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Feels thread

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How are you doing /adv/?
Badly. If I'm lucky I'll just die in my sleep.
Tfw no gf
I'm doing great, actually. Thanks for asking.

Life is good.
Not great. I went through a break up about a week ago and am trying to be happy and optimistic. I'm exercising, eating well, talking to new people. I'm even going on a date on Tuesday, I mean why not? But at the end of the day I go to bed and can't help but think about my ex, I still don't understand why they wanted to break up so abruptly. Real hit to the ego there, also such a waste of time and love.
Waiting to die tbqh.
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>tfw reading /adv/ is depressing but then it reminds me of how god-damn lucky I am to have my SO and how much I appreciate them
Good for you. If they treat you right, then hold on to them and never let go. There's so many shit people in this world that will lie to your face and not bat an eyelash. Encountering them makes me want to be a better person though.
I miss my boyfriend, but pretty good otherwise
I'll be your new bf bb
No thanks. I want him, not you.
What's wrong with me. My mom says I'm pretty awesome
>What's wrong with me.
You're not my boyfriend, that's what
>My mom says I'm pretty awesome
Then date your mom.
>You're not my boyfriend, that's what
I could pretend to be him
Why would I want an imposter when I could have the real thing?
You can have both?

Btw, I'm not the dude you were just talking to.
If you were propositioned by a guy on 4chan, would you accept? Given what you know about the guys on /adv/ especially.
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Excellent and I don't deserve it

Not really, but I don't see why you won't go for it(?)

Plus, I'll use the guy not to waste time.
It hurts

I just wish I could go back a month in time and never stop living my last happy day with her
I'm up in the middle of the night feeling this too

Time heals though
Okay, assuming I did 'go for it', how the fuck would I do it? Why are you so invested in convincing me to 'go for' a probable loser/creep/freak anyway?

Actually, come to think about it "I'll be your new bf bb" & "My mom says I'm pretty awesome" is pretty childish. I think I was naïve at that part. But my justification is that if you truly miss your boyfriend, you should at the very least distract yourself.
And another guy is the way to do it? So you can then complain about how all women are unfaithful whores? My boyfriend's at work and I'm bored, he's not on the other side of the world.
Lonely. I miss my bf. He's been out of town for 3 weeks. I just want a hug. He'll be back soon, though.

Kind of thinking about my ex because a scar that's usually faded is all red for some reason.

Yeah yeah I know self harm is gay but I only do it very occasionally and in areas that aren't visible. Except this one. But it was very impulsive. I don't cut though so it's easy to say it happened from something else if anyone notices.

Also procrastinating a paper that's due this week, amongst endless piles of textbook reading I have to get through.

I hate school. I hate leaving the house.
Wanting to murder pot smoking minorities but other than that just peachy.

What an obnoxious response. Be self-efficient in your time rather than going on the Internet telling a thread how much you miss your significant other. Heck, befriend the guy, you don't necessarily have to be in a relationship, but friendship.

Have you ever tried wristband snapping?
ah, I do that sometimes too. Please try to find something else and start on at least one part of your work
Serious question: why do you care?
I'm a 28 year old virgin who's addicted to strippers because real girls that hot wouldnt give him the time of day. I'm fat, ugly, nerdy, and I can feel my heart palpitating right now. My death is near and I just don't care. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself.

It's called socializing and advice"meant." I was suggesting something that I see fit.

Anyway, seems you're getting pretty defensive, but thanks for the practice of replying to females. I'm pretty sure it will come in handy any time soon.

-Simplyhuman out.
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>unfriend female fuckbuddy/lifelong friend a month ago after she continually ignores me and treats me like shit
>she asks why
>angrily tell her off and call her out on her bullshit
>she gives me a whatever and talks behind my back on FB to her other friends
>month and a half goes by
>she messages my gf saying she misses us
>gf tells me she messaged, we start talking a bit
>she still makes excuses but apologizes
>we cool again I guess
>still ignoring me and treating me like shit after only 5 days
>not even mad but seriously considering deleting her for good
Better now.
I feel like I've got things figured out for the moment.
Scared. Got wisdom teeth out 3 days ago. Really feelin the pain now. There's a bad taste and bad smell in my mouth. Guys it's normal to bleed a little as the stitches dissolve and come out, right?
how exactly does she treat you like shit?
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stop being autistic. That's her lifestyle.
I'm crushing really hard but I think if he liked me too I'd lose interest in a week or month or so
It's difficult to do romance when you're just a fundamentally bad person
We used to be really cool fwb's and we have slot of similar hobbies, now she constantly snubs me for anyone else, yet claims she misses me after we fall out

