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I can't think of a single reason not to kill myself. I have

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I can't think of a single reason not to kill myself. I have no family left, no real life friends, I can't get a girlfriend, I have a small penis, I'm fat, and I'm not good at anything. Why should I continue to suffer /adv/?
Because 4 of those things you can fucking fix.
No real freinds you got the internet
Small Penis (Viagra)
No familyYou're free no worries basically
No GF start socializing
See it's not all bad
Dubs don't lie

You can literally fix everything on your list just by applying effort. I know it sounds incredibly simple and I don't know anything about your life, but it's the truth.

By the way, a lot of fat guys who complain about having small penises often find that once they lose the fat their penises often look larger. In some odd cases they actually grow in size.

>Go to the gym
>Get fit
>Meet qt3.14
>Have kids
>Pick up some sort of hobby, go to school, pick up some trade, do something
>small penis
Lmao, you're just fat dude. Your penis is probably normal sized.
Cajun is right you can fix 4 of them
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>be me
>be unhealthy little shit for like 75% of life
>be mad at life due to unstable family
>soda and junk food all day whilst playing Xbox
>never had much issue making friends but could never attract any girls
>turn 15
>go to hospital for checkup
>get height measured (approx 5'7")
>get weighed (204 fucking pounds)
>reality hits hard
>turn 16 and decide to completely turn my life around
>stopped drinking soda completely
>cut tons of garbage out of diet
>start jogging every day after school
>lose 60+ pounds within first year
>ask dad for workout equipment for christmas
>dad fulfills
>start working regularly
>gain muscle (enough to look good)
>people notice and build my self esteem
>turn 18
>playing LoL (big fuckin nerd)
>meet girl playing LoL
>become better friends over a few months
>convince each other to turn web cams on (both shy af)
>find out she's quite the qt3.14
>she asks for phone number
>start texting on the reg.
>one day she randomly says she likes me
>I like her too
>form relationship
>fall in love (Long distance but meh)
>making tons of plans to meet in person
>primarily joining USAF (was joining anyway)
>USAF has tons on benefits especially in the traveling area (to meet gf)

I currently weigh 152 pounds hovering right under 6' tall.

Life's a shitty rollercoaster, OP. It's full of challenges but you can get through them. A great deal has happened in my life; but in my current state, I couldn't be happier with how it's turning out.
I'm only 18 now, but I'm excited to see what I can do with my future. You can handle whatever you're going through, OP. I know you can. I can only hope that my story helps you see it.

>pic related. Ignore my baby face. Also I have a buzzcut now.
yeah so basically your only problem is that you're fucking lazy.
you already slept for 13 billion years before you were born, give it a few more years before you lie down to do it again
Nobody's going to live your life for you, buddy. All of these problems are manageable. You've got plenty of opportunities for improving yourself. Think about 80% of the world who lives in poverty and whose entire life is a giant shit cycle. You can get out of that, just by wanting it. But you gotta want it. Right now it seems like you want to drown in self-misery more than you want to actually effect changes.
I've been thinking of an heroing this coming year too. I'm 25, did 5 years in the Army and the past 2 years just doing Armed Security. Don't really feel like I have anything worth living for and feel pretty worthless now. I don't really see a point to anything. So thinking about shooting myself. Sucks doesn't it?
You're so young man. If you're unhappy you need to find what makes you feel better. Get a new start somewhere, find a passion, let yourself fall in love and have hope for a future. Think about all the sweet shit you'll miss that's coming up in just a few years? Technology, entertainment, world events. Let yourself be a part of it. Go on a walk and just enjoy the look of things, think about how miraculous even the tiniest things are like plants and rocks and someone's smile. Go to the pound and pick up an animal, being responsible for something else's life helps ground you to this world too. Plus it's therapeutic.

It's just society depresses me as a whole. Everything about it. And for myself, I don't see much prospect for me career wise, sure I'm making really good money right now. But I don't feel satisfied. I feel overall worthless. I've never enjoyed life in general. I used to want to an hero as a kid, but literally the only reason I didn't is because I wanted to join the Army so bad. But now that I'm out. I feel like nothing. And going back into the military isn't a option because my motivation to serve has been destroyed by politics. So what do I really have?
You have lots. Your options are practically limitless, it all depends on you. You can go wherever you want. You can study something new at any time, save up a little money for tuition and start fresh. I know it's hard and the world is shit, but you can find a corner of it that makes you happy.

I just don't feel like I do. I don't have many skills. And I just dropped out of my 1st semester of college. I'm not college material. There honestly isn't anything that interests me, or at least anything that's realistically within reach.

