thinks you're a creep? I mean, anything besides your impression she notices you staring at her or the way she looks at you?
I don't even think I can get any friends in college. Like actual ones. I want a friendship where it's cool to hang out after class , go out, and help me out a little for school. And none of them are assholes!

It just gets on my nerves. I get confused a lot and I just wanna ask a question, but they get pissed. It gets on my nerves sometimes.

The girl KNOWS, Anon. Not only she catches me, twice she'd make passive aggressive remarks about me. Once, I wasn't really checking her out, but I was watching her wash dishes and I was waiting for her to be finished. I was more zoned out if anything. She said "Can you stop looking at me and help me out with this?"

You think so currently in your negative mind set but serendipitous situations occur all the time. Who is to say that you don't meet a cool person tommorow totally randomly?

Be patient and keep asking questions. Don't give a flying fuck if people get angry because you pay that old fucks salary. Go to office hours and tutorials if you want extra clarification.

Cut off that racist fuck and don't look back. If he asks wtf just say you are tired of his racist crap. Have some self respect dude. Stop being scared of confrontation because it comes with life all the damn time.

Regarding the girl just jerk off before class to not focus on her. Check her out at the back of your eye and stop staring like a fucking retard.
OP, you have ADHD
I know all the feels you just described, look up the symptoms

don't be anybody's bitch because you're worried about upsetting them or losing their support, it's never worth it.

As for the girl, be straightforward with women. If you're interested, don't pretend like you're not - be flirty. Even if they reject you or react badly, at least they'll respect you
well, you made it sound like they are assholes.

if what's bothering you is your classmates: isn't there a time after class where you can ask your profs things personally? don't they stay in a room or respond to emails?
if you're bothered by the teachers' anger: they're being dicks if they get mad at you for asking questions. they're paid to make you understand what they teach (obviously, don't say it this way).

also, ask around to see if your college has some kind of professional who helps students sort out academic problems like having difficulties to understand most classes, it may help you out
Is he really the closest thing you have to a friend? If hes better than nothing, or if you need him then stick with him. If hes not better than nothing, and you dont need him, then stop associating with him. Very simple.
Direct your friend to /pol/ he'll feel at home. Not even kidding, send him there
I think I have something, but I don't even know. I don't wanna tell people I have a condition. I don't even know if I do or not. And the last thing I want is anyone thinking I'm mentally impaired or some shit. I can do the work , but I just want someone to remind me about how to do the work and make me feel confident.

>As for the girl, be straightforward with women. If you're interested, don't pretend like you're not - be flirty. Even if they reject you or react badly, at least they'll respect you

I think I caused enough annoyances with her and I don't want awkwardness within the the classroom. I'm just some dude. Respect what? Why care? To her, I'm the creep.

My teaches are bust after class. They leave right after class to another class or home.
I'm not saying get help for it or anything, I'm just saying it's useful to know what's up with you, for your own benefit. What you're describing really sounds like ADHD. I have it, and I pretty much never tell anyone. I was a good development worker in the Peace Corps, I did well in college, I'm looking at top grad schools, and I'm a Fulbright candidate. But I've had a few painful experiences - when I was 18 I was an aggravating student for my French tutor, and now I'm a terrible employee at my fucking retail job, and the problems I've had are pretty much explained perfectly by ADHD
I've never asked for special treatment, but it's reassuring to have some idea of why I have trouble over stupid things like a menial retail job when I've succeeded at much more demanding things
He not a close friend, but he likes me since I'm "a nice person" and don't piss him off on purpose. I feel like he won't get what I'm saying, get mad at me, and ignore me like I did something wrong. I don't wanna feel guilty and lonely
i'd see a psychologist before considering having ADHD or something like it. he may even have some medication that can help you focus and shit.

also, there's no shame in telling ppl you have ADHD, everyone has problems.

i've got a friend in uni who has dyslexia and he gets an extra hour in exams.
it's not special treatment, it's just making it fair for him.
Thread posts: 22
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