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I'm not making enough money. I can't afford to back

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I'm not making enough money. I can't afford to back to school. I've put in over 300 applications with no response. Literally no one will even look at me.
I've tried using a manpower/labor business but they have nothing for me. I've looked at gigs and jobs on craigslist, still nothing.
I'm too small to donate plasma. I'm trying to sell my guitar for extra cash but no one is biting.
The options I have left are stripping, camwork and suicide

what do
How old are you and what work experience and skills do you have.

first job was a desk clerk, second job was a delivery driver, current job is housekeeping, all in a little over a year due to scheduling issues and seasonal work.
I have research skills, qualitative and quantitative. I have marketing and advertisement experience, obvious customer service abilities, data entry, collection and analysis and database management,

I also have back country navigation skills and general physical labor skills but people aren't wont to hire small women for those things

You must live in a shitty area for jobs. Have you considered re-locating?

yeah but I don't have the money for it. I could feasibly borrow money for the move but I would want to already be hired on for the job before I get settled in to some new place.

what makes things worse is people don't really consider non-local candidates so I would have to move my ass somewhere new, get a shitty job there and pray the job market is better there

idk it's all really depressing

What state and city do you live? Reason I ask is I'll go help you find jobs right now.
Keep applying.

I got my job like a year after I applied, out of the blue.

You never know.
Just keep trying. Maybe you'll get it when you never thought you would.

Reno Nv. Technically a little further out in a bumpkin farm town but it's a nice cheap place to live. I'm 45 from the state capitol too.

I'm trying to be optimistic but I don't have a year. It's getting pretty close to the wire for me. I've got big dogs so I can't just move somewhere cheaper just yet.
Worst comes to awful, give your dogs away.

If you can't take care of them, don't let them suffer your hunger.

Give them to friends, or a shelter where you know they'll get a good family.
>Give them to friends, or a shelter where you know they'll get a good family.

I don't have friends, and they're pitbulls, they wouldn't survive a shelter. I had them when I was better off, and I wouldn't even have had two if my ex was capable of caring for himself let alone a dog.

either way they don't go hungry no matter what happens, but I'm not going to give them up because I know that people aren't exactly chomping at the bit for pits, even well behaved adorable ones. If I had anyone I could trust, I would have let them have them by now. All in all, they're the reason why I even get up in the morning
Find someone to review your resume/cover letters. 25 years old myself and probably sent out 30+ applications. Didn't start getting responses until I cleaned the fuck out of my resume and such... But to be fair I got my current job due to family/family friend hookups...

You mentioned going "back" to school. Did you stop uni/college partway through? If so, you can always hit up their career center and get some help there.




i finished with minimal (6K) loans but the degree means nothing nowadays. don't even ask.

I've completely rewritten and rewritten my resume and cover letters at least a hundred times now but I'll see if I can't get someone to take another look.
>I have research skills, qualitative and quantitative. I have marketing and advertisement experience, obvious customer service abilities, data entry, collection and analysis and database management
Are you female me?
Feelin it bro.

I had a pit when I was a teenager.

Smartest fucking dog I ever had. She was a clever little shit.
Like, we had a hedge in our yard. She'd run along it, to scratch her own sides. She didn't need us.

When she was hot, she'd run down to the creek. Our other dog was too stupid to do that when he was hot.

Husky half-breed, and he'd lay in the sun, panting.

But he'd follow her, the pit, down to the creek, to cool off, never on his own.

Smart bitch. In the winter, she'd go with my dad on skiing.
But when she got tired, she'd look at my dad, and then turn home to us.

She knew how much he'd go, and how much it'd take to go home.

I miss her.
Only dog I'd let sleep on my bed.

Anyways, your life is above theirs. If you can't feed them, give them up and hope someone else can.

