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Were you bullied in school? Do you feel like it affects your

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Were you bullied in school?

Do you feel like it affects your personality or actions now?

I was bullied lightly in high school and I get easily offended at jokey remarks intended to be harmless. Sometimes I just can't control feeling shitty and wanting to be alone.
yep. it did. but im trying to change. DXM helps in social phobias man, not one to fuck with people but DXM is great. i got prescribed xanax but fuck DXM is more powerful

it'll get better but the memories haunts me
I used to get bullied and made fun of constantly. But they left me alone after I almost killed myself during a school field trip.
Yeah, I was bullied by my peers, and even worse I was bullied at home by my father and siblings.

I was always sensitive and somewhat neurotic, but the bullying absolutely ruined me as a person. Everywhere I go I assume people are laughing at me, I can't trust people and figure people are being nice out of obligation or because they have an ulterior motive to shame me. My own thoughts do all the bullying now. I'm too afraid and beaten down to try anything new so I just sit at home on 4chan and shitpost in order to feel a little better about myself. It's pathetic, but I can't stop. I can't afford therapy or anti-depressants, so I'm pretty much just counting down the days until I kill myself.
Never bullied once, but I'm still a shy,scared, anxious motherfucker

I used to pick on kids in middle school and high school. Sometimes I wonder if they were affected by it but then I realize it was so long ago and we were kids that they should have gotten over it by now. I graduated high school over ten years ago. So I'm talking that long a time for people to get over shit. Kids say and do stupid shit we don't mean. Sucks that people get hurt by it but there's worse things in life. You gotta have thick skin to walk around. It might not be right but it's the world we live. People are dicks sometimes. Sometimes they're just being playful but take it too far.

I recently became acquaintances with this kid I used to fuck with bad throughout school. He became friends with some of my mutual friends recently. He used to be a giant nerd and weirdo, but he's pretty normal now. Hell he's probably more social than I am. We've talked quite a bit.

When the brain is still developing, kids are more impressionable. It's unreasonable to say that the bullied have to get over their experiences because these events get repressed by the brain and are not things that can be switched on and off.
It takes professional help to deal with thse traumas, not a magical switch that doesn't exist.
I was bullied in middle school through high school. I went to the counselor to get help in my junior year, and the dumb bitch told me "You need to stand up for yourself". So I did what she told me.

During chem class, one of the girls who bothered me starting going off on me. So I stood up for myself, grabbed my pen, and began stabbing her all over with it. And then I was the one who got in trouble!

But I told the principal & everyone that I had just been following what the guidance counselor TOLD me to do - stand up for myself. My parents freaked out when I told the truth. I still got the full two weeks suspension, but the counselor never came back. And no one bothered me ever again :)
I got bullied rather harshly in middle & high school and yes it affected me. Unlike the other faggots in here I don't have traumatic flashbacks and shit though, I fought against my bullies and eventually they left me alone, rendering me an independent person who won't take shit from anyone. The two negative things I got from it are social anxiety (fought against that too, basically gone now) and my attempt to always seem as invulnerable as possible.
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I'm so awkard, hand me a fadora because I don't know how to talk to people but really good at complaining.
>It might not be right but it's the world we live. People are dicks sometimes.

Says one of the dicks. You are so delusional it hurts.
I wasn't bullied in a traditional sense. 2 of my friends completely turned on me though, spread rumors that I was gay, put me down constantly, any misstep bad joke anything they tore me apart for it. This happened whilst I lived under 2 alcoholic parents too.

I fell into a deep depression at this time and 6 years later I'm finally just about free from it.

