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dating a shy girl

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So I've recently been talking to a girl and even gone on a date with her and it's become apparent that she likes me and will probably be interested in dating at some point. The only thing is, I'm not sure how she feels about sex, which is a very important part of relationships to me for a multitude of reasons. She seems somewhat meek. I don't think she even curses. I know she had a long term relationship in the past but I don't know anything about it. I can't imagine she's a virgin but like I said, I'm not sure how she feels about sex.

She has drunk texted me before talking about how she thinks I'm good looking and how she wants to "cuddle."

What's the problem? She might be a virgin, she might be shy, she might just be a good girl that doesn't act all sexual after a few dates. If you like her, go on and you will see when the time is right. She doesn't have to be all horny already. You can however awaken that side of her later on.
Why does it matter if she curses or not? Cursing women are not cute.

Just go on more dates with her and you'll find out sooner or later. The (shy) girl I've been dating opened up about these things after a month.

If you want to rush it and can't wait a few months before sex, you'd probably just have to talk with her about it.
I guess that makes sense. I'm not saying she needs to be ready to fuck right from the get go, I'm just used to girls being more open about it, I suppose. But you're right, I should get to know her better.

What about the cursing thing? I'm very liberal with my words but I don't want to offend her... Should I just ease into that part of my personality?

And I'm not saying I curse just to curse, most of the time it's in a joking context.
If she's anything like me then she just needs "warmup" time. I don't mind curswords, if i'm around people i feel very comfy with i use them too, altought very sparingly. But if somebody uses them inflationary i't would be offputting, yes. And i'd have to admit that it even takes me a while (or as in your girls case some intoxication) to suggest "cuddling" trough text. But don't worry, if you're going to be her bf and make her feel comfy around you you'll going to see a very different side of her.
That's good. When I met her for the first time, she was with her best friend and that girl swears like a sailor so I have to imagine she's not terribly bothered by it.

I'm 100% okay with giving her time to warmup to me. I'm just not very experienced with dating so I don't know if there's a legitimate time frame for these things.
A lot of my friends curse too. But my dad talls very nasty and i always found it to be rather immature, i guess that's why i never really picked it up. But if it's in a tolerable range it doesn't bother me. Just as other sides of you that you don't rrally show on the first few dates (that you can burp the alphabet or that fetish, yknow...), ease into it but don't supress it. She needs to see the whole package for the two of you to check compatibility.

I honestly don't know what a legitimate timefraim is. I was wondering myselfe, since i am seeing a reallx awesome guy atm but i don't feel ready to make the next big step (read sleep with him) yet. It has only been a month, but i still think about it already.
My strategy so far is to go with the flow and my gutfeeling and don't try to overthink, which isn't all that easy.
There isn't really a timeframe. Timeframes change depending on the person, type of relationship, age, previous relationships/sexual experiences, religious beliefs, etc. Too many variables to have set timeframe.

Just see what she's comfortable with. If you don't think that it's a good idea to have a frank conversation (either because she's too bagful or because it'll "kill the mood") then slowly ebonite what she's OK with. First try sitting closer to her, then I'd she's OK with then try putting arm around her or holding her hand, then put your face close, then hold in a more successive place (back, waist, lower back, hip, in that order), then maybe try going for a kiss, then knee and lower leg, then thigh, then breast, etc.

You don't and probably shouldn't try to do all these in one sitting, and if she pulls away at any point then scale it back carefully. Being aggressive comes later when she's comfortable and feels safe with you (i.e. Pushing her up against a wall when you're having some intimate play and stripping her clothes off or spreading her legs), not at the beginning when she's afraid.
I'm not sure I need to move that slowly but thanks for the advice.
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