Nah, I'm normie as normie can be. I'm sick of being treated like a bitch is all. I got other bitches on the side, but me and her have history and that matters to me
Haha bitch
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>still being this mad
>Actually, come to think about it "I'll be your new bf bb" & "My mom says I'm pretty awesome" is pretty childish.
I am a very mature individual thank you.
It sounds stupid, but I kind of like having the scars. It makes it feel more impactful and therefore more comforting. This is the only one that's seriously scarred. I suppose it's fitting. It kind of serves as a reminder of how he scarred me emotionally. I guess it isn't good to be reminded of that. It doesn't bother me now, though. At least not consciously.

I've started a bit on the work. I haven't self harmed since then, and even before it was very few and far between. Thank you, anon.
I want someone to brush and braid my hair every night in a loving ritual before curling up next to me in bed, kissing me on the forehead, telling me they love me and falling asleep making some sort of comfortable contact, be it snuggles or a hand draped over me lazily.

I want to wake up in the night and see their face, sleeping peacefully, and be filled with warmth before drifting back to sleep myself.

S-someday, right /adv/? ;-;
>S-someday, right /adv/? ;-;
Sure, as long as you're leaving your comfort zone and putting yourself out there. Don't expect to find your waifu in your room.
I do these things for my GF. Drawing her baths, cuddling her and brushing her hair while we watch Disney movies, things like that

Don't be afraid to ask people out, and keep an open mind if they ask you out

Not really, it nullifies your claim. You should have approached it in a fun, friendly way.

In my point of view, you were being childish and desperate.
I'm doing alright, but sometimes I wonder.. are there people out there not part of my family that actually think and give a damn about me? I just want someone that knows who I am, not part of my family and tell me that they give a fuck about my existence because even though I wake up every day feeling happy I've never felt more useless in my life, there's no reward for any of the work I do. Some people at my work dislike me for reasons I don't even know, some don't want to talk but I also wonder maybe are they as introverted as I am? Perhaps more so?

I don't really know what's the next best step forward, I feel like everyday is just some mundane chore and boring routine I've been going through the last few years and even if I do get out of the situation I'm in, will the grass be greener on the other side? Or is it just a mirage?
Please be aware that this isn't a small ploy to "make you feel better" or to appear saintly or good-natured.

I don't know you, man. I don't know shit about you aside from you posting here at a certain time. But I give plenty of fucks about you. We're both presumably human beings. I've got deep dreams, goals, and objectives. I've got dreadful fears and myriad components to my heart, mind, and soul that you'll likely never know.

And you've got all these things. I'll likely never know them.

I hold real love for you because of this. I can't help but feel unconditional positive regard towards anyone sharing this rock with me; the shared capacity for lucid imagination, the shared capability of having lofty dreams and aspirations. The ability to love.

As I said earlier, I don't know anything about you and your situation. But I'll share something with you.

For the past few years, I've been tumbling an idea around my head. I'll bring this idea to fruition..although I truly do need to do it NOW. Anyway, I intend to hand-write a good amount of text (I adore writing anyway) to the many, many folks in my life that I have had a symbiotic relationship with. I need them to see my best attempt at conveying my raw and uncensored feelings for them; to show them that I place such high value on them.

I've not done this.

I reckon I'm scared- intimidated that such an act will be as cringy as a poorly-composed middleschool love poem.

But I'll get it done.

The point is, although I'm sure most people wouldn't choose the avenue of approach that I do, it is very possible that a person in my situation exists in your life. By this I mean someone who feels strong feelings of love and positive regard towards you; someone that you see and interact with often, but for whatever reason, has failed to express his feelings to you.

I hope I didn't find this thread a bit too late.
I have this friend. I feel like he kind of fucked me over, and I thought I was over it. But now I'm drinking, and I have a case of the feels thinking of the camaraderie we used to have.
I keep alternating between panic and not caring at all about my schoolwork and neither is helping me get anything done.
Very very bad. Lost my bank card, ID, driver's, all my cash.
And I'm a foreigner, on top of all that.
Already called to block my card, I'll search the car of my friend today when I meet her. If I find nothing, I shall have to go to the police and declare it lost. And I'm anxious of the police since I'm foreigner and all that.

