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Starting college next year. Not sure what degree to get into.

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Starting college next year. Not sure what degree to get into. What degrees have decent job prospects and decent pay? Thanks for any help /adv/
Anything does if you're prepared to work for it.
Here, let me save you the bullshit that this thread will become. A pissing match between STEMfags and non-STEMfags who each think they know the world and every possible career's prospects, even though they don't know who you are, what your motivation is, where you live, or how you'd conduct your educational career in such a way that would help you land a job in the first place.

So skipping all the horseshit, go to Google and type "highest paying 4 year degrees in <place that you live>" and go from there.
If you just want decent job prospects and pay you dont even need to go to college, go to trade school and become a machinist or welder and you'll have a solid union career for life.

College is for people with academic interest in a subject. If you don't have that you're going to be here next year making a thread like this:
>in uni
>in __ major
>fucking hate it
>have no interest in it
>no motivation
>grades shit
>lots of debt
>how do i kill self?

We have 5 of those threads a day on this board. Learn something from them, don't become yet one more.
>A pissing match between STEMfags and non-STEMfags
It's generally actually just STEMfags who shit on everyone else who disagrees that the only option is STEM. It's like they're trying to convince themselves more than anyone else.
Well when you have to study for 4 years straight with no social interaction aside from 4chan, you understandably become autistic and bitter.
If you don't mind studying something that you potentially don't find interesting then go for something that would survive in even recessions. Engineering is a good job that pays well but in some countries finding a job in it is like mission impossible, for example Australia there's no oil and gas projects at all. Generally jobs to do with finance, accounting etc will be stable and has room for growth including growth in your salary, for example if you jump from being a normal accountant to a chartered one, it's a huge salary increase. Plus most partners of firms tend to have an accounting/tax background.
Any "specialty" in medicine seems to do well with extremely good pay. It's a LOT of studying, though. Specialties like neuroscience pay well and you'll always be in demand.
I've heard logistics is also a good option, the job isn't really boring and you get to travel a lot. The pay is good too.
Actuarial science, if your maths is really good, can be a good option. Since not many people do it, even in recessions you can still get a job fairly quickly. The only downside is that the job is not really a social one and so it can get boring and lonely. Your pay will be really high, though.
If you're looking for practicality I would avoid anything to do with the arts unless you're amazingly talented or have another degree to fall back on should things fail. Although architecture seems to be a good option as well, however depending on the country job prospects can be limited. The same can be said for law as well. I know someone who went to a very good university, got honors, and still have difficulty finding a job in law. She's stuck in a very small firm now. Depends on your luck and how you interview, I guess.
With regards to things in commerce, avoid marketing, economics and finance. You won't find a job in those, except finance. But finance is based on the type of logic that constantly changes and it is the polar opposite to accounting logic.
Hope this helps!
I was originally looking at finance or maybe even CS. But I keep hearing that finance can be ridiculously competitive and in regards to CS I've heard that a degree might not be worth it. Both of my parents work in the health/medicine sector and I've looked at trying to get into med but they make it sound like it's almost impossible to get into and I'm not sure if I can make the cut. I live in Australia if that helps with any further advice. Thanks!

Good, that makes it easier! I live in Australia too and I've pretty much finished uni with a double major in accounting and taxation.

I would not recommend finance. It's hard, and all lecturers have advised me against it because its difficulty just brings your GPA down. They have also told me that thing about the logic I mentioned earlier. It's mostly theory and not so much fact. I did one compulsory unit in it and never again, it was a nightmare.

CS might be a good option. I don't know too much about that one. You could check the whirlpool forums regarding it because there tends to be a lot of aussie graduates on there. I've heard it pays well and job prospects are decent though, but it may not be a social job.

PS, with regards to med, it is really hard to get into. On top of your high school scores there's some kind of interview you have to do, apparently. I know a guy with a 98 ATAR and he couldn't get into med because he didn't pass the interview thing. It's worth a try though! You won't lose anything if you don't get in.
How are you finding accounting? That was another alternative I looked at. If you don't mind me asking what Uni did you attend? I guess I'll look further into CS. I just don't want to end up as a Code Monkey.
Yeah there is an interview process on top of other examinations. It's off putting for me with the uncertainty

Accounting is okay. It can be challenging with certain units but it's bearable. It is boring, but then again most of it in the real world is done with software like MYOB anyway. The better the firm you work in, the less menial accounting you do and the more of an advisory role you take. You can also work in different sectors of a business because accounting is ambiguous, especially combined with some other major. Some people choose to combine engineering with commerce which isn't a bad option. You will only get high pay with chartered accountancy, and average pay with only a CPA. Unless you open your own practice.

I combined taxation with mine so that I could avoid less menial shit and do more advisory stuff. Taxation is like studying law in my opinion. It's hard and it's mostly theory with a little bit of calculation but specialising in it is so worth it because I've had heaps of representatives from the Big 4 saying they wanted tax people specifically.

Lastly, it's competitive but kinda stable I guess. Melbourne and Sydney should be easy to find jobs. Perth is shithouse.

I attended Curtin University, to answer your question!
Psychology looks interesting but unsure of job prospects. What're your thoughts?
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Computer Science.

This whole thread tl;dr. Not CS, but take my word for it.
There are tons of people who will be taking CS and will fail anyway. If you are undecided check out your hobbies first. If you are artistry type of person go for art or marketing. If you would like to become a CS student it needs a passion. https://yorked.setphrase.com/ check this it is made by York University CS student, it is me :D
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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