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I'm currently training in the martial arts and I feel in

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I'm currently training in the martial arts and I feel in a poisonous environment that's full of ridicule. I was called a faggot (i honestly have no idea why, it came out of nowhere) by one of the instructors and I feel very offended and singled out. I like it there, I like the people I train with. It's a more laid back environment where there's shit talking and cussing. This isn't the first time something happened to me like this before, one of them made a comment about how I stunk in one class and it bothered me because it was only one time and my cheap ass deodorant wore off.. Should I keep giving them my money? I am learning something but really hurt and pissed off that someone made such an unprovoked comment like that towards me.
I would talk to the head sensei guy about it.

In all seriousness, I played team sports as a kid and bantz is a big part of said culture. Just learn to have some fun with it man, dont get so offended.
Fuck no, no gym should ever talk to their students that way. Get the fuck out.

┬╗Assuming it's not a high school team in which case everyone talks to everyone that way┬╗.
First of all, buy better fucking deodorant. Do you know how fucking annoying it is to have to be next to a sweaty dude who stinks like asshole? It's horrible. Don't do that to your fellow man if you can help it. But I get it, one time is one time. No worries.

That being said, your "instructors" sound like dog shit. You sound nice and non-aggressive, so I would recommend:
>finding another gym
Really just leave. Vote with your feet and money.

Me? I would have looked at that assbag in the eye and said, "What the fuck did you just say to me bitch?" Then he would have gotten all hyped up and aggressive and shit and i would have:
>Laughed in his face
>and told him you're a pussy of a man if you think insulting your students is an effective teaching method.
And then I would have walked the fuck out. Little bitch boy would have come calling after me no doubt all red faced and emo.

I fucking HATE this "bro shit" where men think it's cool to touch each other like fags (don't fucking touch me) and call each other names. Fuck that noise because the little pussies shit themselves if you call them names back.
I recognize those meme arrows. Are you french?
I am a karate teacher. calling you a faggot is too much, however I will imply someone is gay for results.
>new guy is told to hit someone
>just taps him gently because hes afraid to hit someone for real
>common hurdle people have to overcome
>do you want to kiss him too? no? then hit him
>he must want to take you on a date because hes afraid to hit you
teaching young people to act out violently at the suggestion that they might be gay. smart.

what kind of shit place do you work at. the martial arts are not about anger.
I took martial arts for a total of 10 years, trained in boxing for about 2 years. Got whacked by bamboo sticks, got walked on while doing crunches, never once called a name. True martial arts is about having a positive flow, being respectful and so on. I'm no homo fan, however, being called a faggot in karate class is pretty demeaning.

It's uncommon for a truly trained karate guy to accept his class acting like pirates. After all, it's about discipline and focus.
my partner is a world champion that still fights professionally. There is nothing shit about the program we run.

anger is good, its part of who you are. You need to accept it, embrace it, and focus it.
don't try to disregard it. you can sit quietly and try to calm yourself while the other person runs a train on you, or you can draw on the strength it gives you and impose it on your enemy.
Then how do you get the same results out of someone who's actually gay?

>>do you want to kiss him too?
>'Wouldn't mind, sir'

Because using only that as a way to inspire anger is really fucking weak, buddy. And it teaches kids all the wrong values.

Unless the other guy is one ugly and fat asshole, of course.
the only thing I can think of doing was awkwardly laughing when it looked like someone was dry humping the ground (some weird thing with a kettle bell) that might have seemed gay. It still wasn't appropriate to say either way and it bothers me how openly it was said.
>I am a karate teacher

top kek

You're a thug trainer.
people don't become thugs when they regularly get knocked down a few pegs. I'm not about to sit there and stroke someone ego so they feel good about themselves. that kind of self awareness is something you can only have.
>I'm a tough guy
I honestly detest physical violence for the sake of violence, but I wouldn't mind beating the shit out of someone who wronged me. judging by this reasoning, do you understand why someone wouldn't want to kick another person just because?
also, I wouldn't want to have my big nose broken over nothing...
I am a tough guy actually, but hardness comes from practice and conditioning. I barely even feel getting hit anymore, no pain, just the pressure of the impact.

If you really want to learn how to fight I will teach you, but if you aren't going to go balls deep there is nothing I can show you.