Please /adv/ pray with me for my wallet to be in the car
Usual down, but with a faint hint of something good maybe eventually happening soon-ish.
I don't expect too much, but since I do expect something I also feel vulnerable (as if it turns out bad).
What gives?
Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I've been having thinking for the past hour or so that maybe my approach to how I do things has been not in the best possible way.. like I'll always try to help people, always try to bring that positive reinforcement but I have a tendency to shut people out.. maybe this goes back to when I was in high school and I was dealing with stuff like family issues, health issues, social issues and I just kinda switched off and stop trying to open up towards anyone. Whenever I do, I don't feel as though anyone can understand the message I'm trying to convey and they can never see the different sides to the topic like I can.

I'm starting to think that maybe.. the approach I've been constantly trying might need to change if I'm ever going to feel some sort of "reward" feeling or maybe I need to change what that feeling of reward is all about. Maybe I'm just thinking too far ahead with the steps I take and I get disappointed when other people haven't caught up to my line of thinking yet or maybe I just keep reading the signals wrong.

Maybe for me to ultimately change as a person it's time I start putting my thoughts into actions just to see what happens and if I end up losing people in the process.. maybe they weren't that special to have around.
> like I'll always try to help people, always try to bring that positive reinforcement but I have a tendency to shut people out..

Whew, bud. Sounds like what I dragged myself out of not so long ago. We are probably not very different, you and I. I was extraordinarily lucky to have very good and understanding friends, and one girl in particular who I honestly owe my life to. Think I would have bit a bullet if it wasn't for her, and vice versa. She's now married to one of my best friends, and they've got a lovely daughter. Fills my fucking heart with joy knowing they're gonna raise their child properly when I see so many children bereft of that.

I've gone through life without very many problems aside from those I bring upon myself. By this I mean to say that other people have generally treated me very well, and vice versa. Surely I've encountered some real cunts, but nearly EVERYONE I've interacted with heavily and certainly those I call my friends have been phenomenal to me.

Much of this is luck. I admit this. But much of it is discernment. You may want to strengthen your ability to identify like-minded people; and to avoid unsavory types.

Do be careful internalizing others' issues. It can be quite bad for you. Seems we both possess a deep desire to "help". I don't know how old you are. I'm turning 24 next month...it is important for me to realize how inexperienced I am. How ill-prepared I am to deal with the problems of others en masse.

Don't put the world on your shoulders, homie.

If you've got a similar desire to help others as me, maybe try to "wean yourself off" of the positive reinforcement. This can lead to an over-inflated sense of worth, ironically. Least it has for me, a bit.

I'll be candid and honest; I don't need or desire positive reinforcement for my actions. This isn't a noble thing as you may expect. This is because I hold an internal knowledge that I am, in some ambiguous way, superior to many other people.
Isn't it very odd? Someone with a deep desire to help others, but also possessing innate belief that he or she has more value than certain others?

What a nasty business! I'm a contradiction sometimes.

>Maybe for me to ultimately change as a person it's time I start putting my thoughts into actions just to see what happens and if I end up losing people in the process.. maybe they weren't that special to have around.

This doesn't sound like a bad idea. Sloth and apathy are dire enemies of improvement. We've all got to do something, man. We ain't all doing something, but we need to.
>faint feeling of something good to come
That's a good feel, I like when it happens. Though experience has taught me that it isnot a guarantee that something external will come to you. Sometimes, you gotta take that good feeling and make something happen with it, and that's when you know you were right all along
Lost my virginity last night at age 22, it was almost as underwhelming as 4chan had told me it would be. The fact that I came about 10 seconds in didn't exactly help, we'd been fooling around all day and my balls were practically exploding at that point. She was very kind and understanding about everything though, so it's all good.

>Lost my virginity last night at age 22
So there's still hope for me? I'm 21, never had a gf

>it was almost as underwhelming as 4chan had told me it would be.
I want to be underwhelmed, too. How to?
Prety good, I'm studying and enjoying myself. It's just that >tfw no gf that haunts me now and then.
Been chasing after this girl for the past like 2 months but just decided to say fuck it and accept that it won't work. I was sad at first but it kinda feels like a weight's been lifted
Pretty shitty, OP.
I'm trying to figure out what the fuck is keeping me in my current relationship.
I keep getting mixed signals and it's been affecting my well-being.
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>I know that feel, anon
Not great. I have a serious crush on a co-worker and I know nothing will ever happen. It saddens me, but I'm doing the next best thing by convincing myself that she's ugly.
Recently lost a lot of weight and now I've got 4 different girls that have made it clear that they want to fuck. 2 of them are solid 9's, sexy af... Problem is I have a girlfriend of 6 years and we have a 3 year old together.... I'm all kinds of conflicted
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that's a wild ride anon. I've been there. walking home from work with tears in my eyes after spending eight hours spent in her cold company.

