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..So basically I'm coordinating a concert, and in my city

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..So basically I'm coordinating a concert, and in my city theres another organizer (A company) having the same artist here 2 weeks before my show. They posted lies on twitter about my show because people were choosing between ours, and I completely lost my shit because they have a lot more followers and seem more "legit" than me. Their show is tomorrow and im really on the fence about going because I don't want to support the organizer but I want to meet the artists + the one im booking.
I had a mental breakdown and posted a bunch of shit on twitter and I dont think anyones taking me seriously now.
Whats the best way to get back at them?
I should also add that they're a company doing this, so its multiple people putting in money to throw the show and I'm just one person doing this by myself so i really should get more respect than them

They have the grand commercial concert, you have the alternative underground gig. This situation is pretty common especially the same weekend or even same night, and believe me, if played out right the people are not talking about the big concert afterwards.

Its actually way better for you they are doing that because you can check what to do better(especially sound wise, this is important, make it sound perfect) and all the normies will go to the first concert which leaves a better crowd wich results in stronger connection between band and audience. The band will enjoy it more and perform better, the people will say your concert was way better afterwards, which is good publicity for you, but don't pump it up too much cause you wanna keep your underground imago.

BUT its to late for all of that cause you lost your cool by going all aspergers on twitter kek lost oppertunity... Are you 12?

what were the lies, f a m? maybe they were misinformed.
>Are you 12?
No, but i am young. I turned 18 recently.
im renting out an art studio where a lot of underground events take place, its pretty small (500 people capacity but its expandable). so its definitely more underground than the company's show. the artists (except the headliner) have been promoting it really well, and i had good reason to get pissed on twitter
Hit all the local media - radio, TV, newspapers - to plug your show and tell about how the other guys tried to screw you.
Hi - I used to do concert promotions and ran a pretty major nightclub style venue. We did 20+ shows a month with more than 75 bands in a month.

I quit because it is a shitty business with liars and cheaters and ungrateful artists.

There are also nice folks, but it was too much of what you are talking about for me.

Advice...play it cool. Don't let it get to you. Smile and be a shiteating hypocrite. Profit.
>what were the lies
the company made several tweets to people choosing between our shows, saying that at my show hes only hosting and not performing. this was obvious attempt to get people to go to theirs instead even though they dont need to resort to that because they have an entire promotion team.
they weren't misinformed, they're just shitty people. the headliner messaged me right after all this happened and said hes performing, but the company never deleted their tweets and the headliner/his team kept posting their flyer and not mine. i feel truly targeted
First part is is good, but in most decent sized markets, no one will care. Definitely dont talk shit about the other guys.

as of right now the artist is trying to say hes gonna be a "special guest" but in the original emails he agreed to headline for what im paying him. Hes trying to hoe me

nigga you gotta be ultra-specific when you're dealing with 3rd parties, mang

and sign tons of contracts and shit, so niggas can't hoe you. and if they do, they gots to pay up. yawmnsane?
a contract is in the works, the show is only two weeks away though
Well yeah i'm sorry i made fun of you. But you did kinda miss your chance by losing your cool just as >>16482147 also says. Getting your mojo back takes time, so publicity wise you fucked up cause its in two weeks already. You should have just made it clear on your event page the artist is performing. Maybe make a little joke or compensate with a free keg of beer for the miscommunication. Also flyers are shit, annoy more people than they spark interest, gives a too commercial try hard vibe for the little thing you have and are a waste of natural resources. Put up posters at toilets of the better bars and venues in town, or in neighborhoods were a lot of your target audience goes out, make your poster a bit mysterious since noone knows you yet and you need to spark interest.

Good luck next time
>good luck next time
nope. im actually putting almost 6k into this, so there is no next time if this doesn't work out.
you can delete tweets.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 1

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