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Hey /adv/. I just needed some input on something that came up

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Hey /adv/. I just needed some input on something that came up very recently and how I should go about handling it.

So my friend that I just met at uni earlier this semester invited me to Thanksgiving with him and his parents. I'm a humble person in public and always shy from others offers whenever approached with anything. He knows that I'm in bad standing with my family and haven't talked to them in years, so I'm certain he knows that I don't have plans of my own.

Now since I know we as people like to take a rational and noble approach when giving advice to others when we wouldn't actually handle it like that ourselves, I have a few questions that are worded very specifically. Would you take him up on his offer even though Thanksgiving is traditionally a family event? Would it be ruder to decline him than to invade upon their holiday?

Sorry for the long post. Cheers, everyone.
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I'll give this a bump before I decide it's too uninteresting of a topic.
In brief, my concern is that you've just met him. I think that this is a great kindness to pay a friend whom you've known for some time. It might not go so well with a friend you barely know and a family you've never met. I think you can afford to pass this one up and help yourself to a turkey sandwich and Netflix this year.
I'm not clear on whether you want to go or not.
Take up the invitation. If his family is the type that likes socialising they'll expect you to accept and even if they're not they'll likely feel good about you being there instead of being alone on TG.

Don't reject invitations made in good faith. Otherwise people stop inviting you.
I don't think that matters, unless there's internal tension within the family test comes out on TG, it might be the best time to meet them

My advice is to go, as I say above, but don't go empty handed. Take some food offering, even if it's just a big box of chocolates to show your appreciation.
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It would pain me to act upon his offer due to it seeming like an intrusion, but I know that I'd ultimately have a great time.

That's some insight that I had not considered. Thanks for that anon.
I meant that if the family is uncomfortable with OP being there, it's not like a new friend is going to step up to the plate. It's just going to be weird for everyone. I think it's more likely than not that OP's friend gave an overstated friendly gesture here without expecting him to accept. When do semesters tend to start, late August-early September? They've known each other less than three months.
What you want to do should have relevant weight on the decision. I agree with >>16486438

Go, it's cool.
Take up the invitation. I haven't been to my family's Thanksgiving get together in years. I've always just stayed with my friend's family. They're pretty chill and pretty much treat me like a member of the family.
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Yeah, that's another great concern of mine. We've become such great friends in the short time span, but I'm not sure we're that close at all. In his text to me he stated "my folks and I would like to invite you", though I don't know if they honestly encouraged it or if he just asked permission.

On a slightly more irrelevant note they're Latino and as far as I know don't speak a ton of English in their free time.
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That's actually really comforting information. Do they address you a lot at dinner or do they usually talk amongst eachother?
Gotta ask.
What is up with the dog?
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It's a collection of images that I saved some time ago from /b/ because I found them comforting. Using them as an identity marker for the time being since the only image that could be related to the topic is a single shot of the invite he texted me.
I'm pretty social with them so the talking is 50/50. I tend to be more polite towards the mother though as she is the head of the household. We just usually share stories, have a couple of laughs, banter, and comment on the food. It's just like when I normally visit them but more " formal".
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So have these holidays always been under the pretense that you've conversed with the family before? I feel like the thing holding me back the most is the fact that I haven't ever seen these people and I've only know their son for a few months.
As per my advice above.... Go. Don't over think it. Good friendships can form very quickly and becauses the invite says "my folks and I" it means this friend has respected his family's feelings and checked.

This is all good. You may even meet extended family, perhaps a hot cousin or 2? :)
Are you aware that using avatars in 4chan is illegal, right?
Some faggot rule after some faggot did this in /b/ - Faggots
Same fag again... In our household we like meeting new people and what better time than over a festive meal.
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I guess since the general consensus is "yes" and people have only shared good experiences when in this position, I'll take him up on the offer and attend dinner with them. Thanks for the help, everyone.

If by "illegal" you mean "against the rules" then I'll test my luck and risk the ban for something I can't imagine being actively pursued within these image boards. Thanks for the concern though.
I'm pretty sure that no one will ever report you for that, atleast on /adv/.
We got tripcodes after all, anyways.
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