Try for unemployment if you can't find a good jorb.
My country (Canada) has pretty lax requirements and good pay for it, if you meet the brackets.
>class a cdl driver
>2 years hr experience
>3 years clerical experience

this is why people won't hire me. I'll give the second two a shot but they want people with 5 years experience for entry level jobs ffs
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do you have high aspirations for yourself and enormous potential and absolutely zero outlet for it because you're dead broke?

If you do we should be friends so I can cry to someone who understands

More or less. Although without the dire financial situation, to be fair.

Oh apply for this! I used to do LP. It's actually pretty fun. You can wear whatever you want. You sit in a back room on cameras and just chill. When people shoplift you run out and apprehend them. It's actually fun


haha I'll give it a try
hows the pay? if it's minimum wage I'm just shooting myself in the foot because that's what i'm already being paid

It really just depends on the store. I didn't work at Macy's. I worked for Sears and I got paid $9/hr. One of my friend got a job at Kohls making $13/hr.

Macy's should be fun though. Since they have a lot of women products. I imagine you all have a lot of rich, snobby white girls that steal for no reason. I can't tell you how many times I've had mothers come in, and stuff jewelry into their purse or even into their kids diapers. Not all meth heads either, but like wealthy people who could easily afford it. It's kinda satisfying busting them.

what would a cover letter be like for this when I have zero experience in LP?

Put emphasis on responsibility, attention to detail, able to keep cool under pressure, integrity.

Also report writing, communication, and a strong work ethic.

I'll be sure to take notes on all of this.
Thanks so much for showing me this. Hopefully it pans out well. I appreciate the glimmer of hope!
Dumpster dive at places like Gamestop and sell what you find on eBay. Companies throw out literally tons of unused/barely used merch.

Welcome. And just keep searching. Also, many big retail companies have loss prevention. So you can search for that too. They should definitely at the very least pay $8.00/hr because you sometimes have to go to Court for cases and cause you have to be 18. With Macy's I think they might pay close to $10/hr but that's a guess. Either way, most LP jobs don't want you to have prior experience cause they want to train you. So keep looking
You said you worked as a desk clerk and currently in housekeeping. I take that to mean at a motel/hotel. Cheers, I'm actually at work right now at one of those things. Ain't seen a soul tonight.

If your location is anything like mine (minimum wage sounds pretty fucking close), you'll often have the lone desk clerk watching over the entire building for many hours at a time. Maybe you can play that up applying for LP. Make up some shit about conflict resolution with disorderly guests etc. Or hell, tell the truth about the shit if possible!

It fucking sucks working at a motel when you're the sole person there with any ambition beyond the current day. People just....don't care!

You seem pretty similar to me. I'm more fortunate than you, though. Certainly don't deserve it, but I'm no saint that'll give away his safety net.

If you're able to completely compartmentalize the activity and not let it affect you negatively (I couldn't myself), I do imagine you could make some meaningful income from panhandling, especially as a small female. This is only an option if "the ends justify the means" rings very true to you.

Good luck, homegirl.
Oh, I forgot a couple things.

Are you living with your folks right now? As long as you're turning 24 within the school year you're applying for, you're able to get the federal pell grant even if you live at home with mommy and daddy like me. You're considered an independent regardless of your living situation. This is how I'm getting back in school after crashing my scholarship 3 years in.

I'm getting 2,880 from the grant per semester with tuition around 3k and change. I'll take some slight (subsidized!!!) loans out as well to prevent me from being a completely broke sack of shit all the time.

In terms of employment, locally a Lowe's Distribution Center seems to hire TONS of females of any build for a warehouse job. Starting at 12.50/hr and I'm in a very low-wage/cost-of-living part of the US. A lot of times the companies seem infatuated with the idea of stronk females working the warehouse. Doesn't matter if you're small at this place- you'll get a job suited to your build. Buddy of mine started working there recently and she ain't but 5'5'' and like 110 lb. She found the first month a bit difficult, but claims it to be pretty easy now. So don't write off those jobs that look like manual labour completely!
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 2

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