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I have to take a GED because I failed high school. Does anyone

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I have to take a GED because I failed high school. Does anyone have experience with the tests? Any advice?
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How did you fail high school? Why can't you go back or to another high school?
Hi OP I failed high school too and have to take the GED too.
>How did you fail high school?
Long story, but it comes down to mental illness
>Why can't you go back or to another high school?
too old

Here are images of the official practice test at ged.com from this year. I haven't taken it yet but it's the closest thing to the real test. Use Khan Academy and Coursera to study math and science for free. Math is the hardest part of the new GED.
1: it varies from place to place
2: go to fucking google and type where you fucking live
Thank you soo much i might not be a neet now
Not OP, but I'm in the same position kinda.
>depression grew more and more during high school
>gradually stopped doing schoolwork
>eventually stopped going
>started playing video games, listening to music, reading and watching movies more which helped depression
>went to adult ed.
>surprisingly made a lot of friends >started getting too lazy to do work though
>stopped going
At this point, I really don't know what's wrong with me.
>I really don't know what's wrong with me.
Nah, my depression pretty much went away. During the time I stopped going to school, I got a job. Along with what I said in the post and getting better at talking to people at said job (I'm awkward as fuck, which was why I was depressed. Not an aspie, though), it helped my depression a lot.
that's not how depression works dumbass
>Does anyone have experience with the tests?
I decided to drop out of high school in my senior year because my grades weren't exceptional (and I planned on college), and because I was very quickly losing interest in being there. It was a great decision. Honestly, there's no point in going to high school if you're not pulling perfect grades to let you scholarship into a nice college, so I'd recommend EVERYONE taking the GED as soon as they can so they can get a head start on community college or whatever else they have planned for their lives.

>Any advice?
It's hilariously fucking easy. Like, insultingly. If you're just basically familiar with all the stuff you've been learning in high school, you should pass no problem. I didn't have to study whatsoever, but if you're feeling uneasy about it, just go to the local office and ask if they have any current sample tests or general subject materials for you. Just don't spend any more money than you have to. Other than that, be ready to be done with the diploma very soon. The process is ridiculously fast.

>I really don't know what's wrong with me.
Sounds like you're just uninterested in all the stuff people expect you to spend your whole life doing, which is understandable. You just need to be interested. Finding a girl helps. Also, finding a job that you enjoy. Just make sure you're constantly moving forward and never sell yourself short. It's the safest to get a good education if you want "success", but there's plenty of room for people who don't go that route to thrive. You just need to be willing to work for it down the line. Keep your head up, Anon.
Well SORRY. Blame my psychiatrist.
I'm afraid to even look for a girl. I feel like they wouldn't want someone who didn't graduate. I always assume girls don't like me anyway, cuz it seems like that's the case. The only exception is fat chicks. I don't know why, but fat chicks always try to go for me, and it gets to my self-esteem. Especially this one that won't leave me alone because she likes to vent about her problems. Shit's hella gay.
>I'm afraid to even look for a girl.
I would be too. Don't -look- for a girl. Just be open to them when you meet and don't get all weird and desperate on them. Love, as well as the best kind of lust, isn't really something you can look for. It's something you discover (usually in places that will surprise the shit out of you).

>I feel like they wouldn't want someone who didn't graduate.
Heh. Get over that and have some confidence in yourself, would you? Sure, you're not in the best situation in the world, but you chose this. Stop second guessing your decisions and make good with what you've got. That means you need to stop feeling apologetic to people who have stricter ambitions. By all accounts, my wife was a deadbeat when I met her, and being with a woman like that was very out of character for me, but that has nothing to do with how well she performs in a relationship. I couldn't be happier that I chose her, even though her monetary contribution to the family still doesn't weigh in as much as mine does.

Getting a higher education is always the safer route, but there are always exceptions to the rules. Just know that the path you chose is going to be more work later down the line if you want to make money. Besides. Let the girls choose what they see in you. You're always going to be your harshest critic, so feeling like you're on a different level with every woman you meet is really just shooting yourself in the foot from the very beginning. Relax.
Link doesn't work anon.
Employers don't give ΒΌ of a rat's ass about grade school education. In my long-term unemployment experience, they would hire registered pedophiles with 6,000,000 years experience over a clean high school graduate with no experience any day and keep passing you up for employment.
Accumulate job experience instead.
I figured that. the only reason i want to get the GED is for college.
I dropped out of high school at age 16, and totally fucked around for two years. It was awesome, but at 18 I realized I couldn't do this forever, so I decided to get my GED. It was insultingly easy.

Math was literally nothing more than simple addition/subtraction/multiplication/division. No algebra, nothing harder than middle school, honestly.

Language skills were also rather easy - if you're even a little bit well-read, then you'll be able to pass with flying colors. I actually made a 100% on this portion. I didn't get a single question incorrect. And I'm no linguist, hah.

Science and Social Studies are basically just reading comprehension. All the answers are literally in front of you - they're just testing your ability to figure it out.

Plus, besides the writing portion, it's all multiple choice. You have a 25% chance of getting it right even if you totally just guess.

After getting my GED, I enrolled in community college for a year, and now I'm going to the University of Georgia. Turns out colleges don't really care about high school as long as you have some college experience.

Do it, and you'll be on the road to success.

Good luck.
I took the GED. It's the easiest test in the world.
That sounds awesome. What do you say to people? like future employers or a girl?
GED is crazy easy. I didn't take any prep classes and I passed on the first try.

The english portion is straight forward, basically like any standard english test you've taken before. 1 short essay, then multiple choice including: which sentence has correct grammar, and what is the closest definition to the given word

science is super easy. Its not even testing your science knowledge, it tests your ability to follow instructions and read basic bar graphs and line graphs and shit. Any info you need for science is given on the test.

I failed algebra and I passed the math part. Simple math, and its multiple choice so that helps. If you did okay in algebra and geometry you'll do more than okay.

Low-level employers don't care if you have a diploma or a GED, as long as it's one or the other. High level employers don't care about high school at all, just college.

I've never had a problem with a girl checking my damn high school experience. In college, they just assume I'm a normal student and we get along fine.

Don't worry about not finishing high school, but do put some effort into getting your GED. It does open a lot of doors for employment and college.
Thanks anon. I'm just having a problem now as every girl i now is already in some scholarship and has her career planned out. Its rather embarrassing I haven't told anyone really outside my family.
Not the original guy, but I'm in the same spot in CA. Dropped out of HS, got GED, in CC right now about to transfer to UC.

Employers are legally not allowed to treat the GED differently than an HS diploma, so I've never had an employer ask me if I graduated or if I got GED. I've never had an employer ask for proof of GED either. I currently work for the NFL in an HR capacity.

Don't worry about how getting a GED looks, because literally no one cares, people only care about what you are doing to move forward. Go to community college and do well. Get work experience on the side and learn the skills you'll need to succeed professionally.
Yeah, it feels tough and when I was in that place it's hard and you feel like kind of a failure, but you just have to realize that you aren't, you're just taking a different (and much less stressful and easier) route than your peers.

I used to have a friend who was top five in his/my former graduating class and was offered both academic AND sports scholarships. I felt like such a loser compared to him, but it was around that time I learned that you will never be happy comparing yourself to others.
Thats exactly how I feel.
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Thread images: 2

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