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I feel stuck. I'm a junior Computer Science major with no

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I feel stuck. I'm a junior Computer Science major with no passion for the field. I don't want to do STEM but if I stop my parents will no longer support me. If I get a job to move out then I will probably be kicked out. They would kick me out because they glorify higher education to the point of religion. So it seems like my choices are I continue with Computer Science begrudgingly or become homeless. What should I do?
Be a good kek and get your STEM degree like mommy and daddy and Forbes told you to do
do you have the option to change majors? it might be worth it to convince your parents that you want something else, while still getting support since you are still going to get a high education
dude a degree in anything but stem is seriously worthless, there's no point in even going to college if you're gonna get something non-stem and useless
>If I get a job ... I will probably be kicked out
yeah... they will see me as a worthless person if i get a minimum wage job and stop going to school
I know that's why I just want to drop out and join the shitty workforce

I don't think so they are pretty deadset on me getting a STEM degree (I've talked to them many times with the result being them getting so furious that they can't even talk to me)
mfw when little babby raised in
>le need to get me STEM/MD/PHD which means I have to do comp science
STEM means more than computer sciene, 3/4 of you idiots are
>le me dad said im good with le computer lets do computer sciene and get fucked
>mfw when I actually spent time looking into a REAL STEM carear I ACTUALLY ENJOY, like biochemical engineering
retarded entitled fucks like you that think
>everyone dun diddly get de college
>le need to be a engineer
are worse than any lawfag
forgot image
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>mfw you forgot grammar
he Acturally enjoys
>Biomedicinalcahnical emgimeeringg
sow hat ood wood grammar do
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forgot image
you can't get a job and go to school at the same time?

you could easily just hide a job and save the money
how will i explain not being home, they know my schedule
ye bo
holy shit are you a fucking 10 year old kid? take control of your goddamn life. say you're out with friends. say you joined the fucking computer science club at university

retarded faggot
dude I know it seems ridiculous but my family comes from a country with different ideals than those of Americans, honor and shame are very important concepts and controlling your child's life is what a loving parent does (according to their ideals)
The solution is simple: don't let your degree define you.

Most CS programs in the nation are quite easy (the exceptions are the top schools like CMU which have very stringent graduation requirements). Odds are you are at one of these easier schools where a CS degree is more of a side hustle than anything else. So treat it as one.

Going to college to get a CS degree is certainly a step in the right direction as it gives you a skill you can use to find employment relatively easily. If you aren't passionate about CS, then that's fine. Go find something you are passionate about and pursue that, and keep your CS degree as backup, or incorporate whatever other passion you have with your knowledge in CS. This is somewhat easy since CS is so versatile.

For example, when people combined CS and art, people started making games. When people started mixing around notions of CS and socializing, shit like facebook and social media popped up.

Now if your parents are asking you to get a PhD in CS or math then that's a different situation entirely and I pity you, because you will not succeed in that without passion and natural ability.
Nevermind. I just read >>16484190

You must be Asian. My condolences. But your parents are right in that, pragmatically speaking, anything other than a STEM degree in this day and age is practically worthless.

Be glad they would rather kill you than see you turn into a liberal arts BLM activist.

How the fuck do you even not like computer science anyway? Or anything in STEM for that matter? Explain please, and before you chalk it up to being a matter of personal preference - I will say that although STEM is my personal preference, I can write an entire book justifying that said preference.
Show them the statistics - they're available - about how the job market has been flooded with STEM graduates who were all convinced that that was the road to sure employment. And have an alternative ready to propose.
You'd have to go further than that to stand a chance of changing his parent's minds.

Specifically how job prospects for whatever he is interested in is better than that of CS. Even if he manages to convince them that STEM is oversaturated they'll surely ask for what better alternative there is.

But if his parents truly are Asian, statistics won't sway them making the entire exercise meaningless in the first place.
God I am so glad I am not asian, this seems like hell.
I know absolutely nothing about STEM or CS, but I don't think it's really relevant. It looks to me like you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and move out. Having to work a minimum wage job and figure out somewhere to live seems much better than being trapped in a career you hate because you want to please your parents. Life is short and top ramen doesn't taste that bad.
Yeah this is pretty much how I feel

I am telling you I have tried. I was at first a computer science student then a chem major then I switched back to computer science. I got a 100 percent on my first Compsci exam this semester and I felt nothing. I got a little joy from getting an A but that joy certainly didn't come from a place of passion.
Yeah the more I think about it the more I feel like bumming around is my best option. I am just so goddamn scared of it.
If you can't justify your dislike of CS, I ask you to at least answer this: if you were given free reign over your life, what major would you choose, and why?

So far in this thread you never mentioned what you want to do, only what you don't want to do. Do you even know?
I said I would drop out of college. If I had to pick a major it would either be english or music.
Asian here: my parents were like "Son, you have to become a architect".

Me: "Fuck you. I'm learning finance."

After I quitted my job to switch to IT job. My father was like "I can ask my company to give you a position"

Me: "Fuck you dad. I'm not going to work for your lame ass company."

The moral of the story, say "Fuck you" to your pa and ma. No, seriously, just talk to them like a man/woman you are. If they say "Fuck you son/daughter, get out of my house" you can just leave and stay at a friend's house, they will call you back after a day or two. Asian parents' never fully kick their children out of their lives.
You can read, write and speak English already. If you're so damn passionate about it, just go to the library and read fanfics or literature or whatever to your hearts content.
Go buy a guitar or something and play in a band at a local establishment or whatever on Saturdays.

