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Legal Advice for Traffic Violation

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Hey guys, if I'm doing something wrong with posting this I apologize in advance.

I just now got a summons from a police officer and have to appear in court due to traffic violations. There are three in total: "Careless driving", "Failure to stop at a red light", and "Failure to yield to a police vehicle". I live in New Jersey.

Basically what happened was I'm on a near-empty street at night that has two traffic lights within 20 meters of each other. The first traffic light was red, and the second one was green. I immediately saw the car in front of me driving ahead, so in my head I just assume that it's an ok to keep going forward, despite that car moving ahead only because the second traffic light was green. Obviously a policewoman sees me and turns on the lights. I pull to the side, but my mind is losing it's shit because I've never been pulled over before. I was, at the time in a single-lane street, and for some reason I thought that this would be inconvenient for everyone, so I pulled another left into the side of a parking lot that could not have been more than a few meters away from where I was at first. The officer comes up to me an immediately starts grilling me on why I didn't stop immediately, but being the autist that I was all I could muster was "I'm sorry" and "I thought this would be easier for you", then she gives me the three summons.

I'm not going to try and deny any wrongdoing with running the red light, because that was just full retard of me, but is there any way I can deal with the other two charges? I just looked it up and the total amount of points I'd get on my license for these charges is 6, and I really can't afford to have my license suspended for 6 months. Any advice would be great, I'm just completely drained right now and I don't know what to do.
Go to court, tell the judge you pulled over because you thought it would be safer. Safety is a reason to not yield to a police cruiser IMMEDIATELY. Your cop was just some fucking ass wipe. Careless driving? What? Did you hit something lol?

Yeah go argue that shit.
The careless driving might have been for the cop, since she had to stop where she was since I ran the light. The ticket said "to person" but I would have never hit a pedestrian if they walked past. I might not be able to argue that.

Thanks a lot for replying, I'm just so drained from all of this right now and I appreciate any advice I could get.
Shoot for a deferral, if you can keep your nose clean for 90 days they will drop the tickets.
A deferral? I'm looking it up now and I'm not seeing a whole lot about it, but my google-fu might not be up to snuff. Mind explaining how it works?
A deferral is another name for a deferred sentence, but the way it works is the judge grants you one, and provided you don't get any more tickets in the next 90 days, they drop your citations. This is speaking from the perspective of new mexico, so ymmv, do your homework.
Yeah in defense of the not stopping immediately part, say that you believed it would be safer to stop in the parking lot.
If you're not black then you're fine.
The law probably actually says something like "must pull over when ordered as soon as is safely possible" or "at the first safe place"

The police actually recommend that if something you're not sure is a cop car tries to stop you that you keep going to the next well-lit and active parking lot.
As someone trained in law enforcement, first, use the safety issue in court. It was safer for both yourself and the officer that you pull over outside of a traveled lane and into a lit area. While you can explain the mixed signals between the two lights, thats ones pretty black and white as you mentioned, id go ahead and admit guilt there as an error (say that like that so it goes on record) and request a deferral for that one. The third, im not sure why that ticket, but if they try to say its for running the light, thats just wrong and request that one to be dismissed. Fyi, your first stop is most likely not the court room, but rather with a lawyer for the prosecutors office. This will be the point that the deals can be requested. Trust me, after, you will see you have made more of a deal than it actually is, but thats okay. Im an aspie too so i feel ya. When you first start talking to the lawyer at the court, tell him "im sorry if i hesitate while i talk, i do have aspergers and to keep from stuttering, i have to speak slowly" that lets him/her know right away that you are not being sefensive or lying, but that you have a speech problem. That will change his mood a tad and give you a little leeway to hiccup in you speech. Trust me, as many liars as they deal with, you will want to mention this.
Would I really be stopping at a lawyer's office first? I'm reading the tickets and all they say is that it's a non-payable offense and that I have to appear on a court date, but I never thought that these were to such a degree that I would need a lawyer to represent me. I'm unfamiliar with the law as well so I'm doing as much research as I can on the matter.

I'd rather not lie and say I have Asperger's or something since I was never diagnosed with such an illness before, but I was going to say something along the lines of "I get nervous really easily so I apologize if my responses take a bit to articulate".
When you get to court, most of the time, you dont go to a court room, but talk to the prosecutors lawyer. The judge usually just signs what they recommend, which is based off of your talk with lawyer, but be prepared either way. You dont need to be diagnosed with aspie to state you are, as long as you have a reasonable belief, they wont say anything. I have never been officially diagnosed, but paych has told me theres about a 90% chance i do without taking any tests. It goes to shift the suspision if you hesitate when talking to find the right word or have to think about what they are saying. They are trained to spot that hesitation and link it to a lie unless you state up front that you have aspie which leads to difficulty with speaking/understanding. Some will let you read a statement in court, others might not - if you want to prepare one to help you keep thoughts in order. I would request a deferrence at all costs though. I had to have that for speeding, not that big a deal in hindsight, but caused a lot of anxiety before hand. Jus apologize for not knowing all the steps and dont be afraid to ask questions... that shows you havent been there before. We like to act confident, but this isnt the time. Itll go a long way if you ask for small help with things like where to go, who to talk to. Just do NOT ask how long it will take, they will see this as meaning you dont care and ita not important to you and can move you to bottom of list. Just be inquisitive, be honest and open, and be polite. They arent used to that and it goes a very very long way. And dont be surprised if they come off as not caring and disinterested. Its their job and they do it hundreds of timea a day... how excited are you at your work? This is theirs.
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