I hate to say it but from its very beginning to its very end, it'll probably take you six long months to get over that crush.

for myself, I am okay. my family visited me this weekend and now that they've left, I feel terribly sad, even though I hardly appreciated them while they were here in the flesh. sometimes I wonder why I put up these walls in my life.
Thank you anon. Perhaps our prayers have been heard because I found my wallet with all my things in it. It was in my friend's car, as I suspected.
What kind of mixed signals?
Enjoy the attention but don't even THINK abou5 cheating, or you'll just ruin the family for your child.
In between optimism and crushing negativity.
Being an adult while being shit at everything you do sucks.

But I guess it's this hump i have to get over to be good.

Other than that, fuck a social life
Well don't get me wrong on the underwhelming part, it obviously felt great and all but I was just so pumped up that I came immediately and didn't really get to enjoy it much. I first hooked up with this girl when I was 22, she was my first kiss and everything so there's definitely hope for you - I do have a relatively normal social life apart from my lack of experience with all things romantic/sexual though, and I've known her for like 8 years now. There was always some tension between us, but it never happened until now.
same... I'm a pathetic person, but life is being great

I made lumpia last night and ate too many and don't feel too great from ingesting so much grease. It just tasted so good that I had to go back for a 2nd plate ;_;
funny thing is you're probably sabotaging your own change at a relationship, because somewhere deep doen, you've came to a point where being lonely is comfortable. Where just being with yourself and being yourself is good enough.
I broke up with my ex, wanted her back and now I'm a little confused because of the way she's been acting. We hung out a couple times the past couple weeks and she has been flirty and everything but things changed for whatever reason this past Thursday. She invited me to lunch but she acted very lukewarm to me, sort of like we were just friends. Then she asked if I wanted to have movie night at my house later that day.

She comes over and she is acting the same way. She acts uninterested in cuddling or anything like that so I started fucking with her by rubbing my feet in her face and when she decided to sit on my feet I started to jam my feet in her ass so eventually she just decided to sit on my lap. But the whole time I got a very uninterested vibe from her, which is weird because she invited me to lunch and basically invited herself over to my place. I didn't even bother trying to kiss her when she left. We haven't been in contact since then.

It's been really hard for me because I miss the companionship. But I'm just not sure what's going on, I'm guessing that she is interested in someone else. Anyone got an idea? I kinda have hope that this will all work out some way but the odds seem extremely low at this point.
Also I forgot to mention that she's been acting like she is interested in me seeing other girls. She teases me about how I'm texting other girls when I'm on my phone (I'm not) and also suggests I'm going out on dates with other girls in a playful way. But it doesn't sound at all like jealousy. So it's made me a little confused and so I think she has completely moved on
But there's nothing wrong with being comfortable with yourself.
I'm smart enough to know that the "there's someone for everyone" saying is a blatant lie. The feeling of eternal loneliness creeps over me constantly, coming in waves of varying intensity but is always at the back of my mind, looming over my thoughts. There's a high chance that if I remain a virgin for a few more years that I'm going to commit suicide. It sucks knowing everyone around you has already reached that milestone. I've been close a few times but I still fear death and know my parents would be upset. I'm pretty bitter and cynical, and don't find myself being attracted to women because of those feelings.

On the bright side I've been losing weight, so maybe I'll have a higher chance to get out of this pit now.
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didn't show up to work the past 2 days. spent those days with my gf. now i need to find a new job...or should i try to get back with my old job?

they are hurting for help, might be possible for me to get back with them what do?
>Kind of thinking about my ex because a scar that's usually faded is all red for some reason.

