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A Most Weird Year

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Soon it's gonna be a year since my ex girlfriend left me (Next February) and it's been a very weird year. It's been... Something different. Not bad or good. But I'm definetelly not happy, not as happy as I was back then, just before meeting my now ex-girlfriend.

Starting at February up until the beginning of the summer, it was the worst part. Copying with that lost, while at the same time I was constantly bumping into her in the most random situations. And things each time were more and more tense, thanks to my own impulsiveness (Looking back, I don't regret much having ruined one or two parties)

Summer started and I thought it would get better, but I got even weirder. I spended the whole summer on my own, or getting down by some toxic friendships that were still strong back then.

The Summer ended and all I could think was "Can't get worse than this summer" and definetely, it was an improvement, but... It was all overall just a very weird moment of my life.

It's still is.

Now I'm looking for a job while finishing the last classes of my grade -By the early days of this next year, it will be over- I got rid of those "toxic friendships" and, overall I'm feeling better on that side. I'm a little more alone than before, but hey, better alone than in bad company.

I admit I have taken a few looks on the social media of my Ex-GF, and I just don't know what to think: She's even better than the last time we met. She's doing so good. I guess it's good, yeah, I don't wish her any badly. It's just so weird and it hurts so much to see she's doing so perfectly without you. Like, hell, it even looks like she startd to get better the moment she dumped me....

It's been a very weird year, /adv/. Been waking up and fighting against it, but not a single time I've seen things getting better. Not a single time things have changed. My life, right now, is just something so weird. There's so many things that are missing.

Am I going to make it, /adv/?
Can It be done, /adv/? I've just been through too much. You have hopes. You're willing to fight for it.

But, damm, it just doesn't seem to get better.

While she has it all, and I have nothing
I dont know op, but I'm in the same boat as you....except it was in March :(
Can we make it?

Since the moment she left me I grew so strong, because that's the only thing I could do with myself.

i've been fighting all this time for something better. But things rarely change. It's been too much time fighting with no reward going on
I mean to me you just sound like you're going through the motions and not actually trying to improve your life. Are you picking up new hobbies? metting new people? Going to the gym?

Are you doing anything different at all besides focusing on your breakup?
I dont think I'm gonna make it.

Shit sucks. I still miss her and it's been 8 months.

Mine is a little different though as she came back a few months ago and we had a brief rekindling before she left again.

I just wanna give up.

I know now even if she came back it could never work. But I can't stop caring about her.
I'm not going through the motions, but I'm rarely doing what you list.
I haven't picked any new hobby, and I don't go to the gym (I got a little chubby, and it's kind of alright since I was so slimmy back then, but I should work on with what I have now to grow stronger)

Just now, very recently, I've been starting to look for a job. After getting rid of those friends that made me feel like shit, I've been starting to go out with people I knew but I didn't had the chance to get close with.

It's weirdly weird for me to meet new people. Sometimes I go out alone at nights, to bars, to concerts, and somehow I keep attracting people, There's no night I don't meet weird, colourful people. In some sense I have a very magnetic personality. But there's no bonding there. I go as I come: On my own. I don't know where to start when it comes to making getting closer to the many acquaintances I have, that I know that they like me, but I still feel there's not much trust between the two to talk about meetin and having a few beers.

All this last paragraph has been this last month.
I'm sorry to hear that, bro.

This fella >>16490699 has hit many buttons to me.

I actually don't miss her. I have gone too much through the motions, the missing, but I haven't done much after that. What I found, after finally dealing with my feelings, is that I have nothing else to look forward. I'm finishing my studies going to 3 classes (of one hour each) every week. I go with new people, different from my class from last year, but I'm just there for an hour, so I have no time to bond with them. They're with their mates, and I'm just someone who's getting in and out for just 2 months.
Of course you will make it OP. The problem is focusing your energy on her. I know you think you have been trying to not think of her/move on. But you really have to do more

First off, any texts/pictures/anything you have left get rid of. Next, no contact. Do not let this girl control your life. Over time, it will get better.

You're pretty young I'm guessing mate, Shit does get better trust. This is just a bump on the ol road of life that you will get by. Have faith mate, stop putting her on this pedestal.
Hey friend-0s
I know exactly how you feel
>Lady leaves
>Try to push it into the back of your mind
>But so alone; oh, so alone
>Last thing you think about before bed
>First thing you think about when you wake
I wont lie, its going to feel like youve been suffering for a long time but youll get over it. You'll eventually come to a fork and ask youself
>Should I end it all
>Is it really worth my time, to always think about what was/couldve been/has been?
Its been two years since I asked myself that question. I've moved on to other things. I have myself a new lady now. I regret things had to fall apart with my first lady, but im a better person for having suffered.
It's insane how fast time goes by. I was reading your thread and thinking about how my gf and I broke up in January, around the same time as you.
Then I realized we actually broke up in January 2014, so it's been nearly two years and I haven't come close to dating anyone else. Then that just makes me think about how I've basically accomplished nothing in 2015. What a shit year.
You may just have to accept that you'll be less happy when you're single OP. Life can't be all sunshine and roses 100% of the time. There are ups and downs and periods where you're neither happy or unhappy.
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