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Can someone explain to me why people get soo angry, afraid or

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Can someone explain to me why people get soo angry, afraid or hostile towards someone if they are I guess what you would call a pedophile? I mean one that is non offending.
Every pedophile started out non-offending. They were dangerous even before the first time they took a victim personally (as evidenced by their eventual doing so). No one wants to be around when you take yours.
the sole fact that you lust after children, who should not be perceived as objects of desire, tha fact that you may end up molesting some kid and scare them for life.

For me the most disgusting is the fact that someone can fap to a picture of my 4yo niece in swimsuit. I would literally kill just for that, nevermind full blown molesting.

the same reason people are afraid and hostile towards sick dogs. They may not have bitten yet, they may be kind of nice even, but they're sick and eventually they snap. And you definitely don't want them biting your own dog and making your dog sick, so it's best to keep them away

kids need to be protected over adults because they are the future. The only way I'd ever humor a pedophile is if they self-castrated, medically or otherwise
You are a sick piece of shit op.
But id never touch a child. I know how scary it is to be molested, so I would never put someone through that.
Yes, because you can predict the future, you idiot.
>But id never touch a child.

No one REALLY knows that but you anon. No one is inside your head and no one really wants to accept the word of a pedo because there is too much at stake

They may trust you and you'll never harm anyone
They may trust you and you screw their kids up

Too high chances
As long as you haven't offended, I don't care. I view pedophilia as something that you're born with, just like you can be born gay. If you are a pedophile op, I just hope you never have to offend and can either control yourself or seek help. That's how I see it at least. If its something that you were born with or can't change, then as long as you don't act on it, I don't care. I understand why people get so hostile though and while I think they're stupid, its their opinion just like this is mine.
Go kill yourself you piece of shit. Anyone who sympathizes with you should also kill themselves. Fucking deviant degenerate pieces of shit. You and those who sympathize with you are some of the worst of the worst scum on Earth.
Who's the cosplayer?
fear of the unknown. why would they associate with someone who admittedly is attracted to their children?
That's what they all say
It's not the unknown
They know exactly what they're afraid of
Most child molesters are not pedophiles.

I look at all these normal people in here calling OP a sick piece of shit who will eventually snap, without them realizing they are statistically just as likely to molest children.

Not sure if PIC is OP or related to the subject, but pedophiles hunger for 8 yr old ass, not teen ass.
I bet you'll molest a child in the future. Don't try to say you won't that's what all non-pedophiles say.
If I molest a child then that means I'm not a non pedophile no
>Most child molesters are not pedophiles
Yeah, yeah, and they're not True Scotsmen either, I take it?
>Oct 27, 2015 - Similarly, not all child molesters are pedophilic. (That is, people will sexually abuse children for reasons that aren't related to sex, such as

Dumb liberal bullshit. It is nothing like being born gay. A gay person CAN act on his urges and fantasies without hurting or exploiting anyone. Two gay people decide to have sex with each other, it's nobody else's business.

A child isn't equipped to make a decision like that. A pedophile can NEVER act on his urges without hurting, traumatizing, or at least taking advantage of a child.

A repressed homosexual has a moment of weakness, he goes out and hooks up with a guy. No big deal. A repressed pedophile has a moment of weakness, and a child gets hurt. And everyone has moments of weakness.

Why is it worth the risk? If a person's entire sexuality is naturally aligned towards the rape and corruption of children, why would you keep that person around?



Have fun, goy ;)

Make a point or don't, I don't care enough to read your articles
Then its for other people here and not you :)
So I just went to one of the links. It's anecdotal stuff. There's no actual credible research or anything. I don't get why you're citing that shit?
>missing the reason for putting links.
You are very hot OP. I would age play with you.
I think we're less likely to molest a child purely for the fact we're not attracted to them. I'm just saying.
Wouldn't you be afraid of a Muslim extremist who often spoke of suicide bombing your capitol city, even though he has never done it?
biologically normal people aren't psychologically-wired to be attracted to children. Add to that either this person is acting out on their fantasies or they are frustrated by the fact that they can't. Neither one bode well for normal people--that is to say they are rightly suspicious of you as they should be even if you aren't. But 1000 years ago normal 30 year old guys had 14 year old wives you say? Well that claim is suspicious and irrelevant. But 16 year olds should be legal you say? Okay hypothetically 16 year olds are legal, most can tell you're a creepy fuck, now what?
Children are innocent, and the thought of exposing them to unwanted sexual attention, which would physically and mentally damage them, is cruel.
It's the same feeling that comes from watching a kitten get burned alive, or from seeing a puppy get thrown into a river.
It just seems like a cruel thing to do to something so innocent and undeserving.

The fact that such a thing sexually arouses some people is absolutly terrifying. I literally catagorize it with the people who masterbate to gore.

it does depend on where you draw the line though.
Masterbating to momxxxson porn isn't the same as masterbating to the thought of your actual mom.

Op if you find yourself masterbating to real kids and getting sexually aroused or excited when you are around children, that is a bad sign and you need to see a therapist ASAP. Masterbating to Loli hentai or something like that isn't as bad, but will still get you grouped in with other pedophiles if you admit to it.
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>someone solely attracted to prepubescent children (0-11, basically pre-k and elementary school)
>someone solely attracted to pubescent tweens (11-14, basically middle school kids)
>someone solely attracted to post-pubescent kids (14-18, basically high school kids)

Lots of people associate pedos with all underage people, but there's a very distinct difference. If OP wants to bang girl in OP's pic, he's not a pedophile. Girl in OP's pic looks like a teenager.

