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GET IN HERE AND HELP ME OUT /ADV/ >Cute girl in class, minimal

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>Cute girl in class, minimal interaction but I notice her looking at me every now and then
>Pretty good looking guy. Not like a model or anything but I do well enough. At least a solid 8.5/10
>Group project paper gives the names of everyone in the class. Not in her group but see her last name.
>Go home and Facebook search her because why not, see that we have about 70 mutual friends in common
>Ask friend later that day if he knows her since he has her as a friend, he says yeah she's pretty cool from what he's heard but she has a boyfriend
>Literally get request from her that night to my complete shock

Why would a cute girl with a boyfriend who I've never spoken to add me on facebook? She's in my class, I'm inevitably going to talk to her because of this and she knows it. Is there a motive here? It's pretty odd to me desu because she knows were going to have to interact now, it's like a forced conversation point.

What does /adv/ think?
Well i wouldnt get too invested until you confirm whether or not she has a boyfriend. Dont be that guy.
I have proof lol. Her instagram shows her with a boyfriend. What I'm having trouble understanding is why I would be added the day the full name list gets handed out. I'm not exactly ugly, and she knows that were going to have to talk now to some extent. Boggles my mind senpai
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Just go with the flow, dummy.
fuck that.. be that guy. She is looking for an exit strategy. Wreck her in the bedroom then dump her.
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She may have done the same trick you did.


Your friend told her.
Overthinking parrot says what?

Its just someone adding you on Facebook, message her and see what's up. It could be anything. With 70 freinds in common you sound heavy into Facebook, don't people like you and her often add people just for the sake of it/you saw them and know their name? Maybe she wants someone to message, maybe she wants to study, maybe she wants a freind, maybe she wants to fuck, maybe she is being abused, maybe she is secretly stalking you, maybe she wants to use you, maybe she and her bf swing, maybe she isn't even real.

Just fucking ask her.
No chance, my friend never actually spoke to her, rather they're just friends on facebook. What's even more puzzling is that this girl knows one of my ex girlfriends very closely, although I doubt she knows the association. What do I do here boys and gals
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Here's a protip: all girls are always looking to trade up for a new boyfriend.
>Is there a motive here?
The motive is to add you on facebook. That's it. Stop trying to be a mind reader. A friendship request is not a relationship request.
What do you do? Whatever she wants. Presently she wants you to add her on Facebook.
I don't actually use Facebook as often as I should. And actually let me clarify a bit because 70 was an over exaggeration. We have closer to like 20 friends in common but her friends list shows at least 70 people I know but haven't added. I'm a passive facebooker, and don't add everyone I know. I use it more as a boredom thing
I get this. I already added her. What I don't get is what the end result she expects is. Like we're clearly going to have to interact now, I have class with her 2 days a week. She knowingly added some stranger from class, what does she think we're just not going to say anything to eachother?
Yes but a friend request to a good looking guy in your class is odd when you have a boyfriend. I'm pretty much going to HAVE to say something now. I've been put on the spot.
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Then say something. Being handsome is subjective, if you think she wants something say it, but I assure you a Facebook add for someone with that many freinds is not anything. It has nothing to do with you, or your looks, or anything but her getting your name from a class list and adding the names on the said list. Its literally nothing. Its just what some people do, like biting nails or twisting hair.
I can firmly say no one else from the class was added besides the people in her own group IF she added them. She added ME. She saw my name and added ME specifically. A person in her class, who she will have to see 2 days out of the week. She's not an add everybody she sees freak
If you're sure just ask her. It just doesn't sound like anything to me, but maybe its that most average/hot girls in my former classes are "add everyone who isn't /r9k/ level creepy" Facebook users. It could have me jaded. I just personally don't see Facebook adds as much of anything. It's not odd to me a girl would add some people and not others, but you are in the situation. Talking to her seems to be your plan, which is my advice anyways. I would personally just not expect anything, since people add people for a variety if reasons. You do you man.
It's the boyfriend thing throwing me for the loop
For me its more evidence its just an add because you're not creepy, and seemed nice/smart/funny/interesting. Being good looking maybe have had something to do with it to, some women like to look and some are looking to hook up. If you believe the "all women are whores who are looking to cheat" philosophy the internet breeds, feel free to think she wants the dick. You might be right, people are strange varied and a mystery to me, you never know. But adding someone on Facebook while in a relationship isn't weird IMO.
>get in here adv!
>A girl might want to be my friend despite having a boyfriend!
>Im an autistic faggot who thinksd girls cant have friends that are male!
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