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Sup /adv/,so, tell me, what did you dream about last night?
Had a panic attack before I could get any sleep. Didn't dream because I just passed out after several days of inadequate sleep/eating. My last dream I can remember was about my boyfriend who left me and his gecko. His gecko suddenly exploded with babies and his tiny tank had like 20 geckos in it. That's all I remember.
Dreamt about a girl who rejected me 6 months ago

>in a resort with friends
>zombie outbreak, first we gather just the stuff we need need then take a safer space
>lose a few people I don't remember
>finally escape the zombies who don't look really scary at all, and barely resemble zombies
>get into a huge mansion where the right side is forbidden, the person that greets us is a girl I briefly dated but she cut contact suddenly
>in the dream she doesn't like anywhere like herself
>ask her if she ever cared about me, get an answer that she does a little but is busy with projects
>immediately wake up and light a cigarette
I've been having dreams about zombies from time to time, not always bad, but this is the first time she got into my dreams, I guess the lack of closure keeps things from moving on
I got lost and bats killed me

Not kidding
One of my dreams was that my boyfriend was invisible and I could keep him in my house and constantly do lewd things with him with no one knowing, like jacking him off at the dinner table.
I didn't really.
It was some deep psychological bullshit about current situations in my life.
I've been dreaming about people I left behind mostly my ex girlfriends. Oh god I'm so lonely..
Exalted orbs were raining from the sky in the shape of pencil lead. I was in a classroom setting except the floor was grass and there was no roof. I managed to collect about 20 of them before I woke up. I don't remember much more but I woke with the strange feeling that I could have collected more if I tried harder.
>In town late at night
>Jogging down the road
>Hears growing from a Bush
>Stops in terror
>Kitten crawls out
>Kitten jumps at my hand
>hits my hand and blows it up
>Wakes up screaming in pain

All of my dreams lately have had some reassurances of my hands being destroyed in some manner
Dreamt I was driving towards my in laws. I spot a big wooden scaffolding with a trampoline on it next to the road. There are 5 ponies on the trampoline jumping on their rear legs. Only thing I can think about: "I sure hope they don't fall down and break their legs... cause then we have to shoot them..."
I dreamt that I was with the guy I like from work at some kind of weird surreal water park type dealio. There was a huge inflated thing in the middle of all this water. And we kept talking to each other, I don't remember much about what, but I remember feeling so happy. I have never felt that happy before.
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I always have nightmares about drowning, and I always wake up with new scratches or bruises on my hands and face. I miss sharing the bed with someone.
That sounds good. Even my sex dreams suck. It's always rape for the sake of crushing me.
That i was being chased through a research facility by a humaniod alien. A lot of people died in that dream.
>At some kind of mansion of someone else or something like that
>"Oh shit I need to go take a piss"
>Bathroom has a big window to the outside
>Sudenly lights go out
>A small battery light attached to the toilet turns on
>"Thats cool"
>Wake up
It feels like some kind of revelation or vision.
Only the head of The Groke was coming trough the floor and it was pulling my bedsheets and trying to pull me out of the bed to his mouth and eat me

I was on a ridiculously high mountain top that was right outside my house for some reason, and went apeshit about the height as Im scared of heights, and all my friends who were there got mad

I bought Fallout 4 at gamestop(why there steam is invented) and as I got home russia launched nukes and I melted like those guys in the raiders of the lost ark

My ex was having sex with her new bf in the summer house we used to visit and I was outside the window looking at them

I was in an old house and locked in there with the girl from The Grudge running all over the place shitting bricks

I was holding hands with my ex and asked "Wait, I thought we broke up?" and she replied "No we didnt, what are you talking about, I love you, I wouldnt break up with you" and proceeds to kiss, and the dream goes blur and I wake up crying my eyes out

>Yes, Im prone to nightmares, isnt it fun, especially those psychological ones
>No, Im not a kiddo, Im 25
>Please help
I took some weird pill form of Mary-j and needed up not going to class because my boyfriend was fondling me.
Bad dream, our last fight was about Mary-j and I keep doubting my relationship.
I had a dream I was in a sexual relationship with my sixth grade teacher, and we lived in a gorgeous house on the beach.
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Absolutely nothing. Girlfriend and I got up at 4:30 too buy a cheap ass wii u. So i guess now I'm living the dream.
I played with guns and shot some ayyliums who showed up at the door for some reason. P cool, would recommend
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