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How do we tell our friend that his wife is a dirty scandalous

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How do we tell our friend that his wife is a dirty scandalous slut?

>friends with group of 6 guys for last 15ish years
>one of my friends older brother(who we're not that close with) went to prison 6 months ago and will be in for another year or two
>since then his wife and mother of his two young children has attached herself to my friend and by extension, our group
>it was good at first because she brought some new girls around for us
>we find out from one of her friends she's trying to fuck around with some other guy she met on the internet
>that same night before we can confront her about it she goes off with my drunk friend to fuck him
>she breaks down crying the next day spewing endless excuses and tells us not to say anything to her husband because she needs to tell him herself
>since then it's been two months and she has tried to escalate things sexually with every single guy we hang out with regularly
>there's no evidence but we're 100% sure she's fooled around or even fucked 3 guys
>we're all conflicted but we can't exactly cut her loose and the pussy she brings around is a strong influence for the group as a whole

Do we tell him when he gets out or do we let him stew with it?

I'm at a loss for words with her
Tell him now. If he's weak willed then he will immediately confront her at which point she will break out the crocodile tears and make a hundred excuses. In person he might forgive her and give her another chance. Let him sit in prison and think about it for awhile and his anger will build up to the point that even seeing her cry and make shit up won't move him to forgive her. Also you guys are shit tier friends for continuing to hang out with her. Would not want to ever count you among my friends.
Let him know so if she visits she has enough time to break up with him and not die.
When does he get out?
Maybe I didn't specify well enough that we aren't close with the husband, he's been around us several times over the years but none of us are close with him like we are with our group. We're friendly but we don't really know him all that well, just well enough to feel bad that his girl is slutting it up
12-16 months
Shit sucks enough in jail as it is without thinking of your girl getting dicked down by not you.

Let him enjoy his pinochle and spades and dominoes and puzzles man
Still, I'd tell a guy I don't even know if I'd find out his girlfriend or wife is whoring around.
There is literally no reason not to tell him besides being a dick. By not telling him, you are enabling her. You also know about all of this, making you a part of it, whether you like is or not.
I kinda agree after seeing the havoc of my bro in jail. His sloot girlfriend has been saying she'll wait for him, but she told him she got fucked by other dudes. I've never seen my bro at such a low point in his life. Sucks because we can't even be there to support him.

I'd say, maybe at least wait until his last month in prison. So he knows what he's in for. Also, gather evidence now.
He's going to be told. The issue is more of when to tell him.
This is exactly what I want to do
Seconded. He can't do much about his cheating girl, so there is no point telling him. He will get depressed and frustrated that he can't dump her properly and have fun to heal the wound. Just cut the girl off so she doesn't corrupt your friends anymore. Try to keep in touch with her friends separately if you care about them, you are grown ups so you don't need her to hook up together.
Okay, good.
Rereading what you posted initially made me realise you did say that. Fault is on me, sorry mate.
I would also gather the evidence and once you have enough cut ties with the whore. It might have your relationship with him as well as between him and his brother turn sour if you keep hanging out with her. He might feel betrayed by you guys despite having told him. Kinda like you sided with her to some extent.
I honestly don't know when I would tell him, but I wouldn't tell him after he gets out. If he is still in prison while you tell him, he has enough time to calm down and not do something in a fit of rage he will later regret and possibly end right where he just came from again. However, it could also fuel his anger to sit on it for too long and then get even worse when he gets out.
And I don't know what kind of person he is, but he might just do something stupid while still in prison upon finding out, netting him a longer/another sentence or a trip to some psyche ward if it destroys him enough for him to try and end it.
It's a tough call and I would personally wait until a short time before he has served his term.
There is just lots of possibilities and things to consider. Really not a situation I'd want to be in.
Best of luck with this though, you know him better than any of us and can make the call. And if not, his brother should be able to.
Also, attempt to keep tabs to see if she's already told him.

Plus, anyone who gives a shit of your friend group, even if this guy isn't close to you guys, like on a man-to-man level, turn down her advances and support him any way you can. If it were you, I'm sure you'd hope your friends would do the same.
You must band together as bros and stop the world of this slut home-wrecking fuckery.

When he gets out, he'll likely still be around all of you. I'm sure no one wants to be the guilty son of a bitch that fucked his wife.
just tell him

if hes a good friend he'll realize that bro's before hoes

if not he's lost forever
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