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Stuck in the Friendzone?

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If you're tired of being friendzoned then you should follow these tips:
Came expecting honesty.
Want my 1:36 of life back.
Hate to break it to you but
THERE IS NO FRIENDZONE! its in the mind.
>Inb4 this is a chick typing

Girls don't put you there, you do when you stick around after they reject you playing the whole "We can still be friends and maybe one day she'll see for more" shtick. You continue to be there for her when shit gets tough hoping for that day just like in the movies. You can still be friends but set a boundary because shes a regular human and she will take advantage like anyone will. You want to get out? When a girl rejects you, you can either..

>Fuck off
>Or stay friends but with distance and boundaries

Just talk to other chicks and never focus on one. Will you get that previous chick who rejected you? Want the truth? Most likely no, but you wont be the her puppy dog at her side. That way you can still keep your dignity wilst taking the L and getting stronger.

You will get rejected, it sucks. You will be bummed out about it but youll get over it. Put it this way, if you can find good traits about you, you can tell yourself "even though she said no, its her loss". There will ALWAYS be another and by then you would have enough expirience in dealing with them. Women like confident men even if they dont see said man as fuckable.

Think about it, would you really want to be with a chick you liked but doesnt feel the same for you? How about if it were reversed?

Its a two way street.
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Whats dishonest? It's pretty self explanatory

You're partially right however the friendzone for guys is much different for girls. You prolly have a lot of guys zoned and you don't even notice.
Im not a girl though, Im a dude thats why i said..
>Inb4 chick typing

Ive been rejected a lot and fell for it once but I just said it was stupid. Hell Im not even a casanova or anything. What I can say is I refuse to be a puppy dog and put myself in a situation I rather not be in. If the chick doesnt like me, as bummed out I get I have to move from that or else I will lose my self respect. Im no one special, I just feel Im worth more than waiting around or skulking on that one person who said no.
How about this? They intentionally lead you on though. There's a difference between rejection and dishonest behavior from girls. The girls in this vid seem to be the user type which is prevalent in the Us
Leading on is decietful and some people are good at lying. I cant blame you if shes a good liar but if you fall for her shit again after she did you dirty well then..

If they lead you, eventually the truth will be revealed and you have every right to cut all contact or call her out on her bullshit. If she questions you tell her to leave you alone. You will notice the signs and it will be up to you on what you want to do. Afterwards, you can be sad, be mad, but continue on with your life. You will see the signs next time. Dont think because shes the most beautiful girl and you have a crush on her that shes so innocent. She can be full of shit because shes human. Never let your gaurd down completly
True. However, these girls are protected and promoted in our culture. These guys aren't falling for her crap a second time. It's after they committed time and resources.

Modt of these are the gentlemen types.
No arguement from me, they are protected. But who said you have to kiss their asses even when they shit on you? Rules of respecting a women? Respect should be given to any individual you come across as a regular when you meet but true respect has to be earned and women are no exception. I dont care if they have tits and pussies, you either respect me or leave me the fuck alone but you WILL NOT disrespect me and I WILL NOT tolerate it. Ill extend my hand hand with an olive branch but if you extend your hand full of shit, hate to break it to you, Ive taken a lot of shit and I refuse to take shit from you or anyone so you can shove that hand right back up your ass.

You better know your worth. Dont give them anymore time or effort if they are trifling. You will get called every insult in the book. Like it matters since they didnt think highly of you before when they lie to you so what is the difference?

If I make typos and punctuation errors, I'm doing this on my phone.
I don't anymore but many do which is why I think this vid is great for men. It shows them the reality that they've been lied to about womeb being these innocent dainty types.
GL getting out of my friendzone
I can help you with that. Tell me about your situation.
with what?
You're friendzone sitch
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 2

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