Is his name "He-who-must-not-be-named"? My advice for you: get over him as quickly as possible. That guy is dangerous!
A bit worried. I need to find a new job soon because my parents are going to be disappointed if they find out I walked out on my last one right when I move back in with them. On the bright side I'm getting my license and a car tomorrow, that'll definitely open up more options. I've also got a decent amount of money saved up and two more checks coming.
I was doing fine for the last 3 months or so but my depression is slowly coming back and the few people i like to do stuff with a busy with their social lives. i just hope i make it trough the holidays without killing myself, just like every year
Physically 9/10, I'm in the best physical shape I've ever been in, I'm losing weight, getting stronger and faster.
Emotionally 3/10, I've been single for nearly a year, not been on any dates, the best offer I've had was a 48yo woman asking if I fancy getting coffee and socialising outside of our club.
>just left a really fun party
>talked to a really cute blond girl that I want to pursue
>got my dick sucked by a drunk girl

>when we were getting off, the host opened the door and said, "Oh come on, Jill! Even him?"

Oh well. It's kind of funny.
yeah my ex is voldemort. I regret that phase.
Yeah, she's not teasing you about seeing/talking to other girls. That's a front. No one ever is going to bring that up unless they're genuinely curious or jealous about what the other person is up to. You should've just gone for the kiss, what's to lose really? You're not together anymore anyways. And you were the one who broke up with her, so if anyone is feeling insecure in this situation, it's her.
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Last night I went over to a dude that I liked for a whiles house and we kissed and cuddled
i've had an ex boyfriend and I've kissed and shit but i was totally not into it
but now I really just want to keep being affectionate and everything and i'm afraid im going to be so overbearing to the point where i'm a psycho
same anon
I feel the same way anon lots of time at night is just spent thinking of her and I don't know what to do with myself, I try talking to other girls but I think it's to soon cause there not her and they just don't interest me.
Went to a strip club last night to see my favorite stripper. $250 and a hand job later I'm still lonely and depressed. I got to feel some t&a and had a hot girl touch my dick but... It doesn't matter. I'm still trash. No girl worth her salt would give me the time of day.

Not too long ago I was suicidal. I had to constantly convince myself the I didn't want to be with my ex anymore. I would feel a little better for a few days before spiraling out of control again. Drinking too much, breaking stuff and crying myself to sleep almost every night. I would wake up from dreams where my ex took me back. Upon realizing it was just a dream I would get depressed and it ruined the rest of my day.

It's been about 6 months since my ex broke up with me and I can finally say I've accepted what happened and fully moved on. I'm finally at the point where if she wanted me back I wouldn't be able to. And I no longer want to break into her home and trash the place which is also nice.

I don't believe in astrology but my grandma called me this week to tell me about my planets last week. She spoke about it as if it was urgent, everything was aligned and it was going to be the best year of my life apparently.

Well, I was on my way to a conference to look for a job. The next day I did an interview over the phone and I'm going in for another interview tomorrow. After the conference that day I had coffee with a girl I had talked to on Tinder. Coffee turned into lunch which turned into spending the rest of the afternoon together.

I had dinner with her last night and kissed her. She is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She just says the weirdest stuff and she has an amazing body and cute face. She has this little slightly annoying voice kind of like that girl in "The Last Man on Earth" that I'm absolutely in love with. I honestly feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now. Next time we meet up we're going to watch her favourite movie at her place and I'm 99% sure I'm going to fuck the shit out of her.
> I do have a relatively normal social life apart from my lack of experience with all things romantic/sexual though, and I've known her for like 8 years now. There was always some tension between us, but it never happened until now.
Aaand there goes my hope. Fuck.
I just want a positive sign from the opposite sex of some kind that I am considered somewhat attractive or that someone would fuck me. Sometimes it sucks being the ugly funny dude..
>There's a high chance that if I remain a virgin for a few more years that I'm going to commit suicide. It sucks knowing everyone around you has already reached that milestone.
That's totally me. Hookers don't count, though. It got to be at least casual sex, which is my current goal. I'll try to get out. No idea where to, but I have to do anything, to prevent the suicide.
I've been better. Just another boring case of self loathing and introverted loneliness
"watch her favorite movie", bro she knows the whole movie so it's more like a 100% chance you're gonna fuck the shit out of her
not going great with long distance gf said she can't handle the distance and needs to think about things. luckily i saw her this weekend, everything went pretty good, couldn't let go of each other at the end, then text me when she got home to say she was really glad she did see me in the end

but haven't heard from her since saturday night, after i replied to her. i think suddenly liking her profile picture she changed yesterday would look beta, not sure what to do
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426KB, 1920x1080px
I'm sort of in awe at how rapidly my mental health is deteriorating. It would be fascinating to watch/study if weren't happening to me.

6 months ago I was doing great. Happy, confident, sociable, and really excelling at my new job.

