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Any tips on curing/helping my hemorrhoids?

I hate taking shits now

Plus im heading off to bootcamp in 2 months and dont want it making my life a living hell
Just fyi you probably won't crap much in basic.
Hemorrhoids should not be chronic. If they are, you really need to get them handled by a doctor through ligation or cautery.

You can use a little Preparation H for relief outside of the bathroom and try swallowing a tablespoon of mineral oil to help ease things out on the can. Otherwise it comes down to eating fiber in your diet, not shoveling tons of food down your gullet and avoiding straining on the can.
it started just a few months ago, only bothers me for a little while after I go to take a dump
Buy some fiber supps and take them daily. Lean over when you shit to reduce pressure on your rectum/anus. Drink lots of water everyday and buy some sitz salts to ease current flareups.

Try to keep stress in your life down through meditation and recreational outings like fishing, going to a local pool, or even hiking. Helps detach yourself from the sameness of everyday life even if you don't particularly like those activities/are afraid of them(social encounters/body image issues/other fears).

I love you.
thanks, I often sit for long periods without drinking much water, mostly coffee or tea, ill try to end this cycle
Nobody has any excuse for not drinking enough water throughout the day. Just stop drinking anything else with your meals. Avoid caffeine and salty foods so that you're not dehydrated
Fiber is a little tricky. Obviously fruits and vegetables would do the trick, but if you're having a problem, you probably don't eat enough of these, nor would you want to. I'd recommend eating fiber-dense cereals from kashi and Fiber One. They actually taste pretty good, and one bowl will have you set for your fiber quota for the day. I got this advice from a colorectal surgeon, and it's been working very well. Also, do your best to avoid particularly binding starches like potatoes and rice
I know jack shit about exercise, but I've been okay just trying to maintain the proper amounts of fiber and water every day. If you exercise at all, and I imagine you do if you plan on going to bootcamp, then I'm sure you'll be alright.

Make sure that you don't strain yourself while taking a shit. If the hemorrhoids persist and keep you awake at night, don't be afraid to take a few over-the-counter pain-killers. I've even had success with using an ice pack to relieve swelling down there.

I've dealt with hemorrhoids and an anal fissure for about 80% of my life, so I know what a fucking pain this stuff can be. Best of luck OP
I also forgot to mention that you should use a stool when you shit. I just keep mine next to my toilet bowl. I call it my stool stool. Laugh with me or perish.

Because of the way colon is lined up with your anus, it's actually easier for you to take a shit with your legs propped up on a stool. Most of the world doesn't have a stool stool, because they don't understand its wonders, but it's worth the investment.

Also consider miralax to keep stool super soft.

That's pretty much all I've got.
thanks man, yeah I really need to work on my water intake, i try to eat bananas or some sort of fruit at least once or twice a day too. Today it didnt really hurt when I went to the bathroom, it more just itched and stung a small bit, better than usual. I do in fact have a stool and will try that method
lol what branch
The excuse is water isn't sugary and delicious.

I used to play goalie in ice hockey as a kid/teen, and I still stay in shape and eat well. But I fucking hate water. But I am biased. I drink it constantly, but nothing beats a delicious Coke, which has been harder for me to quit than alcohol. And I've been hospitalized for alcohol-related shit 3 times in 2 years.

Anyway, don't mind me.
A quick tip on quitting shit: don't go near it.

Like physically don't be near it. It's much easier to not drink it by not having easy access rather than trying to control yourself constantly with it in your house. Tell everyone you know to also not tempt you by bringing it around you.
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