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How to not have a bad trip on shrooms?

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Any easy hacks like making shroom tea instead of eating to avoid nausea? I'm going to take 3 grams alone in my basement soon, and what are fun things to do while tripping? Playing steam games?
Tea is a great idea, really helps with stomach issues. I would recommend not tripping alone though, that shit can get out of hand. Do you have anyone else you could do it with?

Why is tripping alone a bad idea?

The first and only time I've done it with was 3 friends in the middle of the forest, had a bad trip with existential crysis type of thoughts, but I don't regret taking them, now I'm growing my own, I've heard that tripping at home is safer and more relaxed that's why I plan on doing it alone.
Home is a good spot no doubt, very safe zone.

From personal experience, I've found that tripping alone usually found that i get myself into a bad spot. It's nice to have somewhere there along to ground, laugh, trip along with you.

But if you're comfortable with it, HAVE FUN dude
I recommend Erowid and 420Chan for any questions you have.


I have had bad shroom trips, and good shroom trips, and I have some advice.

>make sure that nothing is going to bother you
>clean your environment and prepare it so you're comfy during the trip
>don't take it so seriously
>it will pass

One of my best trips was eating a 3.5g chocolate and tripping out watching Chowder with my friend, so fun, but when they left and I was alone it went bad because I hadn't prepared well and had dosed too much for my first time. I don't know, I'd just go in with a good attitude and good preparation and don't let yourself sink
Is there a nice area or park you can walk through that's safe? A lot of people do this with music, weed can also help unless it gives you paranoia.

Just relax though and if you're a person who can't stastabilize your state of mind and calm yourself it might not be the best thing. I heard LSD is easier but far harder to get.
When I trip I usually have a bag full of odd objects that I call "trip toys".

I haven't done it in a long time, but if I remember my bag contained:
A magnifying glass (Highly recommended)
A sheet of plastic that warps light so if you look through it you end up seeing things to the side ( I don't know what these are actually called)
A pair of those cheap paper glasses that makes every light have a rainbow around it
A yo-yo
paper and pencils (I'm not an artist but it's really fun to close your eyes and draw the colorful lines that you see, and then get carried away and draw whatever you want)
A chef's knife (not suggested)
pan pipes (any other small, simple instrument is good too)
A slingshot (If you think you can be responsible with it)
A piece of fruit (I rarely get hungry when I trip, but when I do, apples, peaches, and oranges are the best. Oranges might make you trip harder though so watch out).
FPV camera w/goggles (Kind of expensive and fragile, but fun if responsibly used)

That's all I can remember from my bag. I've never tripped alone, so I usually bring my bag along and if my friends and I start to get bored I'll open up my bag and pass out random objects to everyone. I usually won't tell them what all is in there unless they're close with me and they've seen it before.

If you're still pretty new to tripping I would also suggest something from your childhood that you have fond memories of. Like if you used to carry around a stuffed bear then that might be cool. Especially if it gives you a soothing feeling, just in case you start to get a little uncomfortable in your head.

I usually try to avoid watching TV when I trip because I usually feel like I wasted my trip afterwards. Some people really enjoy it though, personally I enjoy exploring weird places or doing things I've never thought to do before. Or just playing around with a yoyo.

No matter what you decide to do, have fun!
Go here OP
Oh, I also had a small red toy car and two different kaleidoscopes,

If I ever have a reason to put that bag together again, I'd also add some silly putty or play-doh, a tape measure, a clown nose, poi, magnets, face paint, and bouncy balls.
>I'm going into my basement
>by myself
>to do drugs

What a lonely existence.
nausea is kinda unavoidable, it comes from being disoriented when it kicks in or something, not from the shrooms in your stomach. It will make the start of the trip kinda unpleasant but it goes away quickly. just lay down and relax.

you can get some weird feels like paranoia and self-confirm about that untill you may do something that isn't a good idea. A friend may notice and be able to introduce a new train of thought to get you out of a thought "loop"
you can still close yourself off by going to a different room, pulling a beany over your eyes(highly recomended!) or even just laying behind a piece of furniture.

I think the best would be to have a tripping friend and a non tripping friend around but I can see how that's not allways possible.

have some food ready, tripping gets you low on sugar and that gets you in a bad mood. It's a common myth that you can stop a (bad) trip by eating sugar. this is not true: you regain control so you can trip nicely and don't go bad but it doesn't stop the trip.
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