>Generic macho martial arts movie talk about how you have to give it your 200% in order to succeed

Do you actually believe this yourself? I'm not a martial arts guy myself, but I did swim competitively at a high level for years, and the coaches that really pushed us to the limit were the nice coaches, the ones that tapped you on the shoulder to tell you they believe in you. THAT'S the best way to motivate people: give them confidence. Don't take away their confidence, they'll just feel forced and overcompensate etc
false bravado and pep talks might be fine in a lot of sports but not in combat. you don't safely get your limits pushed in a fight, either you acknowledge your shortcomings and adapt or you pull a ronda rousey and get your shit kicked because you tried to beat someone at their own game instead of using yours.

your greatest opponent is yourself, I can't believe in you for you. you need to have confidence in yourself, and if you truly have confidence in yourself it doesn't matter what anyone says to try and break you down.

You cannot compare swimming with martial arts.

Swimming is about pushing yourself and overcoming limits to your speed and technique.
Martial arts is about the same, while at the same time a guy is trying to kick you in the face. Martials arts are violent, and require some kind of violence in the training as well as some tough talk and conditioning to ready the body. Thai boxers kick against each others' shins to strenghten the bones for low kicks, Teakwondo practitioners kick their feet against the floor to strengthen them for all the kicks they perform, Karate practitioners will do many many many many knuckle pushups before they become black belt regardless of whether they are in a competitive dojo or not.


This man obviously knows what he is talking about.

Also, to OP, put on your damn deodorant and stop taking things so near to your heart when you are in a club that is trying to teach to to kick and punch people in the face. If you want something motherly and non-aggressive I suggest ANYTHING other than martial arts and the various -ball sports that are also infused with testosterone
I use my deodorant. It was only once that I stunk.
> Martials arts are violent, and require some kind of violence in the training as well as some tough talk and conditioning to ready the body
yeah, but calling someone a faggot is out of line and very unprofessional.

You have no idea how much the word faggot is thrown around in the locker rooms and on the playing field. In SOCCER. Let alone in martial arts.

Grow some tough skin, if you like it there, don't take it to heart that a single trainer calls you bad names. It sounds wierd to me that it came out of the blue, normally you don't cuss at people unless they fuck up or behave girly.
Are you behaving girly?

To clarify, my defition of behaving girly

> Whining about excersizes
> Whining about discomfort
> Using mirrors to check out hair
> Coming with excuses when corrected instead of saying "yes sensei/sir/brodude"

Dude just do Aikido or Tai Chi. These are very alternative-lifestyle friendly. You can meet members of great cultures and share tea with them. It will be almost like having friends.
>kind of since my hairs grown out and I style it so it doesn't look stupid..So yeah, I fix my hair..hahaha.
>I've done it before, but stopped.

> ..hahaha

Seriously, stop doing that, you are not in a weightlifting gym where everyone is a narcissistic piece of post-modern trash

> but stopped

Was this before or after you were called a fagoot?

Also, to give us /adv/isors some more background:
Type of martial art
Your age
Your body-type (thin, medium, lard)
The guy that hazzled you
there are lots of closet homosexuals in soccer, though

Same in martial arts I think, they should follow the 5-10% of general homosexuality like the rest of the public, statistically. Doesn't change the hard tone of language though.

I'm captchaing trees and cacti a lot, fuck goodle for making me miss green in this grey fucking rainy cold weather
you people keep creeping that number higher and higher

even the most optimistic estimations put it at 3>% and that is including bisexial people in there too

You totally miss my point, which is that in every sport you will have homosexuals, who are mostly closeted (except for in dance, those fuckers have been out and proud since the 60's)

And if you count everyone who isn't at the end of the Kinsey scale, then I think 5-10% is not wrong, it might even be 15-20% if you count everyone that has had teenage experiences, prison and military sex and all other kinds of outliers.
Type of martial art
muay thai
Your age
Your body-type (thin, medium, lard)
fat ass, short
intimidating silat instructor
it doesnt seem like the best place for you to be. you be the judge of what you want to do. honestly follow your gut.
The very definition of sports is homosexual.
>wearing tight clothes
>being sweaty
>touching each other
>jumping on each other
>getting naked together
>showering together
>butt pats

Sports has a higher rate of homosexuals than the public population.
makes sence. but i'm not, and it pissed me off.
>it pissed me off.
and what do you intend to do about it?

beat him up? prove him wrong? complain and mope?
your choice
I'm debating gong back right now. I'm really curious as to why I'm the target of the class.
maybe you're a faggot
maybe they are mean and out of line

I don't know the answer. But also you could just go somewhere else all together where people will be nicer to you
Should I just harden up and take it? I'm learning things just tired of how I seem to be singled out. Not because of me, seems like it's ridicule because I'm a beginner.
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 1

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