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I'm Fucked

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>be me
>4.0 CS Major
>tall, decent looking guy
>taking a sociology class filled with SJWs and Bernie supporters
>decide the class is worthless, grade begins to drop
>approaching the end of the semester, looks like I'll get a really shitty grade
>change my grade to an A (don't ask how, but I did)
>hundreds of people in the class, think no one will notice
>someone noticed

I'll probably get kicked out of college for academic fraud. What the fuck am I supposed to do with my life? I've been brainstorming today. So far I've come up with:

>cause a happening then suicide
>move to Alaska and become an electrician

What would you do in my situation? If anyone gets trips, I swear to God I'll do what they fucking say.
suicide probably.
literally what the fuck are you worried about if you didn't actually cheat

also why the fuck would any reasonable human being support anyone but bernie please don't tell me you let your 4chan political opinions affect your real life one jesus christ
If it's anyone important, talk to them and try to mitigate it by getting an incomplete or an F in the class and retake it with a forgiveness policy (if your school has those). If the person hasn't confronted you yet and/or you haven't completely spaghettied everywhere, just change the grade back and say it must've been a glitch in the system and take the L
What if I did cheat though?
They already know. Almost positive they know it was me. Can't change the grade back now.
Honestly, what ever. Unless they file a lawsuit against you or bar you from all schools federally who cares. If you've become capable enough in CS than just get a job as a shitty intern and move up through the system through experience instead of education, which you need anyway.

You'll be fucked for the next couple years, not get a degree but then you can just get a job in the field you intended to regardless. Unless you get a convicted of a federal crime. Delete evidence, get a lawyer and pray they don't have enough evidence yo convict you.
claim it's a system error and it's not your fault. Unless you didn't cover your ass (ie 7 proxies/VPS/VPN while visiting your grandparents in a dif state) or they have direct evidence, you should be good. If not, gg no re

>why's this board's reply system so weird?
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>Cheating in a sociology class
I changed grades for several assignments. Not sure if I could blame it as a system error.

Yes, I cheated in a sociology class. Couldn't take it seriously and didn't want it to fuck up my GPA.

Cyanide is looking like a good option right about now.
There's always human error :^]. Unless they have Screens or a syslog or cc video, you should be good, fa.m. Don't suicide, worst case, you'll have to sleep with one of the the hambeasts in your class
If they know you did it, you will likely get suspended for academic dishonesty, if not expelled. Start looking into transferring to a new school. You can probably get that done before the spring semester starts.
Have you taken out student loans?
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>be cs major
>so smart 4.0 hurr
>not realize the hundreds of automated processes that monitor institution databases specifically to stop tampering with data

Your school sucks at teaching CS if you honestly though you would get away with it.
If you are certain that they have solid evidence on you, find a undergraduate professor and gamble on their pity. Don't be specific, make it sound like you only did a minor cheat.
Fall on your metaphorical sword, beg for forgiveness, and actually keep your nose clean. They'll cave.
It worked in WarGames... in 1983.
You are so retarded OP.

All you had to do was list in your resume your technical GPA rather than your overall GPA. Which is the only thing that anyone really cares about anyway. You fell for the 4.0 meme and paid the price in full.

4.0 or not, you must be pretty fucking dumb to think you can get away with something like playing around with the system. Many schools have incredibly sophisticated ways, even beyond the scope of your fucking imagination, of detecting cheating and odds are you will be outclassed - especially if you try something extremely obvious and ballsy like that.

There have been people who have been kicked out of my school's CS department for cheating and they are not in a good place. You have two choices now, you can either choose to live as that guy who cheated and got kicked out, or end it.
Professor writing here:

Neither your looks nor your politics are in any way relevant. You screwed up big.

There is a very, very slim chance that, given your record, how far along you are in your degree and how charitable the relevant people feel on that day, that you might be let off with something less than expulsion.

If that happens, thank every God you've ever heard of, give charity to the poor, and kiss a stranger.

It's not at all likely.

If you're expelled, either start thinking about non-college-grad futures. (You joked, but the world will always need electricians. And plumbers. And insurance salesmen.)

Or, take a year or two off and then apply to a different university, throwing yourself on their mercy and assuring them you've grown up and reformed. We like reformed sinners, and it might work.
the art of grade changing is to change some other peoples grades too
You are an idiot and should have changed everyone's grades to an A. And then erased the backups (if that's possible). That way when they go to fix everything they can't and will just end up giving everyone the A or they'll just manually input the grades again.

Also you're fucking retarded for cheating in a class at all. You should have studied harder or just dropped the class like a normal person. I hope the thick, liberal dick of education makes your asshole gape.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 4

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