Really what it comes down to, is I don't see a point in living. I don't want kids or marriage which is the biological reason for living. And there isn't many things that interest me that would justify living. So I just can't find really any reasons why I shouldn't make 2016 be my last year.
Skills just take time. What interests do you have even if you find them to be unobtainable?

I like fighter jets. I can sit all day on YouTube and watch videos of fighter jets. And in Afghanistan when we'd be on patrols and see them flying around I'd chub instantly. Dream job would be to fly fighter jets. But that's not possible
What makes it impossible?

You have to already be accepted into a Flight Program by 26 years old. And you have to be a Officer which requires a 4 year degree. It doesn't even matter on age though, even if I was only 22 I still am not smart enough for anything like that.
What about fighter jets interests you? There are other ways to get in the air if you wanted to be a pilot. Commercial flight, stunt shows, etc. Even if you can't make it a career have you ever taken flying lessons just for the heck of it? Don't sell yourself short or talk down about yourself. You are your worst enemy.

Everything about fighter jets is just cool. Like even this video makes me chub. Especially at 3:30.


But commercial and stuff won't happen. 1. Because I truly and not smart enough. I don't have the academic skill set for it. And 2. I don't have a interest in being a commercial pilot. It's not the same.
Education is memorization. You have the ability. I understand that commercial flight's not the same though. Still I think you should at least take some flying lessons and get some perspective before ending things completely. What do you have to lose by getting to experience it even if it's not the exact thing you want?

Academics is something I've never been successful with. I barely passed high school. I think the only reason I graduated is because they pushed me through. On top of that I have ADD which makes it even worse.

Commercial aviation isn't a option is because it requires a degree and a fuck ton of money to get jobs with the Legacy Airlines. I've done a lot of research and it's not for me. I also have 23 hours of flight time in small airplanes. But it's not the same even still.

It's ok though. I've already come to terms with the fact I'll never get to do the 1 thing I want. I accept that. the only reason I haven't already shot myself is because people have tried to guilt trip me into the "if you end your miserable life then it's being selfish and unfair to your friends". Which I think is fucking stupid. But it works
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I am the same way about fighter planes actually. This is like a mirror.

Here are three things I'd suggest.
1: Download and play the Free To Play game WarThunder. It's a MMO simulator for vintage aircraft and tanks. (Has simulator, realistic and unrealistic mode)

2: Learn more about fighter planes and see if you could even consider going back to school at a community college or something for this. Even to just build them or understand them more. (You have the GI bill, right?)

3: I'm actually writing a novel about this.
I'm not totally opposed to letting someone who sees things the same way I do- and a vet no less- read it if it would interest them.

Don't be a fucking waste. If you're really suicidal, fly over to Syria and kill some ISIS fucks on your way out the door.

PS: Reforming fatty here. You will find some of that dick when you start shedding pounds.

>war thunder

Pleb tier...

Get on my level with DCS World! lol


But no, college isn't going to happen again. If anything college made my depression even worse.

I do appreciate you trying to help me. But I really don't have shit to live for
>War Thunder
Pick one
Well I suggested the free to play version. I have a new PC coming so I hope to play DCS, I wasn't going to waste the money for a plane in DCS with a $210 refurbished Dell Laptop with AMD graphics lower than the lowest Intel graphics.

Nobody has shit to live for dude. I don't.
But I'm here because my presence might do something and maybe I can learn the reasons for why we're stuck here in our own spiral of doom.

If you can't find a reason, I can't help you. You can spend the last of your money to move away and 'lose contact' with all your friends, and off yourself then.

Just give me your DCS account please if you do
Did I reccomend World Of Healthbar? No I did not. Please stop insinuating that I did.
>WarThunder. It's a MMO simulator
With pleasure.
Bye assholes

Yeah. I just don't understand the purpose of being miserable for another 50+ years. When I could just end it now.

I don't believe life is about enjoyment. I always thought it was about purpose. But I don't have any purpose anymore. I felt I had a sense of purpose in the military. But not anymore. So why live?
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Kek there is no reason to live nigga. Just live because why the hell not. If it's convenient, DO IT (kill self) otherwise it's too much to do and plan.

That's how I make most of my decisions.
This dude's got it right. Deciding to make things better is the first step. Life a gigantic rollercoaster, but ending things early is stopping things from ever getting better. We're here for you bro. More of us have felt the way you have than many think, but ask them after the fact and I guarantee you that they never regret keeping on. Don't get tunnel vision dude. Imagine talking to yourself 5 years from now, the things he'll have learned, people he'll have met, imagine the best person you can be 5 years from now, then go out and start making yourself into that person, and you WILL thank yourself.
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Thread images: 4

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