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Okay, I need to know if I need counseling and/or anger management

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Okay, I need to know if I need counseling and/or anger management classes.
I boarded the emotional rollercoaster with a co-worker about three years ago. Several red flags went up immediately that it was doomed. Being the way I am, I have a hard time building up the courage to ask a girl out, even after getting to know them for months and becoming friends first. There was a phase where every day she would say she was done with me, but then an hour later turn full 180 and say she was sorry and that she loved and needed me. This happened nearly every day for a month or more. I never wanted to lose her because she was cute and loved watching/playing video games with me and also enjoyed the use of psychedelics for intimacy and connection. Eventually I got desperate during this phase so I started to stretch the truth about all kinds of things in order to avoid angering her and setting her off into another circling pointless argument that would just wear me down to paste. I had a childhood friend who was female that I hung out with maybe once a month and she contacted me during this phase. I didn’t want to tell my girlfriend about her, because I assumed it would end things, knowing the kinds of insignificant stuff that would set her off (e.g. brought her food to work and there was one wrong thing about it so she threw it in the trash and said she was done). This blew up in my face since she developed a habit of grabbing my phone out of curiosity to see who was talking to me. She never trusted me past that point and many nights she would bring it up and hound me for it. One night she slugged me in the back, then again, and again. I derailed and pushed her out of bed with my foot and then the nightmare began. Another fight broke out a few weeks later where she hit me, I hit her back. We still loved each other but broke up. (1/2)
A month later we found ourselves back together (MISTAKE). She had developed a tendency to text a separate man sexual things when I wasn’t around. Eventually one night after drinking she did it in front of me while we were trying to get to sleep. I took her phone and threw it out of anger. She then said she was going to drive home after drinking half a bottle of vodka earlier. I subdued her to stop her from wrapping herself around a tree, but in the process lost my temper and threw her phone in her face and caused her to bleed. She couldn’t forget that and took 30 pills of anti depressant to try and off herself. I drove her to the emergency room, but as we approached, she began shifting my gears and grabbing at my steering wheel saying she wanted to crash us. She began assaulting me in the car and took off running down the road. I gave her description to four separate police officers in order to get her to the hospital before whatever overdose symptoms would take her. They found her standing on a bridge but managed to talk her down and bring her to the hospital. She told her parents and the authorities everything and asked her if she wanted to press charges on me for abuse. She originally declined. Now, she will, unless I tell my parents the whole story and get help from an institution to prevent it from happening to anyone else.
Is she right? Do I need help? I regretted my actions instantaneously and feel like a monster, but I can’t tell if that’s my own moral decision, or what she implanted into my mind. The whole situation is fucked. It goes without saying that we are no longer together.
What is this? Throwback Thursday? Keep your hippie wisdom to yourself OP
But it's Friday
You need to seek help immediately. Her actions seem to have damaged you on an emotional level. If she attempted to kill you in the car and verbally stated that she wanted to kill you, press charges against her. Attempted murder is pretty fucking serious regardless of the situation.
Also, did she have any mental conditions that you knew about?
She stated that her father had a history of bipolar. I had been taking her to the clinic for a few months before the major catastrophe happened. They just said she had depression and anxiety and started prescribing her anti-depressants that would just make her noticeably worse. It was the third one she was prescribed for that she chugged. This was also conducted from a muskogee nation native american free health clinic. She had been a cutter before I met her, and cut herself in front of me sometimes to spite me. Stated by her.
It seems very clear that she was bipolar or something to that effect.

In that case it would be incredibly hard for her to make any sort of case against you. If it were to go to court, she would need to tell her version of events multiple times to many different people and if she is lying it will be blatantly obvious (story changes, etc.). This is where the truth will come out. You need to be completely honest about what happened between you two. If you are, it seems to me that you could mount a very convincing abuse case against her. That coupled with the attempted murder (that must have been traumatizing for you, and I am sorry) and the physically abusive manner she has apparently taken towards you is clear evidence of her abusive personality.

Im serious, seek help from a psychiatrist. If you have been damaged by her and a psychiatrist can confirm this, any case she makes against you should be ultimately fruitless. It establishes that in fact she was the abuser rather than you.

I cant imagine what you are going through, but it seems that you need to take the steps necessary to protect yourself from her. However you felt about her in the past doesn't matter anymore. Don't let her do this to you.
They took her to a psychiatric institution after the hospital. Apparently there, the psychiatrists only believed it to be a domestic violence case on her, making her do the actions she took. I don't know what story she gave them only that she befriended patients there that said they would kick my ass if they ever saw me.
You need to seek help as well. There is nothing wrong with seeing a psychiatrist and that is where you can get the help you need. They only came to that conclusion because they only heard her story. If you make your side known, hers should begin to unravel if her statements were false. It could also help put everything in perspective for the ones who thought it was domestic abuse. Again, be honest and the truth will come out. Do this for YOU
Thank you whoever you are... Your selflessness should be rewarded.
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