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>in a relationship with girl for 5 years, literally no problems,

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>in a relationship with girl for 5 years, literally no problems, excellent personality, great body, etc.
>girl gets hired at my job ~3 years ago
>amazing personality, has a boyfriend, few habits I'm not too fond of, but excellent girl none the less
>have several months where we work together
>literally don't even work when shes around, all we do is talk and have a great time
>we start hanging out outside of work
>find out she's very physical when she's drunk
>respect the boundary, dont do despite wanting to
>time goes on, lots of eye contact, she touches me occasionally, rub my head, massage, slaps my ass, slightly flirty talk

All this happening over the course of those years.
fast forward to a few nights ago

>girl and i at work party
>she gets drunk, I stay sober because I'm designated driver
>she gets a little too drunk, starts talking lots of sad shit
>co workers talking a lot of hippy bullshit to her, making her feel worse
>finally get her in my car and just vent my frustration
>she's just quiet and listens, makes her feel better to hear me be raw about shit because no one else ever is
>finally get her to smile, she starts flirting with me
>she starts asking me questions about my sex life and shit
>she asks me how I am at satisfying the girls I've been with
>she tells me about how she's hard to get off
>offhandedly comment that I just don't think she's had the right touch and that id love to try
>she smirks and asks if I've wanted to fuck her
>don't lie, tell her id never say no to something like that
>we pull up to her house
>she sticks her foot out the door, then turns around and says "I'm just gonna do this"
>she grabs my face and starts kissing me passionately
>panicking because right in front of her place and boyfriend is home
>she pulls away, stares at me smiling and says "what? :^]"
>I tell her I'm trying to be respectful because I know she's drunk and it feels unethical
>she leans in a few more times before pulling away and saying "I'm drunk. Oh god lol"
>I tell her "that kiss was years in the making though"
>she laughs and says "oh is that right"
>gets out of the car, I do too, give her a hug and say "not a fucking word about any of this!"
>she says "aboooout what :^]"
>give her a hug
>she walks off happy as fuck
>drive away shaking, realizing just how much I wanted that and feel weird about it
>go home and play it back in my mind over and over savoring the memory

Next day
>get a text from her apologizing for anything she may have done because she didn't remember anything that happened
>meet up with her later and her the story, didn't really leave anything out
>she thought it was way worse
>wrote it off, no real feelings explored beyond that, but she was glad I told her and that she hopes she didn't weird me out
I've had a crush on this girl for years and after being so close to her I want more, but I feel like anything I'd say to her would fuck our friendship up.

I feel like I'm in love with two women right now. I don't know what the fuck to do with myself. I've been working with her all day and she keeps commenting on how somber my expression is. What would you do in this situation?
Dump your girl. She deserves better.
My girl knows about all this and she's practically in love with the same girl.
>should I stay with my loyal and lovely gf whom which I've never have problems with or throw all that in to the trash bin and go after this alcoholic coworker that might be a serial cheater with no morals
yis, OP i don't even know what to tell you.
It's your decision.
Offer a threesome
That's not the question I'm asking myself. Id never cheat on my girl, but I want to explain my feelings to the other girl without fucking my friendship up with her. I recognize how fucked up.these feelings are but that nightvit came to a head.
Why would you do that
I have, and she said she absolutely would if she wasn't in a relationship.
Who said that?
I don't fucking know! That's my problem. I know its fucked but these feelings are fucking with me. It's the only reason I bothered writing this all out for strangers in the internet. I don't have real life peolple to speak to this about.
What did your girl said about your feelings?
Work girl. My girlfriend was the one who joked about it to begin with. So I mentioned it jokingly to work girl and she smirked and told me that. She's down she's just out of bounds due to the relationship.
My girlfriend really likes the same girl. So when I told her we kissed and nothing else she didn't get mad.

"Only because its (work girl). No one else"
I meant about your feelings
I didn't get really in detail about the whole crush thing. She knows that I find her extremely attractive and she doesn't mind. It hasn't gotten serious enough in my own mind to tell her straight up. This is why I'm telling you guys trying to figure this out in my head first.
> Id never cheat on my girl
you already did asshole.
Come clean to your gf and cut contact with your coworker.
Damn son. Get on that fucking threesome.
Read my posts, Dingus. I told her about the kiss. I had opportunity to take it further and didn't on purpose out of respect. Not only did I tell my girlfriend, but I also told work girl because she didn't even remember.
If she ever breaks up with the guy she's with, there's no doubt. Absolutely none, between the three of us.

Are You Me a year ago?

I was in a similar situation except we were drifting apart with my girlfriend at the time and they knew each other. The whole thing developed in 10 months that time was awesome. Broke up with girlfriend for coworker, coworker got scared and went to bel-air.

Girlfriend actually suggested threesome. Said no, because I knew I would be all over coworker.

Just be careful man, emotions fuck you up.
The older you get the more you value how you feel around the other person. Think about where you see yourself in a couple of years .. only advice I can give.

Fucking memories, I hate this shit
Thanks man. I appreciate it. Sorry things went south for you.
>Id never cheat on my girl
oh but OP
you already did :-)
There's like 20 posts man, read the thread.
I honestly don't care to because I feel like this story is too crazy to be true and is basement dweller b8 to come up with an imaginary plan to have this guy have a 3sum
Take it for what you will. I don't really care if you don't believe me. I was just looking for a place to vent and get some input.
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 1

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