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Have a date with an older girl

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Yesterday there was a free projection of a film in my university. There were just a bunch of old men that always come for the free screenings and a younger girl. I started talking with her before they opened the projection room and she was very interesting. When I went for a seat she followed me to sit together, no the other way around.

I'm 20 in my sophomore year, but she seems older (25-29? no idea, didn't want to specify) and is from another part of my country. Dropped out of college but has a job in here and has travelled 10 times more than me. She says she just goes to every screening she has because she likes to "grab culture from everywhere possible" or whatever, so she seems to have a whole bohemian aura around her.

After finishing the movie we walked together for a while since we live in the generally same direction, just chitchatting already got a few inside jokes going on, and in the end I asked her number. When I arrived home I asked her in text if she wanted to grab dinner this weekend and she said yes.

I'm very nervous because it's obvious we're in very different wavelenghts (I'm still very young in the middle of my major, living with my parents, and she's already working and living very far away from home with a lot of life experience from travelling) and I've only ever dated either girls my same age or a bit younger/in lower education levels.

How do I approach this? What should I think of her accepting the date? When should I try to go for a move (aka kissing) when going out with an older girl, should I just expect her to take the lead if she wants anything? I'm clueless and stuck in the mindset that she's WAAAAY out of my league.
Dude. She already yes. Relax. Be awesome.
> coming from a girl dating a younger guy
I have problems with those instructions. Even if she said yes I already feel like it's some lost battle. Why would a working girl go out with some youngster?

Also what about trying something physically, kiss and so on, should I already go for it on the first date or what. I don't know what kind of expectations are there at those years.

Some friend told me that she'd like that I was bold asking her out with no bullshit texting before and that she might want me as a young fucktoy, but no idea.
Relax. You are two people with common tastes and you got along chatting. It's probably hard for both of you to find many people who like old movies and whatever else you have in common, so there's a strong basis for a good friendship even if nothing more. And that answers the question of why she's interested in you.

Enjoy the dinner. Don't worry about whether or when you're supposed to make a move. She'll signal you.
I'm worried about being too mild. The last girl I dated, I made a kissed her on the 2nd date and she told me she thought I didn't want anything else because I was too mild on the 1st one and didn't flirt enough/didn't try to kiss her there already, like it felt too buddy-buddy hanging out. (I met that girl in a very similar way to this one)

That being said that one has never dated and was shy as fuck. Hopefully this one will be more clear with signals. Thanks for the advice.

Dont fall into that thinking some girls dont like it if things go too fast.
It's almost like every person is different, with their own lives and varying experiences :^)
Sounds like you two are on the same wave length, you wouldn't of met had this not been the case.

Stop comparing her to you. Life has clearly dealt her a different hand to yours. You may consider her more matured in areas of life you strive towards, though she could be a victim of circumstance only.

Enjoy the meal, relax, be yourself and take pleasure in learning about this girl. In the many millions of things that make us individuals there will be something in you that she admires or envies in the same way you look up to her maturity.

Have fun, age is but a number.
Im 21 and the girl im dating is 24, not as big a difference but she has a job and I still study full time, and will for quite a while for my masters and whatnot, so the age gap shines sometimes. Its fine, if she said yes despite the gap you came off interesting even to someone more experienced, keep doing what you're doing and you should be fine. Godspeed anon
Thanks anons, I really needed to read that she actually is interested in me. I was expecting a rejection so I was very baffled that she said yes.

Will just try to be genuine and hopefully we "click" together.
Hey anon! Don't worry, really. I'm 28 and i met an awesome guy a few weeks ago. He's 22 and i have to admit that at first it bothered me. because it's so uncommon and all my previous partners have been older. However, in the end i just really like him. He's an awesome guy and it doesn't matter how old he is. We clicked and i decided to leave my worries behind and just go with the flow. I'm pretty sure that girl genuinely likes you.
This looks like exactly I wanna read, so don't really trust this post, but thanks. We only know eachother for 4 hours, and 2 of those were in silent watching a movie, but I guess there's some mutual interest
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 1

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