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Was getting a job a terrible idea?

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I need help with my life /adv/
>be me 28
>living on disability for general anxiety roughly $720mo
>have my own apt rent is $188
>but after bills and food I have around $100 left to last me the month.

I decide that I can't keep living like this because I feel worthless for my age and never had a job I can't see myself living off $100 spare money a month for the rest of my life.

My anxiety is manageable with my meds I still feel awkward as fuck amongst other humans.

A month ago I applied for a job at FedEx on indeed.com and went to a Sort Observation I didn't think much of it or expected to get hired, Well I got hired and this morning was my first day being a productive individual.

here's my problem/s I should've thought about before getting the job:
>Since i'm working now my rent will definitely go up but with the new job I should be able to cover it.

>Now that i'm working i'm sure i'll lose my disability means no more safely-net and kush living off $720 anymore if I decide to quit the job.

>If I will lose my disability i'll lose my insurance that pays for my anxiety meds.

Was getting the job a bad idea?
Getting the job was a good idea. You should make a decent wage and while your rent will increase your other expenses should remain fixed. That means you should at least break even to start and you will get raises and etc over time that give you a lot more than 100 a month disposable. Also you might get insurance for your work.
Op here. It's $9 @ 20hrs a week is that a good wage?

That's literally what you make with disability, minus taxes

Why get a job when you're making the same amount doing nothing?
That's an okay wage. It also leaves you time to get a second job. A lot of chains like target are 9 an hour minimum so you could pick up a job at one of those places to help make more. It's nice to get out of the house and have a sense of purpose for the day. I wish you luck.
Op here this is another reason I thought it might be a bad idea to work
Getting the job was a great idea, even with the increase in rent. You need to work, anon. Its the only way around the problems you face.
On paper it sucks but the feeling of having some purpose, even if small might help your social hang ups and you might make friends with coworkers. Disability isn't as safety net as one would think, it sucks having a job right now but learning to be self sufficient if you have the ability to do so will help you long term
It was a great idea. Hopefully working with other people should do something to help with your anxiety
Whose dick did you suck to get on disability for anxiety? There's people with cancer that get denied ffs

I think working is healthy.


What did you major in during college?

And what is it that you want out of life? What's your big 3 goals?
I think it's a great idea, having something to get up for every day can work wonders on your mental health. In your case having a job could help with recovery as well. Be sure not to overdo it, though.

deleted because I didn't want to hijack the thread. should probably make my own.

I had an individualized major. I basically looked at media and its relationship to technological innovation and socio-economic/industrial conditions. How such contexts determine the media produced, and inversely how the media alter the culture. I had no idea what to major in, so just picked something that I thought was interesting. I went to school because I had no idea what I wanted to do.

I have no idea. I guess I'd like a small apartment. It'd be nice to have enough money to not worry month to month (I'm making like 20k a year right now). Maybe if I had some extra money from work, I'd pursue an artistic endeavor.

Can you get a job with the media? Like a local Radio or TV station to work as part of the crew?
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