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>What's the best thing to say to someone you haven't

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>What's the best thing to say to someone you haven't spoken to several weeks since an argument?
I want to make things right. My friend (pic related) and I had am awful argument two months ago, and we haven't talked or seen each other since then. The basis of the argument was communication, our past, and a failing relationship.
Say hello.

>failed relationship

I really hope you're not the one who got dumped trying to make it work. That said you shouldn't be friends with your ex, you're learning it the hard way.
No, I'm not attempting to establish a friendship or relationship. I only want to make things right between us and leave in peace. We left in such bad terms, and I don't want to leave it in bad terms.

Well there's two scenarios


You fucked it up.
You do nothing

The person fucked it up
Don't give them the satisfaction of letting them think things are ok between you two. Shitty people deserve consequences for being shitty.
What if we both fucked up?
It is what did happen, after all.

It's very rare that you both "fucked up" in the same degree. I'm not sure why you're being so vague OP but lets throw an example out there.

Two people are in a failing relationship and person A wants out. Person B wants to fix it. They've both made mistakes, now person A should just break it off and person B can get over it. Instead they decide to cheat on person B.

See, in that case person A fucked up despite both of them making mistakes that contributed to the end of the relationship. Typically relationships that end on "really bad terms" has some kind of situation like above playing out. Where someone goes ahead and does whatever they feel like instead of ending the current relationship they have with the person before it turns into an even worse mess.

Why don't you just give us a summary of yalls fuck-ups
We had a great friendship.
I always wanted something greater for us, but she didn't. I tried to get closer, but she'd push or take a step back. Soon enough, we began to have arguments about it. Soon, I realized nothing greater would work out, so we just carried on how we did before. At this point, the fuck ups I made are getting too close and making her uncomfortable with our friendship. Later, she we stopped talking and hanging out as often, and whenever I'd ask why or if we could do something, she'd ignore it. She was trying to hide/get out of my life. I'd say that's her fuck up.
After some time, we had the fight I stated in my op. She said I was getting too close and she wanted for it to stop, but she also wanted to get to how things were before. I told her I tried, but she kept pushing and hiding every time I tried to hang out or talk. I wanted a better friendship, she didn't, then she wanted to be better friends, but she was pushing away every time I tried. I don't understand why.
When we had the argument, we both said we can't be friends anymore because we cannot work out anymore due to her indecisiveness and my attachment.
If she wanted you out of her life, and doing things to support this, then she didn't fuck up. She did exactly what she needed to do.

It's a fuckup in your eyes, because it doesn't confirm what YOU want. You are the only one fucking up, because you expressed neediness in an attempt to get what you wanted, and the reason why you didn't get it in the first place was because you expressed neediness back then as well. The only way to even remotely raising your chances is to reach out to her by acting as if nothing is wrong, you don't need anything from her, you put everything that happened behind you, and talk to her as if everything is fine. Tell her about something current relevant to her interests, and talk as if you're catching up with a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Don't mention how'
s and whys things went wrong. Just adjust your behaviour, so it isn't fucking things up anymore. You don't fix a problem by focusing on the problem.
I'm not trying to reach out and talk about something new, I only want to patch things up in the past and move on.
If you want to leave in peace just apologize for your behavior and forgive her. Walk away, move on, don't get stuck in the friendzone
p...pls respond
She didn't fuck up, you did. She made the decision to keep you out of her life, so you have to respect that. She doesn't care about you "patching things up"

Basically this
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