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How do you make new friends when you start from nothing?

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I broke up with my ex 3 months ago. I was basically left for a mutual friend. I can't go back to the social circle I was in with them because its too painful to see them together and to try to act friendly around them.

This fucking sucks. I've lost an entire social circle because of it. I don't want to hang out with them anymore because I sort of resent them for being okay with this. Nobody took my side even when I was cheated on for a month by my ex and mutual friend. I feel like I can't even use social media because I see pictures of them having fun together and it makes my blood boil.

I maybe have one friend that I talk to online occasionally and that's it. So what do I do now? How do I go out and find new friend if I'm shy and socially awkward?
You start by deleting them off of facebook. You're asking your social circle to get offended by the cheating, yet you're sitting here pretending to be friendly. You expect someone to be outraged on your end, when you're not outraged yourself. Get rid of both, stop letting people walk all over you, grow a backbone.
I mean I deleted my social media after a couple of weeks. Nobody really gave a shit except one who asked how I was doing and then never spoke to me again. My ex tries to contact me and I just ignore all the texts.

I just want to find new friends.
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bird bump
That's rough anon. I guess you have to get out of your comfort zone a bit and do things that interest you and you'll probably meet people doing those things.
I'll be your friend anon
I'm not sure what I can do really...stuff that interested me are reading, video games, programming. All that stuff seems very solitary. I graduated from college a year ago so I can't really join any clubs.
Currently in a similar situation. Pretty much excluded myself from everyone I was friendly with at university after getting dumped. Two years on the only people I talk to are a couple of the guys I was closest with, and even then I sort of wish that I could be free of them too and just start a whole new chapter completely free from everything

I think the best advice is to just try some completely new things, things you would have never even considered before. I mean fuck it, what have you got to lose? I know it's difficult because you're not in college anymore and opportunities are a bit more difficult, but just push yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit and try to be as social as possible. The first few weeks/months will probably be the hardest - unfortunately, the more friends you have, the easier it is to make friends. Once you're friendly with someone they'll introduce you to five more people, who will introduce you to twenty-five, and so on. Don't be too hard on yourself if you're feeling a bit lonely at first, keep positive, and friends will come.
Yeah, I suppose you're right. I'm just not sure where to begin or meet new people.
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I know that struggle. It's not hard meeting another human being, they're everywhere. It's hard meeting people that are willing to admit they too want a friend and want to talk to a stranger in a public place with intention of creating and maintaining a friendship
>You start by deleting them off of facebook.

Mother fucker passive aggressive twat

You start by going out and talking to people. Just talk about anything and see how the conversation flows. Easiest way is with co-workers. Second easiest is off hours at the bar (before 8) talk to the rabble who is trying to drown out their sorrow

Next proceed to just go somewhere and take pictures. Post that shit on social media.

Finally send them a message saying, "sorry bro we don't talk anymore So I gotta let you go" Odds are if you're right they won't really care.

Then you defriend them. Otherwise
>Oh hey look the beta kuck defriended us hahaha what a loser

You have to achieve something if you want something
Well, I didn't defriend them except my ex and the mutual friend I was left for. I just deleted all of my social media because seeing them all on there was starting to make me panic. I don't really care if it looks pathetic to them or whatever. I don't want to be friends with them if they're really going to be like that.
>seeing them all on there was starting to make me panic
You're a woman aren't ya?

Look just fuck um. Don't keep it bottled up tell them all to go righ and fuck off bunch of ungrateful cunts you know? Hate is good at times. Hate leads to acceptance, Not accepting shit leads to columbine or the rope, but remember the rope is worth something unlike the thing that uses it. So choose your path wisely and no fucking crying. Best foot forward
No I'm not

Have you ever loved anyone? Can you imagine what its like seeing someone you love after three years be happy with someone else only after a month? It's shitty dude. I can't just flip a switch and turn off all those residual feelings.
I can and fuck um that's why you yell and punch stuff.

Get some adrenaline flowing. Go work out. Feeling sorry for yourself is pointless

Instead of thinking
>Why did this all have to happen?
>That fucking cunt is fucking shit cunt dyke she should go fuck herself

after a week or so it'll set in and you'll feel better.

My recommendation is just tell whoever you can about what you hate about her and maybe get into a fight.

I know from too many experiences that this is best.
Any sort of fighting not in a ring is terrible advice, what you should be doing is becoming alpha as fuck so they look at you like damn he's doing shit now.
Except that won't happen but getting drunk and belligerent will make you feel better and get some fucking testosterone in your blood

Just don't fight like a god damn group
This guy shouldn't be allowed on /adv/ with this sort of shit
I luv ur bird
Thats aviary nice bird
Anon, I know that feel. First thangs first. Delete all these cunts and sever all ties with their nigger asses.

Next, start focusing on a hobby you really enjoy, then go to wherever it is people go to enjoy that hobby. The whole "circle of friends" thing is overrated, anyway.

Go to the gym. Go to the library. Go to a community center. Start meeting new people and finding individuals that you want to spend time with.

Years from now, your new friends will see someone you used to hang with in public and you'll all laugh at their stupid ass.

P.S. Shoot for better friends next time. My ex cheated on me with a guy I perceived as a brother. It makes you feel like shit...
may be lonely, but take comfort in the fact that you can gain nothing good from reconnecting with any of the people in your ex "circle."
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