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Psychology vs Medicine

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Need major /adv/ice here.

I'm on my 2nd year in uni, studying psychology. I've yet to find out what suits me (had some mild thoughts of going for clinic) and I still struggle to explain my would-be job from a practical point of view... so lately I've been thinking of switching to medicine.

What happened to me? I had passion and I was rather happy of getting here. How come I'm starting to give up so easily, so soon?

>tl;dr OP is a faggot who can't decide between two universities.
I know this board moves kind of slowly and I'm nonchalantly asking for major life advice, but I could really use some help right now, so... bumping.
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Last bump. Please anyone, have mercy on me.
both are absolute shit, you won't be happy in either job. guaranteed.
Have you had any experience in one of them you'd be willing to share?
Are you studying or working?

I can't see me doing anything else than one of those things, desu...
Why the fuck did it change "to be honest" to "desu"?
Hello newfag
Hello senpai. That's still not an answer.
everyone i know that did psych is either not doing psychology or is depressed.

med school is hell on earth and the field is oversaturated. you won't be compensated til you're old and tired. you'll have spent your youth competing with a bunch of backstabbing dickheads. why anyone does medicine is beyond me.
Its a wordfilter
Didn't know we had one.

You've just described my worst fears in barely 3 lines. I actually want my job to be helping people - in the most practical way possible, that being physical/psychological wellness - that's why I'm drawn to those particular unis. Am I just being an unreasonable faggot? Is there no getting out of it?
>I actually want my job to be helping people
everyone says this, trust me, that shit fucking sucks. get a job doing something you like. you can volunteer if you want to help people.
I'm aware of what I'm getting myself into.
My whole family is in either Medicine or thereabout. I've done a few weeks of apprenticeship and it was hard and screwy, but I actually see myself doing that shit everyday; it's the kind of person I am.

The main issue here is status, I think. As a psychologist I wouldn't earn as much both in terms of respect and money, and I honestly don't know what to think anymore. Sometimes I feel like I'm just some young fuck-up.
>I'm aware of what I'm getting myself into.
you definitely aren't. how could you possibly know what you want to do every day?

if you want to help people, go be an EMT. you don't need schooling for that shit. or go to some 3rd world shit-hole. otherwise stop saying that shit. everyone wants to help people, why are you going to college if you want to help people?

if you really love doing medicine then go give it a try. but you have to be insane to stick to it. get a 4.0 in undergrad and all that.
I accept the critic anon, but that's not what I meant. I expressed myself poorly.

I stand by me saying that I want to work with something that's strictly related to physical or psychological wellness of patients; also, I want my job to be intellectually challenging and intellectually rewarding - and, of course, I want to earn enough to make a decent living. That's why I thought of those two particular universities; I eventually picked up Psychology because of personal backstory.

I'm mostly worried with what >>16501626 said: one (psychology) feels like suddenly it's not rewarding enough, the other (medicine) it's just a lair of snakes.

I'm off to bed for now; I thank the few of you who answered, but it's 5,30 am here and I've fucking uni in a few hours.
Please do reply to this thread if you want to contribute. I'll read again tomorrow.
Thread posts: 16
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