Now I'm having extreme mood swings daily (short euphoric highs, followed by 2-3 hour long episodes of violent depression/self hate.)

I had what I guess you could call a panic attack last night. I tried to go to Taco Bell for dinner, but when I got there all I could think about was how the employees were going to laugh at me behind my back for eating alone.

Never ended up getting out of the car, and spent the drive home imagining what it would feel like if I floored it into a tree.

Went home, couldn't stop shaking (not sure what's up with that), cried for like a hour, and then fell asleep.

Not really sure why the fuck I keep holding on? I work in sales so it's not like what I do has some sort of intrinsic value to society (scientist, doctor, w.e)

My mom is super emotional though, and would be pretty devastated. Not sure if she could take it actually.

I've pretty much pushed away all my siblings and friends so I don't think it would bother them too much.

I feel like my mind is starting to disengage from my body. My body has this primal sense of self-preservation and wants to keep going, but my mind is ready to check out.

I don't want to hurt anyone else though so I guess i have that going for me.

It doesn't really matter anyway though, I'm too much of pussy to ever pull the trigger.
>Failed my nursing nclex
>Failed driving test
>25 and living with parent

Not giving up but this is really shitty
I feel lonely and terrible. The futility of my existence makes me want to die almost every fucking day.

Also people at my school are so fucking loud. Why is it so hard to find a quiet study space here???
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Hey, never say "such a waste of love", because love is something that comes and goes, just smile that you have he pleassure to experience it. Some people never have the chance.

Yes, breaking up with someone you really love is a real hit to the ego. But things are going to be allright!

In other words, I feel sad because I can't just be happy fucking random chicks, I feel sad about it, because I like the connection with another human being, and I can't find that just fucking around.
Holy shit are you me? A long term girlfriend broke up with me last November. I've banged 7 chicks since (nothing crazy but good for me) and I am kind of sick and tired of just hooking up and trying to find dates off of Tinder or POF. I miss the intimacy and the connection more than anything that we had during our relationship and our sex.. I guess it's worth the wait Anon.
I've been sick for a week now.
My forehead feels like cement.
this sucks. I just want to cuddle.
>doubting my relationship
>boyfriend doesn't want to hang out with me Friday
>dress fly
>go to party
>some dude keeps texting me
>go to party with bf Saturday
>bf angers me Saturday night
>meet a nice/cute guy that night
>doubting my relationship more
>bf apologizes on Sunday
>doubting my relationship less

I'm back and forth.
I'm stressed the fuck out because in addition to all the normal bullshit life brings, for some reason my school hasn't applied my financial aid to my account so I can't register for classes, or see my transcript to plan my transfer.
Just lit up a joint and poured me and my gf beer...we are watching John Wick, so....pretty good to be honest
Last November? So, you've been broken up for a year?
Yes. Why?
Honestly, like crap. Everybody is advancing in life except me. Been unemployed from my dead end job since lay off back in August. Searching high and low for better but it's either I'm over/under qualified. Even if I do, I check my resume, send it out, and I don't here a word from the prospective employers. I feel like a bum. I already let go dating because I know women won't mess with a guy that has no direction. I can't really relate to anyone anymore, especially people my age. My dreams? On hold or close to being let go because it's not guaranteed. I just need to find a stable job.
Just met the gf of one of my classmate from some years back.
She's gorgeous as fuck. Completely my type.
I haven't had a gf in at least 7 years and shit like this hits me hard.
Tfw two years since sex. I draw way too much hentai now.
stop being a fucking tool and fucking move on you idiot if she treats you like that and you don't like it delete her, you know how you deserve to feel and if she's not doing that then cut her out, also fwb never ends good just saying I've been in 3 cases of it and it never turns into anything worth anything just a shit show at the end.

Basically in the same boat as this guy except I live with family that is literally crazy. I just told them off. Hearing them 'plot' against me outside my bedroom door is infuriating. They're desperate and just spoke about planting shit in my fucking car. None of them will get in there since I'm not giving rides to their broke asses anymore. I also recorded them speaking about this.
I miss sex.

I mean, I could have a lot more, but I don't want to have sex with a girl I'm not physically attracted to at the moment. I feel it would break my weak self-confidence again, and also that I would be disrespectful to the girl. Fapping is barely good, feels more like forced because of the urge to fuck. Orgasms feel small and lacking.