And, quite honestly, every straight guy is attracted to post-pubescent teen girls.
As the old saying goes; "If it bleeds, it breeds."
There can be little to no physical difference between a 16 year old and that 20 year old regular anon was fantasizing about banging.

Also, lots of pedos/hebes/ephebos are solely attracted to that certain age group because of something that happened to them in their life.
When I was younger and went after older men who were solely attracted to very young girls, they were more often than not immature as fuck.
Being a pedophile isn't a sexual orientation. It's a mental disorder.
Because people don't make the distinction between the paedophile who has a condition of unusual and untreatable sexual attraction towards children, and the paedophile who is a convicted child rapist.

The fact that the term is used to describe both really doesn't help.

How you doing, man? Holding up all right? I hear it can be tough.

To add to this, I've ventured on child erotica sites and erotic child photo boards (such as /candy/, ugh)
And there's distinct different types of pedophiles.
The ones who view children as sweet and innocent, and acknowledge they'd never want to fuck them up...
And then there are the really awful ones. The ones who are attracted to children for tainting that innocence. They get off on ruining them.
Usually the latter are the ones who are the convicted child rapists.
>biologically normal people

But this definition is socially defined, not scientifically defined.

Is it biologically normal to be homosexual, or to have homosexual urges?

Fifty years ago, almost everyone would have said "no." Now they say, "yes." You think advances in science changed that? It was changes in social perception only that made it happen.

You find it hard to believe society could ever accept non-offending pedophiles, but all it takes is one generation not taught to hate them out of hand, and suddenly they might be recognized as people instead of monsters.

What it actually will take are many, many pedophiles that go their whole life without ever offending, coming out and admitting their attraction to kids, possibly on their death beds to minimize the fallout they and family have to endure. It will take beloved, respected people saying, "I'm a pedo and I never offended. I never hurt anyone, not ever, because I always cared much more about other people than about my own sexual gratification. It hurt to go through life having to keep this secret from my friends and loved ones, knowing that my past, my entire life of good deeds, would all be dismissed by the hatred and prejudice toward all pedos."

When a man admits that he has a rape fetish, but insists that it's just a fantasy, and we look at his life and see that he's never done anything violent or cruel, we can accept that it's just his fantasy, and that fantasy and reality are seperate, and so he's not a bad person for his fantasy.

But if a man ever admits the same thing about fantasies of having sex with children, even if the fantasies are not violent, there is no amount of reasoning or pleading that will make anyone listen, no life that is benevolent enough to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I am biologically normal. As a pedo, I'm sociosexially abnormal, at this place and time. But in a fair society, people should be judged by their actions, not their sexual orientation or desires.
Technically speaking paedophilia is abnormal in the sense that those suffering from it are statistical outliers. There are far fewer paedophiles than there are non-paedophiles; according to Dr. Wikipedia the estimates are about 5%.
I'd hazard a little more than that given that suicide rates are quite high for paedophiles and at least a few percent probably suicide instead of telling anybody.

So in that sense I'd argue that it's not "normal" in the same way that a white man living in China isn't "normal", a 21-year-old cancer patient isn't "normal", or your sweet dubs aren't "normal".

I just had an issue with your use of the term "biologically normal" I'm 100% with you on the rest of it. You sound like a good person, OP.
Pedo man is at it again!

>There is only one pedophile on /adv/.

You can tell by the way he writes that it's the infamous pedo. Also, the other child diddlers aren't nearly as vocal.

I'm virtually never on this board, and this is the first time I've seen or responded to anything pedo-related here. Good job assuming you have a pedo-identifying superpower, though; that's definitely a thing you have and not a delusion.
Although I've clearly got no proof, this thread is eerily similar in writing style to one I see nearly every day.

I'm gonna reply like I always do, look at me, I'm a jackass!

It is not morally bankrupt or abhorrent to desire children sexually. You're fucking unlucky as shit that you ARE attracted to them. I don't envy you the slightest bit. Any real-life action to sate your lust is absolutely morally and ethically abhorrent. I've no children of my own (surprise, rofl), but if anyone violated a friend's child..I don't think they'd live so long around here.

For your day-to-day existence as part of society, consenting or not, this is absolutely irrelevant. Most people will consider your desires morally abhorrent and sinful right from the outset. It is also irrelevant whether this is appropriate or not.

Stop getting caught up in idealism where you long for your preference/affliction (more accurately something in between the two) to be socially acceptable. It is highly unlikely to become so within your lifetime. It is irrelevant if this is fair or not.

Keep that shit secret to yourself. Tell absolutely NOBODY. It don't matter how much you reckon you can trust a person. This is something you need to take to your fucking grave. Unsatisfied, I might add.

I'm lucky that the worst fetishism I came down with is an affinity for pain; masochism without any element of humiliation.

Although it is always a bit nerve-wracking for me to explain that "Yes, this is going to hurt me and yes, this IS, in fact, what I want. Now give it to me!
That's interesting, I guess most pedos type in a similar fashion. Time to revise my thesis!
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