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/adv/, are you motivated? Focused? Inspired? Disciplined? I'm

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/adv/, are you motivated? Focused? Inspired? Disciplined? I'm not.

If you are, how do you do it? How do you instill discipline, determination into your life without some sergeant screaming at you? How do you teach to yourself?

I have so much I want/need to get done and I have every intention of doing it but even as I am doing things, I get tired of it fast, bored or plain unmotivated. It's really affecting my everyday life now.
Two words: other people. And no, not drill sergeants. Buddies. Partners. Individuals to whom I have a responsibility. We're by and large a social species and it shows in our personal enterprises.
I don't really have other people around. My family lives out of my city and I have few friends here and there who I hangout with when we have time but they're just as lazy and shit as I am.

How do you build a productive network like that? Where do I even start?
You're in luck my friend, follow these steps.

1.) Remind yourself of what exactly it is you want to accomplish

2.) Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shquazmK8BE

3.) Write down a list of things you can do right now to accomplish that thing in step 1.

4.) Do it

As far as the day to day process, you have to fall in love with the grind. Realize that every loser you know is that way because they don't believe in the day-to-day grind. It's what separates the average from the masters.
The "productive" part is easy. You find friends who are interested in the same things you are and you make plans to do it together. As for networks, well, to be frank I've gotten tired of explaining on /adv/ how to make lots of friends. What the fuck happened to the world.
No offense to that guy but relying on networking is just excuse people use. "i-i don't know anybody". Plenty of us don't, yet we succeed anyway.

Ignore his advice for now. That will come later.
It's a video I've watched several times, it's great but it's not the answer.

I've even had several months of success come crashing before me in some retarded cascading way.

For example, right now my goals include,
Budgeting (improving)
Japanese (greatly improving)
Eating habits (suffering)
Exercise (very slowly improving)
General Learning (very very slowly improving)
Confidence, specifically talking to women and people (not improving)

So basically my goal is any kind of improvement in all of these categories, of course some hold higher in priority that others but at some point in each day I want to add a little victory to all of them. At one point I was and went several months in continuum, including other things like no coffee and keeping my place tidy.

Then I don't even what is was but I started skipping days and I essentially lost 80% of what I gained, all the habits and routines. I feel like it's due to line of work, which is construction and some days leaves me absolutely exhausted.

I don't know, I'm almost just rambling random thoughts here.
Those seem like pretty open-ended goals. Shouldn't they be applied to something greater?
to be frank I've gotten tired of explaining on /adv/ how to make lots of friends.
So write a copy pasta or an infographic nigga
Well I'm not going into any great deal of detail just for the thread. I have them all written down nicely in a binder with more precise individual goals.

A lot of them will just boil down a better, progressing lifestyle for later life.
Same OP. :( Freshman in College rn and unmotivated asf. I know what I need to do in order to succeed, but all I wanna do is just lay around and listen to music, practice music, and just fucking BREATHE music lol. I need motivation to become a fucking slave to system in order to succeed. someone halp. And don't tell me, "major in music". Fuck that. Too risky, and not practical in the real world. Wish it was tho.

Define a goal:

Make it concrete, not abstract, with a definite end point.

(ex: weightlifting: I want to get stronger vs I want to hit 225 bench, 315 squat, 405 deadlift, 145 OHP in 8 months).

Make goals realistic according to timeframe, current predicament, current resources and resources needed. Make it sound dwarf fortress tier in level of complexity.

Assume worst case scenario and best case scenario, then think of something worse than worst case and worst than best case: Congrats, you just removed as much bias as possible.

Research and plan how you want to get there: Odds are, someone else has too and they probably got a good guide to help you out. Outlines, flow charts, hell, even tier it.

Habits, habits habits: Habits take about 3 months to get solidified. You not only have to remove bad habits but also plant good ones so bad ones don't reform. (pulling a weed and planting a tree).

Always be constantly learning

Remind yourself every day what you are doing, what the goal is, and what you want out of it. Constantly remind yourself throughout the day. It helps if you meditate in the morning before you start it.
By focusing otherwise harmful or negative emotions into something far more useful.

For example, becoming intensely angry with myself if I fail to follow-through on a commitment. Being disgusted with myself if I do the same.

I can't really recommend it, but it works for me!
By being Deadpan Snarkman Leaderguy
Fuck family though.
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