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quick questions thread

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I've got a few hours
how do i do a good shave on my face without shaving on the opposite way of hair growth?
How do i find a job?
What qualifies you to answer any of my questions?
Why does my penis move by itself?
How do I get a shy introverted girl to open up and like me?
Is Pegasus gay?
Will she give me her number if I ask tomorrow?
Where can I get 10cc syringes without looking like a junkie or pervert? Want to give myself dry enema.


This song is me desu
ah, well there are a few things here
first your skin mush be primed, a good scruw will do this
second the skin should be soft, a combination of washing in hot water and a good shaving cream will do this (anything works reasonably well as shaving cream)
a sharp razor, this is where most people fall down, they buy a razor with 6 blades, then don't change it for six months
one blade is fine, two is better, after that I think it's a waste of time
shave slowly with the grain, make a short stroke then clean out the head of the razor with water, make a series of show downwards strokes
then go across the grain (sideways), this can be trickier for the mustache zone, you can pull your top lip down to make it easier
1. identify your skill level
2. look for industries with openings a that level
3. search daily for these jobs online
4. go to anyone you know in the industry and ask them if they know of any openings
5. let everyone you know personally know that you're looking

if you are new to the workforce, keep your resume free of junk and conventional, apply in hospitality or retail, or packing, or agriculture; these are generally good places to start
I have a different perspective, and different life experience, sometimes that's all you need

be consistent with your affection, wait till you think she likes you, let her know that you like her in plain English
be trust-able, honest, compasionate

go shit up someone else's thread

let me check my crystal ball

you can get them on ebay, also you can use a range of things instead if you need to
medical stores sell them, vets use them, animal trainers, lots of people
junkies usually get smaller ones, or free ones from needle exchanges
Is life worth living?
in general, or for you specifically?
How to get over how ur face looks without cosmetic surgery
Help with quitting dip tobacco? Tried many times but failed. I go to a tech school where 90% of people use tobacco in some way and makes it even harder to quit.
everyone has a face, some better than others
but at the end of the day, it only gets people so far

you just have to accept what you have and move on

it takes most people a few times to quit
you get better at quitting each time you do it

often people do it compulsively to deal with stress, try twirling a pen and keeping your moth still; you can break the different parts of the habbit
it gets better right? Got my wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago. Really feelin the pain. Bad taste and bad smells comin from my mouth yet I'm still too sore to brush my teeth
use mouthwash for a while, I'm not a dentist
I'm trying. I gargle and hold warm salt water in my mouth since I can't rinse or spit proper yet. Also using the therabreath mouthwash sometimes. Hope it's safe
How should you ask someone how they feel about you?

I was dating a girl who's become very busy, too busy to meet and sometimes even too busy to talk. She's bad at showing her feelings in general, so I want to make sure it's not just work keeping her down.
if she's not big on feelings just ask her how she's doing
you can't nag them into talking about it
Wisdom tooth anon again. Gobbled down a banana. I fucking hate everything about bananas but I'm so hungry. Fuck.

If my dissolvable stitches are in my mouth, do they basically hold everything in place? Like what's their purpose?

Can I get a dry socket even if the stitches are still there?
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I just recently started having 1on1 lessons with a Japanese private tutor. I didn't know she'd be this charming before we arranged it via Gumtree but I've basically developed feelings for her. She's one of those super friendly types that smiles a lot and touches my arm every now and then.

Do I continue hanging out with her and gradually making our time spent with each other grow? Or is it best to outright ask her out after a few lessons?
man I don't know shit about dentisty
In that picture, who's holding the camera? Or maybe people still have webcams and he used it to take a photo
how do i stop being a whiny fag?
Yeah me neither. I just hope it gets better. Wanted to get these teeth out of the way so I'll never have to deal with this again in my life
a lot of these women take up jobs like these because they want the attention, but feel the need to draw a line

they'l go along with your personal line until they get worried and then they'l make some excuse and vanish

maybe you're is different, but maybe not

I'd finish the lessons and tell her if she still wants to talk that's cool
don't make a bit deal of it, you need her insecurity to break through the walls she puts up for herself

more game playing that I usually advocate, but what can I say; I had a tutor like that too
learn to grit your teeth a bit more
I learned by encouraging other people when I was feeling shitty, and from being in places where there was nobody to whine to, and nobody to help me out

lesser evil greater good
Alright thanks. Yeah I was thinking of cutting the lessons off after a few more.
let me just say it, Learned more of another language when I was in another country for a week than I did learning in classes for two years

doing it for real you learn from context
My problem is the girl not the language lol.
well good luck with both anon, clever girls are hard to pin down
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 2

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