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anons, I feel like burning the world down >working at a popular

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anons, I feel like burning the world down
>working at a popular restaurant/bar for 2.5 years now, head chef
>I pretty much micro-manage the whole place now
>bartender at the place I work at is a legit 10/10
>she has boosted business here by a shit ton in just a few months. the bar is now packed
>manager gets promoted to manage another location in Houston, TX
>I've been trying to subtlety bring up if I was going to get his job, he would dodge the question awkwardly
>we were talking about it as a group on tuesday, the bartender was oddly silent
>we got an email yesterday saying that she's going to be the new fucking manager
SHE'S BEEN WORKING THERE FOR A FEW MONTHS! wtf? I couldn't think straight yesterday! I feel cheated and shat on
it's not even a question at this point. she fucked him. I know, hot girls always get what they want, but I didn't think it was this bad! It's fucking killing me
after a few email drafts that I never sent, I've collected my self and I'm in a better state than yesterday. I know that talking to the now former manager would likely useless since he knows what he did and he'll just dodge me
>what should I do?
should I just quit?
should I try my luck, bend over and take it, talk to the slut and ask for a raise?
should I try to blackmail her with zero evidence since she's engaged?
should I talk to the former manager and try to talk sense into him?
>should I try to blackmail her with zero evidence since she's engaged?
hm, I think the fiance knows and he's okay with it since they're getting paid more
there's no way that he didn't put two and two together when she got promoted to manager after a few months
dont think blackmailing is going to work
Imo you should have brought up who was gonna replace him more clearly to the manager before, was that taboo to discuss?
But Im just speaking in retrospect so it's easy to criticize for me.

anyway it sucks, if I were you I'd just keep my job and eventually ask for a raise.

I feel you, injustice at work can be incredibly infuriating, but remember you still have a stable job, don't act on a whim.
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same exact thing happened at my work, anon
it was so fucking obvious too
just accept it, there's no changing in
>should I try my luck, bend over and take it, talk to the slut and ask for a raise?
this is your best shot
I can understand where you're coming from, but I know not everyone can handle being a head chef. If you're good at your job, why would they promote you to front of house? Do you really want to deal with wiping customers asses all day and sorting out incompetent waiting staff or stay in the back and get shit done.
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should have gave more backstory I guess
before she started working here, he would straight up say that I would get the position if he was moved, which seemed likely half a year ago but it didn't work out
there's another good chef here that can pull off head chef if I train him for a couple weeks
after talking to a good friend, he's convinced me that I should just accept what happened and suck up to the slut

also, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I know when they fucked. they both left work early about 30 min apart with 4 hours until closing. this happened twice in a period of two weeks

its conflicting emotions because I'm mad at him and jealous at the same time. I would kill someone for a night with that girl. sex really is how this world goes round I guess

I'm glad its the weekend so I can compose myself before monday
Dude, you are head chef. Why would they promote you to manager?

Head chef is the highest position you will be able to get at your current job since you signed up to be a chef and not on the floor.

If you aren't satisfied with your current wages ask for a raise, or look for another job.
try not to be so misogynistic
this literally happens every day
hot girls REALLY do get whatever they want
you learned a valuable lesson today, anon

He said that to have you keep giving 100% (which I know you do because all chefs (I used to work in the kitchen too) do, but I know managers manage front of house and head chefs manage the kitchen.. and everyone is full of shit. Everyone.

He'd have been better off saying nothing at all. You let him have power over you. You remember what he said a year and a half ago. He's probably forgotten about what he said because you're right where he wants you. You were probably starry eyed, happy that someone noticed your hard work and determination and the carrot on the stick mentality of a supposed promotion keeps you going, now it's not there you want to quit... a sure sign you don't enjoy the industry anymore? I don't know.

A head chef job is quite respectable where I'm from. You should keep doing you more often and fuck what people have to say because they will only lead you on. Seriously mate. You're in a respectful spot and when that bitch comes to the pass (and probably asking YOU for advice on how to run shit when it will inevitably go tits up) you bet your ass you're going to handle her like the Head should when front of house fucking starst their bullshit.

I hope the old manager taught her well because it could well be the sinking of the resturant. She might have looks but looks get you so far.
He still has power over you because you're so pissed off right now.
fuck off
Yeah I guess you're right
and she's a high school grad that was a bartender at fucking Twin Peaks before here. that's her entire resume
I mean, she's a sweet girl that saw an easy opportunity and took it and I dont blame her. I had no beef with her before this and if anything, she was the easiest girl to talk too out of all the waitresses.

I'm slowly coming to my sense as the day goes by. maybe she might be cool with a raise and I'm sure she's nervous and will ask for my help

I just fucking hate my former manager so much. we were friends and he could have at least been a little more upfront with me.
>was a bartender at fucking Twin Peaks
holy shit, I has friends who worked there and hottest girl was always the bartender, no matter their skill set
they were always top-tier girls too
I'm feeling less sympathy for your manager now

A lesson learned, my friend. I hope you learn from this. I learned too... 30 stitches to the face is a lesson learned. I know it sounds weird when I say this from only reading text but you seem like a decent guy, a bit like myself. You need to be more weary and focus on you (I'm just learning this too). You see how you are saying she is a sweet girl and you don't blame her and all the rest of it? You need to stop that. I do it all the time too, it's not good. You get nothing for nothing in this world... they're always looking for something and loyalty is hard to come by. Just my two cents, but I hope you forget about your piece of shit manager. Learn from this and don't trust anyone so easily again. Or make them think you're not treble wide to the situation and just nod and agree and more on. Try and just do you mate.
>a legit 10/10
>I would kill someone for a night with that girl
>was a bartender at fucking Twin Peaks before
fuck, pics please
just wait for the bitch to fuck things up, everyone will wonder how she was promoted to manager and she will get fired. Like a previous anon said, you´re in a respectable position and head chef is probably more important than a manager
yeah, my trust for people went down a shit tone after this. I'm still young and learning, man
I actually was going to post pics when I started this thread but I can't find any of her social networking stuff anywhere. she might not be too into that since she seems to be a stoner that keeps her friends few in numbers. idk
but yeah, long blonde hair, super fair skin, perfect boobs/ass, great figure, pretty face
that girl is hard to be around honestly

I am 26, what age are you?

Also, she could well be a legit hustler.
I'll be 25 in a few weeks and she just turned 22
>Also, she could well be a legit hustler.
nah, don't think so. but she's definitely the type to take advantage of her looks to get what she wants. she has a dealer as well but she didn't know the usual price of an ounce a few weeks back, so yeah
>I'm sure she's nervous and will ask for my help
forget it, girls are mean and reckless. you are a possible threat and she'll try to make you leave asap. she won't care about the business, she will care about herself. espially now that she knows how fast she can get into a management position.

demand a raise from her and leave for a better position at an other place in about 6 months.
Its Simple.....We kill the Batman...
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 4

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