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Skin Care

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Let's have a skin care general and share knowledge on how to have a nice, smooth glowing face. What steps should be taken to accomplish it?

I know a good part of it has to do with genetics, which I haven't exactly been lucky on because I have huge pores. Here's what I got so far:

>try to make it a habit not to touch face often ESPECIALLY if you've had your hands on public shit like the handle if a bus seat
>moisturize every time you're done showering
>change pillow case often
>avoid harsh washing products on face

What else is there?
People with god-like skin are more than free to share tips
When you get home from being outside, use makeup remover at the very least. Even if you're a dude who doesn't wear makeup, it removes dirt and oil.
I really like Simple's Micellar Water. It's not harsh/drying AT ALL. Just put some on a cotton ball/pad and wipe your face down. Use a few, until the cotton ball comes off your face clean.

I also like to wash my face earlier in the afternoon because I feel like it's too harsh to wash my face before I go to bed and once I get up (essentially 8 hours apart when there's 24 hours in a day?).
I like to wash my face roughly 12 hours apart. I wake up at 4-6 AM, so I like to wash my face around that reverse time when I get home. Just use a cleanser. I heard foaming ones aren't as harsh on skin, so I use Aveeno's Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser.

Also, EXFOLIATE. Do this twice a week. I do Sunday and Wednesday. You can choose whatever exfoliant fits your skin type. I use L'Oreal Go 360° Clean Ideal Clean. It just really gets rid of my dead skin.

After washing your face, like OP said, use a FACIAL MOISTURIZER. Make sure it's a facial moisturizer! Also, READ THE INGREDIENTS!! If the moisturizer contains oil, DO NOT use it. Believe me. I've used moisturizers with oils in them, and it clogs my pores, gives me whiteheads/papules, makes my skin extra oily...Just don't do it.

After moisturizing, use a toner. It can help smooth, balance, depuff skin... I use Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel. This is a saviour to people with sensitive skin. If your face is irritated, red, and itchy, USE THIS STUFF. It calms your skin sooo much. I love it.

If you can afford it, I'd go to a dermatologist instead of playing chemist. You can also go to a store like Ulta and ask an employee if they can help you configure a skincare routine. :)
Good advice, though I generally avoid chemicals on my face beyond moisturizes and body wash simply because it's pricey and my skin gets somewhat easily irritated/dry.
As for exfoliating I find that gently scrubbing my face with a wrinkly, cloth-like foam works nicely on my face, but my biggest trouble is tiny blackheads-sebaceous filaments on my chin, some borders of face near the cheeks, that space surrounding your nose and bottom of forehead near the eyebrows.

So basically the only non-gross parts of my face are my eyelids, mouth, lower cheeks and top forehead.
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oldie but goodie
Almost forgot, one more thing in regards to acne that this guide doesn't mention is sugar. One of the main factors in acne is bacteria, and sugar is like an Old Country Buffet for bacteria. Cut back on sugar and zits will die down.

The towel over the pillowcase thing works too. Put a clean towel on your pillowcase before bed and change it every night. Or you can just change your pillowcase every night, but a towel is easier. I have fewer zits on the sides of my face when I actually remember to do this. Also any laundry that touches your face should be washed in the hottest water possible. I have even occasionally thrown all my washcloths and pillowcases in the tub and dumped boiling water on them for that extra bit of disinfecting.
If you have long hair that touches your face, the products in your shampoo might encourage acne, too.
I'm a gigantic lazy cunt, and I've never really taken any specific measures to improve the quality of my skin.

Luckily, the pharmaceutical industry is right on top of people like me. Took Accutane for several months when I was 17-18. Cleared my shit right up and I don't have much trouble with my skin now, even though I admittedly don't do shit for it.

Boy, I sure am glad to live in an age where my supreme laziness is accomodated for!
All this acne advice is pretty great, but what can be done about pores clogged with sebum?
Hey guys, odd question, but what are good shower gels and shampoos?

I just use Axe wash and shampoo for my taste. It's getting rather boring and the scent barely stays on for an hour.

What long-lasting scented shower gels do you recommend?

Furthermore, are loofahs or bath poufs useful for gel?
How do you deal with a dry fucking scalp? It doesn't flake off and I don't get dandruff, but I can see all the dead skin and it doesn't come off easily regardless of what I do.

I've been using a tea tree oil shampoo, but it isn't helping much.
Also is there a way to get rid of blackheads? And I mean another way than taking the stuff out of them? Something so that they disapear and never come back maybe?

Thanks dermafags
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pic related is me. horrible chin acne for years, started hwen i was a kid, continues into adulthood, but i was able to get the mess under control with two key ingredients

>erythromicin antibiotic face gel

erytthromicin kills the bacteria that causes the acne, preventing a lot of acne from ever forming.

trenotin peels away the skin so that your acne that does get by goes away much faster.

I went from a total wreck to actually being able to go to the bar and pick someone up.

other things to help
>salycylic acne wash

i get mine at rite aid, the grapefruit kind. dries out skin though so you need

>face moisturizer

test this, they say go for noncondemogenic or whatever, but that didnt work well for me. i just use aveeno active naturals daily moisturizer, and it helps a lot. use after every shower, and of course as needed.

other tips
>rinse your face off after sweating, then reapply moisturizer
>dont over apply the creams to your face. if you need to add more topicals then rinse your face first, otherwise you just gunk up your pores and ur cure becomes your cause of acne.

>lots of water

duh. at least half a gallon a day

>avoid foods you know cause problems.

you'll feel it. you'll eat osmething, and almost immediately feel like your face is super gross or even that a zit is coming in.

wash hands vigorously after ANY hand held foods, and rinse face as well.
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