Spend the minimum amount of time doing CS coursework - just enough to get a non-shit GPA - and do whatever the fuck you want. Easy. You don't need to get 100 on everything so you can spend less time on CS and more time doing whatever you want to do.

Those choices of major though... are you a girl or something?
No, I am male. I understand these majors aren't useful that's why I said I would drop out.
You're probably right. I've always been nice to my parents though it would take a lot for me to muster up that amount of animosity.
I wish I could give you my autism so you could get a hard on for CS. But that isn't going to happen.

If you drop out, how are you going to make a living? Obviously you can't just live off your parents since they would want to hang you by then. Have you really thought this through?

I'm just saying I know a lot of normies in my engineering classes who have hobbies like yours and are sitting with easy ass engineering jobs which essentially boil down to drawing designs and jerking off in the office all day. All with a cool $50k salary they can use to do whatever they want since they're bachelors. Think partying, alcohol, all that normie shit if you're into that stuff.

If you're one of those people that refuse to swallow a tiny bitter pill for an advantage later, you're gonna have a bad time in general. No pain no gain bro.
>how are you going to make a living

I don't know a minimum wage job and live paycheck to paycheck until I can get a better job or something.

>tiny bitter pill

I don't think choosing a career in something I have an aversion to is a tiny bitter pill.
>I don't think choosing a career in something I have an aversion to is a tiny bitter pill.

You are not your career. It forms as small a part of your life as you want it to. What helps in doing this is having a job that maximizes amount of money earned per unit hour of labor.

What does not help with this is doing a minimum wage job. You will work around the clock for scraps. Your manager can shit on you and fire you for screwing up even a tiny bit, so you're always on edge. And naturally you will have no time left to read Twilight.

The alternate version of you who gets a job in CS and makes $80k a year not counting benefits and bonuses can retire in 10 years. You will work in a cushy office and probably can spend as much time you want reading or going onto 4chan rather than flipping burgers. With minimum wage you will never be stable.

So either way you are going to do something you do not enjoy. That's just the reality of adult life. You can't escape that reality. Forget the news stories of people making a living doing what they love - those people are exceptionally lucky and you sure as hell probably aren't one of them.

>I don't think choosing a career in something I have an aversion to is a tiny bitter pill.

So you don't have an aversion to flipping burgers or stacking boxes, but have an aversion to CS? What the fuck.
>So you don't have an aversion to flipping burgers or stacking boxes, but have an aversion to CS?

Yeah because like you said I could make it a small part of my life. I could go to work for 9 hours turn my brain off or daydream and then come back to a shitty apartment and fulfill my desires to write and make music.
Also one thing I would like to add is that with a shitty job your work stays at work. So I wouldn't have to stress about work until I'm actually there.
>work for 9 hours
>9 out of 24 hours
>small part of your life

Top kek. Well whatever you say man.

Well I'm sure there are a thousand ways to rationalize whatever decision you're about to make.

Since you've chosen the wageslave life, /r9k/ is that way...
Dude this goes back to what you said to. With a career i would spend a lot of time working as well. Quick question are you a freshman?
Okay, here it is - either you listen or you don't.

1: Clearly, you need a job because you need money. No money means no freedom; you're the baby boomers' bitch because you're broke.

2: Since you can't get a full time job, get a part time job. If anyone asks, just say its to network with professionals and build a repertoire of necessary techniques in your field. Don't fucking tell them this job has absolutely nothing to do with this field, just get whatever job actually pays. You can get an on-campus job or flip burgers for any one of the nearby eateries built to sell snacks to students.

3: Don't talk about your job, don't talk about your money; hide that shit. Hiding it means not showing it on top of not talking about it. If you talk about your money then your parents will destroy your money, simple as that.

4: Finish your degree if you can. Comp Sci is actually worth something because these are the people who solve problems and problems are amazingly easy to create if you're doing shit wrong. Dilbert-type bosses are always doing shit wrong. People hire noob coders or outsourcing firms, then they get shit that doesn't work, then they hire compscis for 10x the money to make shit work. Consider this the equivalent of being a plumber or electrician, instead of an interior designer.

5: Once you've saved up about 6 months worth of rent on a studio apartment, you might be ready to move. Do your homework because this varies. You need to pay to move and you need to pay the place you're moving into. Whatever you think things cost, they probably cost more than that. Do not room with somebody unless you absolutely must, because this creates new variables and pitfalls - you've got enough of those already.
No I'm a junior who has a lot of friends who make at least like $30k working at most 5 hours a day over the summer on like the most trivial shit. You must have some serious quantitative skill defects to believe that 5 hour work days are "a lot of time working as well" compared to 9 hour work days.

Not like that matters to you at this point, lol. You're clearly at this irrational stage where you're just going to defend your decision to work minimum wage no matter what. Just go flip burgers already or something. If your fear of CS is so great that you can't tell which is the bigger number out of 9 and 5, it's already hopeless.

Just make sure you will be happy and not regret a spurious in-the-moment decision based on the fact that you can't motivate or control yourself.
Thanks this seems very plausible. I will mull this over. This has always been in the back of my mind but I kept putting it off saying, "Oh, no you'll develop your passion soon enough." At the end of it's going to be hard cutting out my family, but it feels like they never had any real consideration for me.


I only asked because of your mention of /r9k/. And I can motivate myself like I said I make good grades on exams. I just don't care for CS enough. Thanks for trying to help out though, no hard feelings.
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Thread images: 5

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