I think it's what caused my horrible anxiety. The people of whom I was supposed to trust the most were the ones attacking me the hardest.
I was/still am. It hurt me as a person. Only recently pushed away those I surrounded myself with. Went through my savings and purchased my family and brother things they needed paid off House/Car/School. Shutting down social media pages, and closing out my resume. Contemplating my exit as we speak, and the only thing I'm worried about is that I'll screw up and it'll hurt or leave me a vegetable.
I was bullied by the same group of girls in elementary school.
Basically led me from being sweet and Christian girl to an atheist who cammed old men starting in middle school.
It took a big impact on my life. How I chose to respond to what happened basically set the path for my life.
I still really hate the main girl who bullied me.
I think you're delusional. You think everyone is nice? Lol what world do you live in? People can be assholes. Get over it you little faggot.

>inb4 you call me a bully
>just being brutally honest about society
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Yes, I was bullied pretty heavily in school.

Looking back on it now, I can understand why it was happening. I was fat, overweight, and had a bit of a complex because i was a really smart kid.

It doesn't change the fact that they were dicks, or that I was a target. But I know that if I met the me then right now, I'd probably stick myself in the face and tell me to get my shit together.

Best thing about it is that it forced me to see myself objectively, the way other people see me from time to time. I still fail at it every once in a while but goddamn is that an invaluable tool to have. It's also humbling in a way, since it forces you to recognize that until you do something worthwhile or develop yourself into being something worthwhile, you aren't anything special. You have to develop yourself into being something great. And nobody is going to help you to the extent that you need help. It hardens you in a way, but makes you appreciate acts of kindness more.

I know another person now in his thirties who was bullied, but not as much as me. He's a SJW/Socialist. He couldn't reconcile the fact that he isn't special or unique when he was a kid, or even all that smart, so he decides to blame all the kids who bullied him rather than looking inside himself and finding out why and fixing that. I find it pretty sad really.

Personality wise it made me really conservative. I also get really aggressive and am willing to fight back when disrespected, but within reason. I don't like to laugh or joke around since it makes me uneasy, and I am more of a loner and view people as massively self-interested rather than good.

I personally prefer it this way.
I don't think absolutely everyone is nice. You literally admitted to picking on people. Your answer to everything is "get over it" as if people need to put up with your bullshit for some reason.

Most well adjusted people don't do that. It might seem like they do from your perspective if you're hanging around people that are like you, but it is a comparatively small percentage of children that deal with bullying, and it's almost entirely non-existent among adults.
I think it changed me a lot. I hit the gym, made myself look better and a lot stronger, started boxing. Used to be introverted but changed that and I can throw insults/banter like crazy. Have great social life and Chad friends.

But I still need some reassurance and need to motivate myself a lot during difficult times. I can't laugh freely. I beat up the guy who bullied me and I'm still somewhere in my heart looking for a chance to run into him. Occasionally I get thoughts about killing him and such.
Was bullied pretty much my entire life by everyone. Whenever I went to ask for help - this includes professionals, teachers, counselors, police - nobody would help me. Nobody would believe me.

As a result, I trust literally no one. Nobody knows the real me. I don't date or have any close friends. I don't even know what it's like to actually have real, trustworthy friends. Even the three people I dated in my entire life completely shattered all of my trust. I also rely on no one. People just let me down. It's nice to be independent but it's also very lonely, and very difficult sometimes. I pretend to be this really kind, caring person who makes everyone happy... deep down I hate myself and want to keep everyone at arm's length. I'm waiting for everyone to betray me, and sadly, most of the time it comes true.

The only thing I can say is the good that's come of this is I've learned to fight back on my own. For a long time I used to care that everyone liked me, now I don't necessarily care. I'm also very independent and will just go do things by myself rather than moping that I'm alone.
Yes, and most likely.

When I was between 5 and 13 years old my family moved around every 2 years. Growing up being the new kid/outside of the circles put me in the situation where I had to be comfortable introducing myself a lot at bare minimum.

Between that and being used to not having many friends, I think it definitely got me off to a good start going into my adult life.
School, home & when I played afl.
Yes. Probably. Maybe?
Lost my faith in God at 5.
Lost my faith in humanity at 12.
I'm a relatively decent human being nowadays, considering.
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Thread images: 4

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