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Advice? >have youtube channel >40k subs >I have to pay

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>have youtube channel
>40k subs
>I have to pay taxes eventually because I make some money
>I've made about $1,900 in the last 10 months
>I'm definitely not looking to live off YT money, it's impossible.
>Haven't told parents yet about YT
>Can't tell parents about my YT (out of the question)
>I can't evade taxes so what the fuck do I do?
>Should I like learn to do my own taxes, get tax help, or come out to my parents?
>Or, if I don't do anything, how good is the government at finding about about tax evasion? kek

My NDA contract doesn't allow me to tell you how much money I make legally. Since I'm being anon here, I can tell you. This means I won't be dropping a link to my channel.
Taxes aren't that hard if you know how to read.
kill yourself you insufferable cunt.

the govt is VERY good at finding out, and they will make you pay back everything you owe if you dodge
just go to a tax place
About what exactly is your channel?

I don't want the link, I'm curious about what you make videos.
H&R Block or whatever the equivalent is in your area.
I barely hit 30, good luck on your content. That YT money isn't too hard to make if you can market and optimize your shit in the right way.
But, taxes aren't hard to do and not doing them...it's bullshit trust me taxes are nonsense but youl get in more trouble with interest and paying it back/legal action
Op here

I make comedic videos similar to youtube poops and montage parodies. I've managed to jump on the trends that got me to 40k. The videos I make are slowly dying now tho so I probably won't continue.

Also, none of the videos contain my face or anything so it's hard for people to find out it's me.
Just pay your fucking taxes...? How fucking old are you? Are you one of those >I'm in high school but I'm 18!! faggots? If so, fuck off.
Sorry yes I am. I probably wouldn't ask 4chan for tax advice if I was like 56 would I now. This probably isn't a hard problem to solve now that I think of it. It's just that no one I know has this problem obv, because they don't make money from youtube.
File taxes yourself.

See if youtube sends you a tax document by January 31st. If your parents get ahold of it first, then you're going to have to explain it anyways. If they don't and you want to keep it a secret, then sometime in February or March, download turbotax. Fill that shit out. DO NOT claim yourself. DO NOT claim yourself. Your parent's tax return will be rejected if you claim yourself. You do not get a personal exemption, only a standard deduction. When turbotax asks if someone else can claim you, say yes. Anyways, then you input your tax information (how much you made) and any expenses (if you have any, good to enter because it reduces your taxes). You won't owe any federal or state taxes (so don't worry about filing a state tax return), but you might owe social security taxes (paid with your federal return). If you do, then you can count on owing around $250 or so for social security taxes and you file your return and pay that and that's it.
Just tell them you need YouTube for allergic reasons
Get off 4chan Josh
There is a minimum income below which you don't pay taxes. It is way over what you're making.
It is if you have W-2 or other income where social security and other taxes are being withheld from it. OP would be getting income with no withholding, and THAT threshhold is $400 and he is over it. So he has to file.
Thread posts: 15
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