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It's 2 pm on a saturday. I am a NEET. I have not gotten

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It's 2 pm on a saturday. I am a NEET. I have not gotten up from bed or seen anyone all day. The thought of sitting in bed with my laptop all day again does not sound thrilling, but I don't know what else to do.

My current gear includes
- one bottle of reasonably strong liquor
- a laptop
- smartphone with 84% battery
- no friends in a reasonable travel distance
- weather too cold for a long walk
- a bar within a walking distance with shit customers and free coffee
- a half-read book too embarrassing to read in public
- roughly ten euros in small coins

wat do.
What kind of a book is worth reading but too embarrassing to read in public?
jerk off
troll on 4chan
fantasize about not being a neet

i'm a neet and that's what i do all day.
if it's too cold for a long walk, it's best for a short jog.
Richard Adams' Maia. The storytelling is pleasant and the descriptions and worldbuilding is rich, but it's still basically a story about a dumb, super hot 15-year-old girl being sold into sex slavery and liking it.

And her best friend is a tough, independent black girl who speaks in ebonics.

But I don't want to be a neet. My alphabetical list of mental illnesses prevent happiness and sex, not social interaction and doing casual shit with my life. I just don't know what to do.
Talk to me. It probably won't help but at least I'd have someone to talk to.
How are you doing, dear?
Things could be better. I think my medication either stopped working. Either that or I should have not started smoking the weed again. I can't even bring myself to listen to music, what's that about?

How are you?
Well I think you should stop smoking, there aren't that many studies on the combined effects of most pills and weed, and if you think they cancel each other out, you really shouldn't be smoking.

I let my flatmate's cats into my room for the first time, and these little fucks are hell bent on destroying everything.

If one of those fucks gets himself killed while trying to destroy my stuff, do I owe her a cat or does she owe me a TV?
I don't know if they really do cancel each other out or if I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I will give it another week then decide. Life is boring enough, at least smoking passes some time.

Cats are shit. Apart from mine, he's pretty chilled out for a kitten though. Must be the blowbacks.
You'd owe her a cat, just kick them out of your room and close the door.
different anon here,
elaborate about the flatmate, whats your relation to her?
I kicked them out of the room.

I swear to god how do wild cats survive in nature? They are so dumb.

We're friends, in the sense that she puts up with me being a vague sketchy fuck and I put up with her being perfectly capable and willing to pick a fight with anyone, at any time, with a minute's warning.

You know how extroverts get energy from other peoples' company and introverts are exhausted by them?

I thought all people are exhausted by fighting. Apparently it's possible to be a conflict-introvert.

She also considers herself to be pansexual and while I'm not sexually attracted to her, I'd hate to be her third boyfriend considering I'd be the shortest and ugliest one, and the only one who doesn't have a car.
*conflict extrovert
my ex was a a conflict lover, as long as she doesn't take it too seriously it could be nice, mayb go get a cup of coffee with her bud, she sounds like the type that'll complete you
We have literally no romantic interest, considering she isn't into short dudes and I am not into women.
Yeah, it's nice having someone to bicker with.
Go start an argument with her about the fucking cats.
How short is short?
I hate fighting. I literally can't stand it. I see fights where normal people don't. Half the time people are fighting, and I ask do they really have to fight with me right there, and they'll look at me funny like "what, we were just having a normal conversation".

I interprent every incident of people disagreeing loudly as a fight, and I can't stand any of them.

You seem hung up on your height.
Get some cubans on & go to the bar for a coffee.
I wish bars here gave free coffee.
I'm not hung up about my height. I just know I have -3 interest in women and that the feeling is mutual.

What are cubans?

What am I supposed to do? Just sit sober in an empty bar and stare at the stools?
Oh I understand that but you've mentioned you're short twice now.

Don't go to the bar then. I wouldn't go to the bar either desu.
Have you tried heroin? I hear it's a time consuming hobby.
Cuban heels, for the extra height.
I don't have access to drugs.

A city so small that it can only support one bar at a time is not exactly a drug market hotspot.
Maybe you could make little piles of stacked up coins and flick them over? And repeat.
holy shit that sounds awful
A 15-year-old girl's reaction to getting savagely plowed by a 50-year-old man who is renting her from her owner shouldn't be "oh wow cool I make his dick hard! This is exciting!"

Especially since every third thing that the narrator or any of the characters say is pointing out just HOW young, childish, or deliciously fuckable the protagonist is.
Go meet people, in todays world everyone avoids talking to strangers or people they don't know. Go to a public place and talk to people, then you won't feel like you do (I used too). The great thing is, if you mess up talking to someone and they're a stranger then youll only have like a 5% chance youll see them again. That chance will lower everyday as well. People are always caught off guard when someone just randomly starts talking to them, get a few numbers, make a few friends, go to a few parties. For a party just do some looking around, you could probably find a close one online.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 1

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