So I wait. Then sometime I'm totally trashed abd I wake up and I learn from my neighbour in bed that I am like an animal. A girl I swore I would never fuck again, well we had a threesome with a mate (my first mmf) this night.

And even if it was funny as hell to learn the story of the night, it was totally irresponsible (no condom) and basically it felt shit because I can't remember the feeling of her pussy, I only have some flashes of memory of me fucking her.

More than sex, I miss a woman in my bed. I miss the physical proximity with a girl. I miss my old life with my ex and the ideas of future we had together.

More than girl in my bad, I miss the deep mental connexion we had together with my ex. I tried to connect to other people, but it just does not feel the same. I also feel I need this kind of connexion with someone. I need a special person.

I can't find her at the moment. I learned to be patient, but I need at least sex to wait.

So I miss sex.
What happened with your ex? When did you break up, and why?
I have no drive or motivation. It's like there is an empty void inside me. I'm starting to become apathetic and lethargic. I'm going to drop out of college after this semester and work on myself. Get a job, a hobby, read... anything but laying in bed all day.
I can relate. I don't have a job, don't go to school. Feel like a loser. I stopped training like a year ago and feel like shot both in energy and looks. I'm becoming so anti-social that it feels like im losing my emotions. How i wish i could cry like a little baby again. Just any emotion except frustration.
File: 1433634535260.jpg (214KB, 746x718px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 746x718px
I feel pretty shitty, I forgot how awful it feels to be single around the holidays.

The only thing that keeps me going is the secret santa thing I'm doing on another board.
Terrible, a girl who is really chill and nice wants to have sex with me and she is going to awkwardly try to seduce me soon.
Do I just say I have a preference for a different body type or what?
I honestly don't want to make things awkward, girl is chill as hell.
I guess i'm ok. I got sad today because one of my friends told me he was going to this girls house to smoke a blunt and that girl happened to be this girl i've been crushing on. I'm to much of a pussy to talk to her even though we've talked before (about tattoos, we both have them, she has many visible ones) I also smoke weed everyday so she would probably be a cool match. There are also a couple of girls that I flirt with that I could possibly get with but I don't want any of them I just want her. I'm just so annoyed of myself because i've felt like in the last year I've been building myself personally and my skills pertaining to my career have been getting better.
I honestly just don't want to be scared to talk to girls I like anymore and I always feel so inferior to them when I am in their face and it's fucking annoying. I also just want to learn how to get to that next level instead of that perpetual trap of being in the friendzone
Got blackout drunk and broke a buddies watch on Saturday. He fixed it, but I'm still beyond embarrassed at my behavior. I have no idea why I acted like a dick. He's forgiven me and we had a good hour or so chat, but I'm still beating myself up over it. He actually told me to stop apologizing but I just feel like shit. It was uncalled for.

> basically homeless until Dec 1st
> broke because moving to a new place while having to pay rent at old place
> working two jobs starting tomorrow, already working more than I'm not working
> reprimanded at work tonight because of a miscommunication
> in the closet
> broke
> going sober (was mostly weed but also alcohol, oxys, percs, Ritalin and coke)
Don't say the body type shit, that's awkward as fuck and is just gonna hurt her feels
I feel great despite taking a 20% pay cut at work this year and spending $11K on my DWI. Haven't gotten laid in a year either...but I feel great. Call it apathy but the older I get the less things seem to phase me in regards to the negatives in life, but I'd rather call it not worrying over stuff.

What the other guy said.
Is she a hambeast or something?
Strange urge to jump off my roof, I don't know if that is a feeling.
File: 1369451206635.jpg (63KB, 717x837px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 717x837px
>be me
>non-catholic at catholic school
yeah, that's where I fucked up
>catch feels for ultra catholic girls
>i'm talking "3x a week mass, eucharist, and prayer so hard motherfuckers wanna crucify me" catholic
>convince myself that it won't work
>masturbate to stop sexual frustration but I can't jack off my romantic frustrations
>general apathy toward dating due to my life being in an academic shitstorm right now

other than that, just fine

A lot of those girls are just DYING for a dude to offer them a ride on the bone throne. Don't give up.
Amazing. Helped fund -- and by "fund" i mean entirely pay for -- my girlfriend's wish to learn a language. Now she's picking up interest in this guy that's part of the program. Showing total disinterest in me and getting angry/looking for reasons to be angry at me.

