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how to make girlfriend do nasty shit in bed

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how do i make girlfriend into my slut and do nasty porn tier shit for me

depends, what are we talking? deepthroating, anal maybe some lite bdsm? or more like shitting on the belly and fucking a dog?
anal dt, anll that hawt shit
If she's not into it, it's ot gonna happen. Find yourself a slutty girl
not entirely true. in my experience you can turn a normal girl into a rather slutty girl if you do it right. because deep down, A LOT of girls like to be man handled and treated like a slut in bed. they just sometimes haven't had the right guy for the job yet.

there are a couple of questions.
1. how long have you been together?
2. whats the sluttiest thing she's done in bed (and liked it)
and 3. how attached are you to this girl?
5 yrs
anal i don't think she liked it it was a bit poopy
pre attached

i]'ve gotten these things out of her, i just then weekly
Make things seem exciting and don't sound like a beggar. What you're doing is pushing somebody out of their comfort zone so they want somebody confident and exciting. You might not be able to pull it off because it's her call to participate or not at the end of the day. It might be that you two want different things sexually and that's okay to. It's important to feel fulfilled in a relationship
well you have to ease into these sorts of things. anal in particular. you can't just go sticking your wiener into her rear end willy nilly and expect her to like it. its messy and painful. this isn't porn, it's real life. and in real life her anus is a one way street for poop, not your penis.

first of all you will have to talk about the fact that you would like to try it again. this might take A LOT of convincing.
once you've gotten her to agree, here's how you do it and actually get her to enjoy it (most of the time, some will just never enjoy anal. if that's the case, move on):
1. she needs to clean her asshole out with an enema. (in porn they do this off camera). if she doesn't, it's gonna get poopy like you said.

2. lube lube lube! there is no such thing as too much lube during anal. the ass is not like the pussy that lubricates itself.

3. let her use something like a small dildo or vibrator first, to get her used to the idea. (maybe you can try normal doggy style and ease a finger in WITH HER PERMISSION. you wouldn't want her finger up your ass without asking either).

4. use a condom. this is just an extra layer for hygiene. and with a condom, you won't have to stop what your doing and go wash you dick when you want her to give you a BJ or go into the pussy. (NEVER EVER do ass to pussy, she'll get a yeast infection or some shit).

5. let her be in control at first. she needs to be able to control how fast and deep you go.
remember you want her to enjoy it, so she'll give up the ass more often. she won't do that if at some point things get really uncomfortable for her.

6. if you don't have one, get a really good vibrator or even better a hitachi magic wand to stimulate her clit while you're in her ass. it will make it a lot easier for her.


Ok that's it for the anal.

about the general slutty stuff, the same thing is true. you need to ease into it.
you can't choke your girl during missionary and expect her to like it.
you need to start of slow. maybe slap her ass LIGHTY and see how she reacts. if she likes it, you will know and you can go a little harder.
maybe pull her her and wait for a response.
same with choking. do it gently and watch her respond to it.
also communication is key! talk about what you want. don't expect her to read your mind.
tell her you want to try new things.
maybe go into a Sexshop together, or order some toys online. (again hitachi magic wand is my girls personal favorite. she starts trembling and almost passes out from her multiple orgasms). maybe some lingerie to make her feel sexy and wanted.
ask her if there's anything she would like to try. and then work your way up from there.

like I said, I've turned quite a few girls into real sluts in bed. you just have to take your time and awaken the inner slut that slumbers deep within most girls.
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noice thx guuise
we';ve been together for 5 years or so and i go a few assfucks out of her, and blowjobs have dropped off, i just need to get her doing that slutty shit again cus i'm gettin a bit tried of just hittin the vag
yeah then like I said, tell her that. tell her that blowjobs are very important to you and ask her if she'd be willing to learn a few things.
tell her that you are also willing to do more things she likes.
you just have to talk about it.

and if she's not completely against anal, then I'm sure you can get her to enjoy it. if you follow my guide ;)
just remember, nice and slow.
You don't do things like that to your girlfriend because the term implies some respect and affection for her, some interest in pleasing her and not just using her to please yourself.

If you have to do that, find a pick-up you don't pretend to care about.
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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