Fucking golden.
>I was being a doormat and now I got keked
>How could this happen?!
>not gay
>no femtards in my life
>girlfriend that is actually really into me
>close friends
>not a goat fucker
but bad thing is I don't like my parents that much and I have no reason. Just generally angered. but pretty good
believe me, the woman I caught feels for won't give it up without a wedding and won't consider a relationship unless jesus is your wingman and you have a fantasy league of saints
Have tons of diseases, jobless, small circle of friends not sure if they treat me as one, no money, living in a 3rd world country, TFW no gf.
Remember that you can always just get new friends
File: sleepy_puppy.gif (3MB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 320x240px
Stressed from family wanting to a billion things during Christmas season. I just want to enjoy hot cocoa, play video games, and watch scary movies.

I'm also tired from work. Otherwise I'm good though.
My life is for the most part ok except I CAN'T GAIN ANY FUCKING WEIGHT REEEEEE

I'm /fit/ and have stalled on weight for almost 5 months now while 'bulking'. I literally cannot bring myself to eat as much food is required to gain weight, and it's really making me irritable and sad when I step on the scale and I'm the same or less weight. Also tfw no gf.
im currently in the process of cutting weight and can't seem to drop much. I droped 10 and have stayed there. you have any tips? I would recommend that you start to eat foods high is lean fats. I just got off bulking awhile ago
I got a girlfriend

everythings gonna be alright
Really, really bad. I'm near rock-bottom. I need help.

Friday a random redneck guy at a bonfire just started a fight with me. I knocked him out and left, super shaken up since I've never been in a fight. My body still hurts. Saturday I attended a big party with friends. A guy I've known for a while started pushing my buttons, making rude comments and getting in my face. This must have triggered some shit I've bottled up from this past terrible year. I went off on him and lost some friends. After it died down and he with others left I had a big emotional meltdown and probably looked like a big blubbering idiot on the back porch. A random hipster girl curled up with me and consoled me. She gave me her number but I'm not gonna drag a person into the mess that is my life right now.

I just...bottled everything up. I haven't spoken to anyone about this past year and what happened. I gotta go get help.
I actually don't feel hunger like normal people so I've always been thin. I legitimately think it's something wrong with me
are you trying to gain weight or mass?
Mass for the past year, but at this point I'm so frustrated I'd gain fat if it meant the scale would fuckin move.
>A random hipster girl curled up with me and consoled me. She gave me her number but I'm not gonna drag a person into the mess that is my life right now.
Aye mate if she wants out she can leave. Clearly she was still interested despite what happened. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Bro if that's your rock bottom you have so much to be grateful for. Holy shit.

Take it easy. Go find some help but first and foremost relax, because everything is alright.
I might move. Far away from the love of my life. And their overbearing mother.

I think I'm all right. A little lonely, and a little broke. It's okay, I know there's always much worse.
I do stuff like this with my gf, but hardly get anything in return. She hardly seems to comprise or give. Fuck, I'm not even asking her for a bj, would a pat on head while letting me rest on her lap be too much? I have to ask for anything, and everything feels far from genuine. Sometimes I just want to be acknowledged. That things are okay.

I don't want to play this game anymore ;-;
I don't know I should be on top of the world but here I have sat for the last three years feeling sorry for myself, pushing my life into the lonely solitary exsistence it is now; always feeling empty and to top it off I go to bed every night hoping I die peacefully in my sleep to never wake up. I have worked hard to become good looking, fit, smart and it's still not good enough. No one truly knows but its written on my face, don't think anyone cares but thats just life, maybe if im lucky I won't wake up tomorrow.
>turned 26 yesterday
>accomplished nothing/permavirgin loser
>desperately need anti-depressants
>mustering courage to make a doctor appointment
Been talking to girl online, all seemed amazing, she wanted to meet, invited her for dinner, she said she can't go (this was yesterday, she had a very good reason), said she'll tell me when she can today, still hasn't messaged me and it's already past noon.

After dozens of failed attempts to even meet with girls I've met online I can't help but feel this is just another failure. Kinda wish I could shake it off but it's so demoralizing. I'm not even sure if she's that great, but it's like facing a brick wall when I can't even meet the girl.

I wish online dating wasn't so horrible and also my only choice, but unfortunately it is...
Really amazing job opportunity fell through that I would've had in the bag.
Yeah, hambeast.
I was going to say I was only into amazons or something weird as kind of a self deprecatory way to get out of there.
She literally is planning to "seduce" me today when we're alone and who the hell knows how to reject that while still remaining friends.
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